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An honest opinion on Elliot Rodger

Updated on February 7, 2016

Elliot's retribution

Threatening and serious, Elliot made his plans clear the day before their execution.
Threatening and serious, Elliot made his plans clear the day before their execution. | Source

Elliot and his deeds

Elliot Rodger, a UK-born and US-raised young man, was quite intellectual and with decent manners, besides that, not the worst looking chap around. Elliot was not the only young man who had a hard time with acquiring a significant other(aka getting a girlfriend). On the other hand, Elliot was aiming quite high, maybe even too high. Besides, Mr Rodger was only going for looks and nothing else, so, if he wished to have intelligent discussions with the women he dreamed of, he would have been, in most cases, very disappointed, had he reached his goal of hooking-up with one of them.

Not getting what he wanted caused Elliot Rodger to plan a revenge, not only on the women that rejected him, but also on the world, that has betrayed his hopes and dreams, or just a part of his hopes and dreams. Had he been a more precise shooter, there would have been a lot more victims of his outrageous antics.

So, as it is widely know, on 05/23/2014(or 23.05.2014. if you're not from the US) Elliot Rodger stabbed 3 of his roommates, after which he took to the streets of Isla Vista, attempting to shoot down as much people as possible, in the end killing 3 of them, injuring 14, half of them by his car. This bloody rampage came to an end when Elliot Himself was injured by a policeman, crashing his car and, in the end, shooting himself in the head.

The sweet life of Elliot Rodger

A glance at Elliot Rodger's Facebook, where he displays just what kind of life he was used to.
A glance at Elliot Rodger's Facebook, where he displays just what kind of life he was used to. | Source

Elliot the enigma

There have been many opinions on why Elliot Rodger did what he did. One of them being his mental health issues, the other claiming that he was a spoiled little brat that couldn't handle not getting what he wanted, another opinion claims that he was simply an anxious, anti-social young man, lashing out at whoever made him the angriest. A popular opinion even calls Mr Rodger a misogynist, that way trying to explain why he did what he did.

Most of them are true, some aren't. The fact is, Elliot, as he himself often displayed it through social media, was living quite good. His parents were simply giving him what he wanted, if not even more, which is how he got used to get what he wanted, hence, spoiling him.

Elliot also had poor social skills and he was not liked very much throughout most of his school years, which is why he was sent to private schools, multiple times. Rejection made him angry and lonely, he craved the admiration of those who rejected him in the past. But there was nothing but rejection, which caused even more hate.

All of this, plus the rejection of girls he barely even tried to communicate with in the first place, caused him to become an angry young man, who felt as if the whole world had betrayed him.

Elliot's retribution

Fan pages like this one keep showing up and disappearing on Facebook

They even call him a hero...
They even call him a hero... | Source

Elliot and his fans

Elliot Rodger, basically ever since his death, has gather a rather unusual fan-base. People who support him express their positive views towards the deceased mass-murderer vie Facebook and 4chan(where his supporters are the most active). It is sometimes hard to determine which Facebook pages are satire and which are legitimate fan-pages, but, even after nearly 2 years since the Isla Vista incident, Elliot's popularity hasn't faded and even keeps gathering attention in reference to other public shootings.

We may thank, or condemn, the internet for giving people like Elliot Rodger eternal life.

Elliot craved who he hated

Elliot liked to display his Armani sunglasses
Elliot liked to display his Armani sunglasses | Source

Elliot the misogynist/A final word

There are tons of feminists and alike who call Mr Rodger a woman hater, a misogynist, an MRA(Men's Rights Activist). It was true that he hated women, but not only women. Elliot hated both the girls that rejected him and the men that got them. His hate expanded beyond that. "The Rodge" expressed negativity towards his own family members- father, mother and younger brother- and even made plans to murder them after carrying out his rampage in Isla Vista, had he succeeded. Mr Rodger explains his views in some of his videos and his manifesto, "My twisted world", which make it clear that he was hated everybody but himself. Besides that, 4 out 6 people that were killed by Elliot, were men.

In conclusion, he was a misanthropist, not (or not just) a misogynist.

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© 2016 David


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