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An open letter to the Prime minister of the UK

Updated on August 21, 2014

On 30 November 2013 it is proposed that as many as possible within the UK write a letter expressing their personal feelings to Prime minister of the UK this is part of what I intend to send

I was born and raised in South Tyneside by a mother who worked often long hours in various part time positions ranging from barmaid to personal carer for the elderly. My father was a pitman who served over 40 years down the mines the last 7 of which were after an accident requiring 8 months in a rehabilitation unit on the other side of the country. They worked long hard hours to provide for myself and my 2 siblings.

We never had the luxury of 2 week holiday's either abroad or as "staycations2" the best we could manages was a trip to wor-gate to See houses I know that will mean nothing to you as you have no connection to the real world let alone Northumberland/North east Humour.

My Brother worked tirelessly in the butchering trade earning a decent enough living to keep him and his Family going during the course of his career he moved many times around the country following the work to provide whilst my Sister worked initially in a department store before moving on later in life to work for God (the TV Chanel not directly!) My Brother is now of pensionable age and lives in a one bedroom bungalow existing on the funds provided by the government for which he paid continuously during his working life.

My Sister however having attained pensionable age is still having to work to support both herself and her husband due to policies introduced by your government which destroyed the amount of money in her pension pot resulting in a shortfall as her Husband was classified Disabled after discovery of ailments which make it impossible for him to work. However ATOS in their unique way of Devine intervention declared him fit and capable and removed all payments of DLA along with the DWP who declared him to be in breach of his terms and conditions for JSA and sanctioned him so enhancing my sisters need to continue working.

Myself I joined the Army and served many a tour in Northen Ireland before leaving shortly after the Falklands debacle which I believe was caused in the main by the actions of your illustrious former Leader M. Thatcher. Unfortunately the Falklands war was not the only or even Main path of destruction put in motion the sale of council/social housing stock without provision for them to be replaced did absolutely nothing for this country other than to start the war between the haves and the have-not's.

Alongside this Stupidity the government of the day decided to unleash the banking/financial industry which took on their freedom with an exceptional gusto, They even resorted to breaking the laws of the land with impunity when they realised they had the right to make money as DEBT at the push of a button. Prior to the relaxation by the then Tory Government rules about the creation of actual cash were that only the Bank of England could print £5/£10 notes that rule came in in 1844 and has never been updated to cover electronic transfers which means the banks can now create money out of thin air. I add a couple of things for your consideration...

arrogance and greed combine with incompetence to produce this cockwomble

It is interesting to note that it took 300 years to generate the first £ trillion pounds in the economy but the bankers and yourselves have managed to create the second £ trillion in less than a decade 97% of it as DEBT. The DEBT you claim to be paying down but which as the picture below will show you are woefully inadequate at doing so.

To clear all debt created fraudulently/illegally by the bankers would be a step towards a sustainable economy but you and your chancellor prefer to keep to the status Quo of the bankers having all the power to do as they wish who knows for what reason you have based this decision on. Perhaps you look forward to a comfortable seat in a few boardrooms when you are retired from politics I couldn't actually care less to be honest as you will only be doing what many politicians over the past few decades have been doing and that is looking after number one.

Another thing of importance to me is the lack of any moral fibre among todays career politicians who will say anything they need to to gain power whilst truthfully they do not believe a word of it themselves; To further alienate the electorate from themselves they then try to take measures to cover up their statements just as you and your party have done on the Internet. The pity of it is your great friend MR.Green is not as competent with a computer as he would have you believe

If I may be permitted to return to the Falklands war which as I have said I believed to be manufactured by the Thatcher government to cover up many a ministerial cock up the fact that the UK were in possession then of a full Nuclear deterrent made no impact on the Argentine government when invited to invade due to lack of Royal Navy presence so why should we expect the Taliban or indeed any other terrorist organisation created by western political society to live in fear of today's upgraded nuclear deterrent?

Don't get me wrong it is not just your administration I am concerned with when it comes to arms and ammunition and the amount of money wasted on war "In the Nations interest". The Labour party and the Iraq war are prime examples of waste among the Westminster elite. Indeed in spite of the "dodgy dossier" were you not one along with Gideon and others who allowed the attack to take place the results of which are still being felt to this day. Not content with that however you all agreed against the wishes of millions yet again that it was right and proper to invade a nation state Afghanistan "in the Nations interest". Still to be resolved today after many more years of loss of life and countless £billions thrown at it.

Then we have your own administration whose own actions almost immediately on coming to power were to sanction yet more £millions helping rebels within Libya to liberate themselves "in the nations interest" you even attempted to have us attack Syria to help out the rebels fighting against their own government, Thankfully this time that plot to waste many more £millions was thwarted: Through all of this though I see a pattern emerge symbiotic of all mainstream administrations They are all willing to sacrifice the poor sick and disabled in our country to justify their own place within the world rankings of leaders. I say this in all honesty because if one were to be given actual real cost figures about how much these wars cost in monetary terms let alone human sacrifice and suffering the amount would be worth far more than any "Austerity measures" being inflicted "in the interest of the nation"

The truth no doubt however shall be a long time coming due to "D" notices imposed by all political parties at every opportunity under the guise of "national security" Let me just add up my own figures...

IRAQ £9.24bn


AFGHANISTAN £ 37 billion
Libya £1.25 Billion

So all in all £50.29 BILLION spent bolstering the egos of our political class on the world stage not to mention the amount of human suffering on all sides in the conflicts.

Add to that the commitment to renewing Trident £110 BILLION and what do we get? £160 billion or about the same amount of "Savings" being required to ensure the continuation of the UK as a going concern.

Then again perhaps the attack on the poor is warranted because they were responsible for the bankers greed? Having been given the green light to do as they please from all political parties in the UK along with those in the USA they have ripped off just about every living soul within the western world of course MPs and the financial service personal at the top of the heap have not suffered one bit from the collapse of the economic system after all they are the ones in charge of the money as stated previously.

No it is the poor hard working tax payers who have been called upon to redress the DEBT crisis it is disgusting and repugnant when one thinks that all the services we the "hard working tax payer" have paid for over the years in the shape of Railways water supplies agas and electricity supplies and most of all the NHS service including every needle swab brick window and staff are now or have being sold to the highest bidder which of course means the bankers and financiers who to rub things in will be using money GIVEN to them in the form of loans and Quantitative Easing to pay the least amount they can get away with.

It is even more disgusting that while we "hard working tax payers" cough up every penny owed every week/month/year, these leeches using our money; backed by our own governments weakness and inability to govern over any but the weakest. Are making vast amounts of none taxable profits to pay to their adoring shareholders.
Many of these shareholders when it comes down to NHS profits in the future will of course be MPs, the same self serving vile traitors who perpetuated and voted for the sale of the NHS in the first place.

Thinking about the self serving aspect of politics how is it that Gideon is allowed to announce tax relief and great benefits for companies who are about to engage in the precarious industry of fracking for gas while his Father -n-law just happens to be not only a member of the government ministry for energy production but a leading figure in one of the largest companies due to profit from this legislation. Any who can not see this a total failure in the system of governance are themselves guilty of complicity in the rip off of the "hardworking tax payer".

Politicians are liars

Do you believe ALL politicians are self serving hypocrites?

See results

In short to sum up my feelings about you and your's within the conservative party and the coalition in general I believe you are all complicit in being traitors to the electorate, you may recall they are the ones to whom you ask "Trust me the NHS is safe in our hands" the ones to whom your partners said "there will be no increase in tuition fees for Students" The ones to whom you repeatedly say "we are for the "hard working tax payers".

Then of course there is Royal mail which you conveniently divided by taking their pension debt on in the name of "the hard working tax payer" just so you could then sell this most profitable asset on the cheap to bankers and finance companies as another thank you for their donations over the years.(most probably this was rushed through as you now realise that come 2015 despite any rise in the GDP you and yours will be out on your arse again along with your partners in crime the Liberal Democrats.

I say LIAR. Not just you but all who follow you and your disgrace of a party who claim they are compassionate and caring.

LIAR when you say everything is being done "In the best Interest of the Nation.

LIAR when you say "Austerity is needed to control the financial mess left behind by the last government"

Just as a passing thought what exactly is the penalty for any MP who lies in Parliament time after time using the same blatant lying statistics week in week out? Say someone like yourself for instance you have continually claimed that the hated #Bedroom tax (extra room subsidy) is not payable by those who are disabled and need the extra space, LIE complete and utter bull in fact but still you come out with it. Whilst on that subject #Bedroomtax Most if not all those renting in the private sector have made a conscious decision to live where they do and absorb the extra payment they are forced to make whilst those living in social housing have no choice due to the lack of smaller accommodation available to move into so your Extra room subsidy is indeed a #BEDROOMTAX as they have no choice but to pay up or walk the streets. But then you all knew that before you even brought out the punitive legislation didn't you! More proof that you are an arrogant evil dangerous legislative party capable only of robbing from the poor to give to the rich.

Which is why LIAR this is not "AUSTERITY" it is a "ROBBERY" you are stealing from the poor sick disabled and disadvantaged in order to give to the deceitful greedy indeed fraudulent financial services industry to satisfy your own vanity and massage your own ego on the world stage.

Should any political party be willing to take sensible measures in favour of the electorate their would be no need for these draconian cuts in all areas of government. Scrapping Trident which is neither use nor ornament when it comes to the crunch would save in the region of £110 billion over the next ten years scrapping the ill fated unsustainable HS2 would add another £80 billion to the pot stop selling the NHS and another £3 billion in fees would be saved (along with countless thousands of lives) re-nationalising the Railways would generate added income of around £10 billion and this could be done without a great deal of cost as proved with the running of the East coast mainline remove us from the EU and save £100 billion over the next ten years. All of this amounts to a considerable saving to the "hardworking tax payer" of close to £300 billion or the total amount you are currently intent on cutting from government expenditure. Of course another way to clear up the Debt mountain acquired by each and every one of the main stream parties would be to actually do something about tax avoidance by the corporate giants who in my opinion actually run things through their lobbying of successive governments.

OH I forgot was that not one of the things you as prime minister were going to tackle head on along with allowing the electorate a say as to who goes and who stays among MPs should they be found to be in breach of the law. Or did that fall apart when you realised that many of your own cabinet ministers would be liable to recall because of their nefarious ways and means along with their inventive expense account claims.

While I have had a few moments the name on every-bodies lips is Lynton Crosby An Australian rottwieler by all accounts and his accounts appear to be many and varied, #TOBACCO #FRACKING #HEALTH INSURANCE; many may see this appointment as a negative thing in your life especially as you no longer propose to promote the use of plain packaging on cigarette packets. Nor do you propose any form of restriction on Fracking the life out of the UK regardless of where they wish to go (Whitney excepted of course). You even gave the go ahead for Gideon to offer them exceptionally good terms on their business tax rates and revenues.

Then of course there is the #NHS you remember; the one thing you ultimately guaranteed would be safe in your hands? Now up for sale due to EU competition laws (thought you were going to opt out of bad things from Brussels Dave!) Not forgetting of course how many MPs have their fingers in the health insurance pie outside of Westminster but you would probably not wish us to know that kind of information would you due to it being of concern to the security of our country and not "in the Nations interest".

Perhaps while I am here you could also enlighten me as to what exactly is a "D NOTICE" You see I have one definition here>>


[dee-noh-tis] Show IPAnoun British .a government notice sent to newspapers or other publications requesting them to withhold information for reasons of state security.

I can not see where exactly the matter of Ministers being accused of or indeed being implicitly involved in Paedophile activity is mentioned as being a "security factor" If I were a cynical person which of course by now you must know I am; one would believe that there is one hell of a massive cover-up among the political elite when it comes down to the good old noble art of child molestation.

Oh have no fear I have seen the publication from many a mainstream media company extolling the virtue of your greatness b by having GOOGLE/BING/MICROSOFT announce a crack down on Internet Porn involving minors, I also applaud your stance on keeping the legal age of consent at 16 years of age but what I cannot stomach is the complicit way in which you and your filth riddled so called "Honourable gentlemen" gang together to deny justice for countless hundreds or indeed thousands of innocent victims of sexual physical and mental abuse under the guise of "National security" when it is no such fucking thing; It is merely a cover up for your mates and their families because you all belong to the same rancid group of people who believe sodomy is a natural depiction of a man's love to another human being, No matter what age they may be.

Some news just in (Posted above in graphics for the stupid) apparently the number of elderly people dying through extreme cold or none age related cases rose by a minimum 25,000 last year some figures suggest it could actually be up to 30,000; I wonder if you are proud of your DWP minister in chief IDS and the way he is tackling the welfare black hole by reducing the number of claimants to pensions not just that but I imagine there will now be at least 20,000 empty bedrooms on which you can now claim back benefits from the widowers/widows thus boosting takings for another bankers bonus give-away prior to the election in 2015.

I also wonder if this is not another attack on your partners the Liberal Democrats (with friends like you they certainly don't need any more enemies!)by allowing and condoning the deaths of the weak and vulnerable within society you not only remove the stench of poverty from many different areas but you also I assume remove a hell of a lot of once proud Liberal Democrat supporters, those whose only mistake was to believe the lies about how they would/could temper the excesses of a Tory only Government.

I must take another break for now as these subjects really do tell on me I get physically sick to my stomach how you are on a course of social engineering far more sinister and depraved than anything Hitler and his followers did during the 1930s.

Sorry this is so long perhaps I may take some time to reflect on what I have written and revise it just like you did with the #NHS bill when you "paused to reflect" and came back with the same bullshit written in a different way..

You Know what sod it you can have this as it is written, I do not expect that you the prime minister will actually read it so I will be posting it on as many forums around the Internet as possible just to ensure it is not lost in the post or hidden from view as appears to happen on some political party web sites.

Yours Kevin.


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Though not perfectly analogous, it is obvious the monetary changes in the UK parallel the US, my home. The end of the gold/silver standards and the abdication of government responsibility to tightly control currency has played havoc with the dollar and, it appears, the pound.

      Interesting hub, I learned a great deal about the personal experiences of Britons and how much kinship Americans should feel toward them.

      On a personal note, I remember taking only one real vacation and it was hardly luxurious. We traveled across the country and stayed with relatives in Maine. All other vacations were "staycations."


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