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Anarchy ... Really?

Updated on September 25, 2011


A few people I have talked to feel that anarchy is the only answer to our lack of democratic rights.  The government seems to interfere with our “rights” to do as we please.  No government is better than what we have now.  But is it really?


My interpretation of what anarchy means is different from the anarchists I talked with.  They feel that no government intervention is what anarchy is all about.  Anarchy, to me, means no laws and no control over right or wrong.  Basically, a lawless land.  Such as we experience before the turn of the twentieth century or, in Somalia or in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where ruthless rebels rule the masses.


Sure, we have corruption in our governments, on all three levels.  The government has very little power these days, believe or not. The government is getting a bad rap, since powerful corporations and individuals can have things going their way without government and citizens intrusion.  It is set up so that governments are taking the blame for our woes and it’s not their fault.  


The consumer says,” I don’t like the government telling me what I can or cannot do or buy.”  The producer says,” Regulations just restrict the way I do business and make it difficult to compete in the open market.”  In some cases, their thoughts are justified, but say no government regulations cannot and will not benefit citizens in the long run.  Only a few will profit from the scheme (and it is like a Ponzi scheme), and they want you to believe that the government is the “bad guy” for introducing the regulations. 


Okay, why do we need laws and regulations?   Well, laws are met to protect society from harmful practices and procedures.  And laws are met to be sure that producers and consumers produce and purchase goods and services at a fair price and within a reasonable time frame.


Take for example traffic laws.  Why do we have traffic laws?  To prevent serious, costly and deadly vehicle collisions and to make sure traffic can flow smoothly without unnecessary bottlenecks.  85% of all accidents can be prevented, by the driver.  But you have a freedom of choice to minimize the chance of getting into an accident (by obeying the laws and practice excellent defensive driving techniques) or to maximize the risk of getting into an accident by driving crazy.  But if you break the law(s), there must be consequences for your actions.  Either getting caught before getting into an accident and paying a fine, or paying for the consequences after the accident occurred – damaged vehicle(s), property damages and/or injuries to others or yourself.


But without regulations, there are rarely consequences.  People will not be held responsible for their actions.  Capitalism without regulations gives huge opportunities for people to take advantage of other people (and other businesses) and there are no consequences for their actions.  Capitalism is fine, if it is fair and just for all who is involved.


So, what do we see happening in our free for all society?  Since the anti-trust laws are basically non-existent, companies can readily take over the small “fry” by taking over the market.  They can do this by many techniques: undercut the prices of the goods and services produced (small companies can’t afford to stay in business if the product doesn’t provide enough revenue), buy out the smaller business, or by using underhanded tactics to illegally push the smaller company out of business.  Once a huge company has succeeded, it has the power to dominate the market.  It may initially provide goods and services cheaply but once they have the consumers buying from them, they raise the prices.  Consumers have nowhere else to go since the competition has been “eaten up”.

Does this seem fair to you?  There are no consequences.  What was a vibrant, cozy community has disappeared.  Dominated by some box store whose products come from overseas (produced by slave labour for pennies), run by employees who are underpaid, working a maximum of thirty hours a week with strange working hours.  What has happened?


Corporations have gotten control of how capitalism should be run but the “regulations” are only set up by themselves.  Citizens have no say.  Small businesses have no say.  Government has no say except that they have been bought out.  The largest and most profitable corporations in the world now support governments—globally.  Look at where the money is coming from especially campaign contributions.  Take a look where the politicians throw their support, which committees do they support, what organizations are involved.    If you look very closely, you will see that the government is running a business themselves!  The government is slashing budgets, laying off employees and the programs, which would support jobs, and they’re no longer in the business of providing the necessities for citizens.  They act and behave just like a large corporation.  And they make sure that large corporations reap of  all the rewards by slashing taxes, providing subsidies, and ignoring regulations or changing them to benefit the corporations.  This is not capitalism, this is dictatorship Very few corporations are actually running the whole show at our expense.  And what is the function of the government?  To write policies that only benefit the very few which has nothing to do with the citizens that supposedly “elected” the politicians in power.  Think about it, people.  We have a government in the business to make money for the status quo and nothing gets transferred down to us – the middle and lower classes. 


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    • SangueSujo profile image

      SangueSujo 5 years ago from Florida

      I've scribbled a few things about Anarchy if you're intersted.....

    • road2hell profile image

      road2hell 6 years ago from Linden, AB

      I need to have more info about the CA case. State or federal? What was the land supposed to be use for?

    • American Romance profile image

      American Romance 6 years ago from America

      If govt has little power then explain why 19000 jobs were lost in CA because the govt decided a one inch minnow was more important than millions of acres of farm land?

      The govt imposed over 600 new regulations in July, a cost of 10 billion to business!

      The govt told AT&T no to its new merger, where they promised almost 90,000 jobs!

      Common sense says we need rules and laws to live by! Liberal rhetoric deems it necessary to cut government in half!