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An Open Letter to Ross Little, Jr., Republican National Committeeman from Louisiana

Updated on July 10, 2016

Dear Ross,

We implore you to cease and desist the RNC rules-manipulation tactics you have undertaken. It is wrong, it is dirty, and it will not be blessed by God.

Donald Trump earned this nomination by winning more primary votes than any Republican in history. He won it fair and square. That he is not your first choice is irrelevant. He won it. And you have an obligation to represent the will of the voters—particularly in Louisiana—who chose him.

Please do not justify your actions using mental, moral gymnastics about being true to a higher principle. Right now, the only principle you are serving is yourself. And the only outcome you will ensure is the election of Hillary Clinton.

Bury the false pride, Ross. It is time to let it go. Every day that passes with the bitter division you are sowing is another day we lose in the effort to save this country—if it is not too late already.

Are you, Gwen Bowen, and others like you prepared to accept responsibility for this?

Scripture tell us that one of the things most detestable to God is “a mind devising wicked plans…” (Proverbs: 6) Your plans are wicked, Ross. They will reap nothing good, only further discord and ugliness. And you will answer for it.

If you persist in this, you will lose the loyalty and support of our family. More important, you will have lost our respect.


Royal Alexander


J. Christopher Alexander, Sr.

Baton Rouge

Mrs. A. G. ( Flo ) Alexander


Leslie Alexander


July 10, 2016

Husband and father, A. G. “Ladd” Alexander, 1929-1996, was a founding father of the Louisiana Right-to-Life movement and organized one of the first pro-life organizations in the country, Alternatives to Abortion International (AAI). He later served with the National Right to Life Committee. He was a veteran of many local, state and national political campaigns, including the Reagan campaigns of 1976, 1980 and 1984. He served on the 1984 Credentials Committee at the Republican National Convention in Dallas. He was a member of the Louisiana Republican State Central Committee and charter member of the Republican Eagles. He was the founder, owner and operator of United Agents Life Insurance Company of America. He died as he had lived: in the service of his family and country.

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    • profile image 21 months ago

      Ross this is not the time in history to try and posture with " insider" rules and regulations for the Convention. The people of Louisiana have elected us as delegates and alternates to go to Cleveland and nominate Mr. Trump. God has ordained Donald for our country .