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An Update From the European Elections' Harsh Campaign in Italy.

Updated on February 22, 2019
Thomas Hiller profile image

Father of two children, good cook and skier, an electronic engineer and IT consultant, careful social and political observer for 15 years.

Pansa: The only alternative for Italy is a Technical Government backed by the Military.

Pansa: ‘L’unica alternativa è un governo di tecnici sostenuto dai militari’
Pansa: ‘L’unica alternativa è un governo di tecnici sostenuto dai militari’ | Source

The Italian Government under a concentric attack

The powerful institutions of Financial Capitalism and those who promoted the Globalization, in short, the world's rulers of the last 30 years, don't like the welfare-oriented, Keynesian policies of the new Italian Government.

That's maybe telling common sense, but it's one of the few sure things in the present unpredictable trajectory of the world.

And it may seem a small thing, concerning a non-relevant country, but it is not so. It is a central aspect of the European Institutions struggle to save themselves from disruption after the threatening elections of next May, an event that may influence the worldwide economic and political balance.

The present political leaders of Italy accuse the European and international financial entities to have reduced the workforce of the Occidental Nations to slaves-consumers of the Financial Globalized Capitalism, during the last 50 years, by progressively decreasing their salaries and their average purchasing power.

Yesterday we witnessed a sudden concentric attack against the Italian Government by the side of all the Eurocratic Institutions and the Mondial Financial Organizations, called Mondialist Usurers by the political forces presently driving the nation.

As a result, the Italian Stock Exchange yesterday closed at a nasty -2,6%, and the SPREAD with Deutsch Bank Bunds rose again over 280 points.

An almost diplomatic crisis with France

Then, the Italians learned that their neighbor state's President, often mockingly called "Napoleon-Macron", instead of thinking to solve his internal problems with the Gilet Jaunes, decided to threaten Italy with an official communicate containing the word WAR, and recalling the French Ambassador from Rome. This, following the decision of the Italian Vice President Luigi Di Maio, and politica leader of M5S Mouvement, to meet in Paris one of the Gilet Jaunes Movement's leaders (a free citizen, as for now, not a criminal or a terrorist).

Di Maio retorted that a political leader, such as he is, has the right to meet and even to imagine a political cooperation with any political party or action movement of any European Nation.

Italian street’s man complaints about Macron

The Italian citizens would, for the most, suggest Monsieur Macron to use his "force de frappe" to kick himself in the ass, a challenging but not impossible and unacceptable goal, like threatening a free democratic Nation which made the story of the civilized world.

Monsieur Macron, is the Italian street man's mood, mind your internal social troubles: Italy solved his ones with democratic elections since last March 2018. Italy is approving innovative laws in the Parliament, not injuring or even killing political activists like those who are protesting in French squares every weekend.

The Italian citizens who voted for the Movimento 5 Stelle, 32% in the last elections, see in Macron the worst face of the European Kasta, an anti-democratic leader, expression of the European Elite of Technocrats. They think that he is undeniably ruling his internal problems by the use of the force, as a dictator, and doesn't care at all of the ordinary people's daily challenges.

Those who voted for the Lega, 17% in the last elections, fundamentally tied to sovereign nationalist policies, are even angrier against Macron. They hardly bear his apparent hypocrisy about Italian immigration policies in the Mediterranean theater, while accusing him of reviving the French Neocolonialism in North Eastern Africa. The big mistake that France made in Northern Africa, first promoting and then executing a military attack against Libya that plunged it in anarchy, causing the big wave of emigration that is still lasting, was never forgot by most of the Lega electors.

Some Italian political commenters show the perverse effects of ageing

Meanwhile, in the evening, some mind impaired old Cocoon of the Italian Kasta was paid to prophesize a Technical Government supported by Military Force in Italy. That happened at one evening's Talk Show on La7 TV Station, part of a media holding, which includes the historical and renown newspaper Corriere Della Sera, which is notoriously supporting the old establishment.

This is the Electoral Campaign in Europe, and in Italy!


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