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An Inmate's Perspective All out Smashing Article #2

Updated on February 21, 2018
Belle Maria profile image

Belle Marie is the daughter of a former Hell's Angel President, a former Court clerk, and currently is cashiering at a local grocery chain.

The following account of an incident was written for me by an inmate at the Arizona State Prison. It is an actual accounting of what he saw and/or participated in. The inmate's name isn't important in this accounting but the incident and how it occurred are. It is important to the public to know what goes on in our prison system and how blatant it seems to be to the Correction's Officers and higher ups to not take any action to correct the thing that puts these men in the situation that they are in. Granted, they are criminals and should be incarcerated for the crimes they have done, but to turn them loose to attack, assault and even murder others because they are incarcerated is a crime in itself. Enjoy the read, and please leave a comment if you so desire.

I stay on "stand-by", everyone knows that. It still blows my mind that people think their past won't catch up to them. The one thing I have learned is that what you do in the dark always comes to light. Even in a prison system that has over thirty thousand inmates, it is a very small community. Fate cast a wide shadow.

I woke up today thinking that it would be any other day, I think back I am amazed at my own innocence, I laugh a little to myself. My laugh echos, it echos because this cell is empty, besides my bare mattress I am the only thing in it. I know these white boys better start looking out fast. I came prepared. I got my "safe" full of all kinds of goodies, I always knew this was my destination. I think back and not only wonder if this is my life now, but when did I give myself away, if I sold my soul, when will I know the full price? I may never know.

I look at my hand, my "hammer", it is swollen, that's good, I crushed that fool. I get a kite under my door, it's from a white boy down the run, sending his utmost, asking why am I in lock down. I think of that, I ain't gonna give full details. But I relive the process in my head, I want to process what happened for myself. It was started at breakfast, I got the order, dude was to be messed up. When i am ordered to mess someone up, they mean MESS THEM UP. My exact orders were "I want teeth".

There would be NO respect given to this dude. All he was, is a victim, plain and simple. I get with my partner, I let him know it's a go, tonight's when were coming back from dinner, he is ready. He is always ready. I let our other homeboy to know that we want him to be our backup, just in case, our victim is an unknown, we will give no quarter.

I get back to my cell, and I pack all my stuff, let my cellie know what's what, and start to package some tobacco, be a good money maker in the hole. The porter slides a package under the door, it's a gram of black and a gram of white, a gift, help get me something going, I light a smoke and wait, I know it's only a matter of time. I get popped out for a call, let my chick know I love her, I may not be able to call for a few days. She starts to stress, I calm her down, let her know I love her, don't trip chick. It is what it is.

It's time to go, we get put on stand by for chow. As we line up, I get love from everyone, even my future victim. We go inside the chow hall and eat, as we walk back to the building I give a final look at my co-horts, they are ready. I let them know wait until we get in the hallway. i have a white that is going to go ahead and distract the C.O.s in the pod.

As we walk in the hallway my other dude puts his arm around dude's shoulders, tells him "slow down", he does thinking he is about to get some information. He has no idea what is about to happen. As he get pulled close, all of a sudden his neck is in a choke hold, pulled close to the wall, he his helpless. As I take my fist and punch as hard and I can, fast in the mouth, they want teeth, that's what i give them. Dude slides down the wall and tries to let go, but he is overwhelmed, his panic is his worst enemy, my second dude lets him go and starts to smash his face. As he goes to his knees my knee meets his head, over and over. He is piled up like a rag doll in a horror film. You can hear the sickening thud of his head as it bounces off the concrete. It is almost like a ritual beat, you would think we were trying to summon demons. All I see is his mouth, me and my partner sync up, like an evil set of pistons, zeroed in on the goal of crushing out his teeth, the heels of our feet find our target, over and over, there is blood everywhere. I hear my back up man say "one time" then I hear the siren, I don't care, i have a job, I have gone to far. The C.O.s yell "get on the ground" but I keep kicking up and down, I look and see my back up man standing between me and the C.O.s, as I hear the "woosh" of the pepper spray. He takes it all just like he supposed to but now there's running in from the outside, more pepper spray. I feel me fly to the ground. I put up a small fight, but I am glad it's over. I look and see bits of teeth in the blood, I did it, I get pulled outside, thrown belly down in the dirt. Everyone is on the ground, the siren stops. I yell "I took that punk's grill" I hear :I love you wood". I know they don't, but I let myself get fooled, it's one thing I get fooled over, it's the need for acceptance.

At any cost, I hope they bring my property soon.


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