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Analysis of the Persepolis Video

Updated on July 7, 2017

Impacts of Technology on Culture

Thanks to technology, the world has become a global village where knowledge and information are shared real-time regardless of the distance. People from far and wide can use technology to get any information that exists on the internet. In fact, technology is a base upon which globalization is built. For example, a person in one continent can now quickly and conveniently communicate with another person in another continent without having to travel the long distance. The modern technique such Skype, video conferencing, email, Facebook, Twitter among others have helped connect people who are geographically dispersed. Therefore, technology is connecting people more than it is dispersing them. For example, technology affects my life greatly. I now have many friends all over the world some of whom I have not met physically yet we share ideas, aspirations, and knowledge. Regarding my education, through technology, I can register online course and learn from anywhere anytime. Ideally, technology has removed the cultural barriers. Now I can comfortably consume other cultures and interact with foreign cultures with ease.

True, the modern US culture is facing challenges regarding conflicting cultures. The US culture is a multifaceted culture that is under threat. As more foreign culture invade the Native American culture, it forms are changed. The changes seen in the modern US culture are due to technological advancement, where old standards are eroded by the post-modern information technology age.

In the Persepolis video, the main character finds herself in a tight spot. In Iran, citizens treated each other with contempt since it was a time of revolution when females were despised. However, in Western culture, both gender were equal and could freely socialize. The character is more successful in western culture than during Iran culture. Western culture broadens her friendship and socialization. The film opens in an airport to indicate a transition from one culture to the next. The airport is a symbol of long distance travel meaning the cultures were all different.


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