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Anarchy in the UK?

Updated on May 4, 2010

A constant global threat ...

Faslane Nuclear Base, Scotland
Faslane Nuclear Base, Scotland

Ok, So I said I wasn't going to get all heated up about the forthcoming elections but hey, I lied!

Well, I'd intended just quietly going about my business and not getting involved... that was until I heard some of the verbal diarrhoea that's been flying around. Initially I was concerned about the usual two-horse race but then a few more mares got involved and I find I just can't keep my trap shut! I know some folks are struggling to decide who to vote for... allow me to introduce them, Dragon style.

Allow me also to jog your memories of who took us into Iraq & Afghanistan ... it wasn't JUST ol Tony, no sir ... the Chancellor of the Exchequer who was in charge of the dosh, was none other than our Gordy - equally responsible for the deaths of innumerable men, women & children and destruction in the towns and cities of said areas - and beyond. The man is incompetent as a leader & I wouldn't vote Labour if they hanged Tony bLiar!

Then there's Dodgy David - the man with a foot in two camps. The man who says that "If I become Prime Minister, Israel will always have a friend" (Google the phrase and you'll see there's a youtube video for 'private use only' now.) I'd say that's a direct conflict of interest, never mind aiding & abetting the murder of innocents and blatant disregard of human rights.Then there's at home - rules for some and none for others. So, in the style of the famous Bannatyne Dragon - it's for that reason I'm out!

Lib Dems, oh for goodness sake! Wishy-washy political limpets, ready to cling onto whichever ship's gonna take longest to sink and in this case - TRIDENT! Yes, go LibDem and watch yer cash go down the tube. Another invertebrate party we can do without.

Scottish National Party - FIRMLY - you're not getting my vote until you tell the truth! Alex Salmond is not strong enough to run this country and he does not have the trust of the people. Already he's used his Trump card.

BNP, well let's be fair - they should get a mention. They've done quite a lot to upset people this year and were run out of towns on a number of occasions... but here's where it gets all weird; a friend earlier this week was asking my opinion overall and we discussed the BNP... she was saying that on the surface of things and if you remove the known (violent) history, you may see their policies as logical and potentially beneficial to Britain. The disenchanted might see a route out of the current system by voting here. Perhaps this is why so many are swayed into thinking it's the way to go... One more step into strangeness? The friend is Indian.

A Hung Parliament? I thought it might be a good idea then realised it's the same old stuff that would take even longer to sort out cos the divide and conquer routine would be in full swing.

Spoilt ballot papers aren’t counted, so no point in going if it’s to ruin the paper.

I'm out rightly refusing to vote for a system that's failing. Everywhere in Britain people are adhering to old codes and structures that just don't work! We've been blinded over the years with the veils of illusion that everything and everyone will be ok when 'we' get into power, when, when, when.

When what? When the PEOPLE get their heads together and begin to sort out the mess that governments have made - but by then it may be too late!!

The system sucks. There is no democracy; it does NOT exist. We don't need a new government - we need a new system - one that's geared to PEOPLE, not PROFIT.

Right now I'm living in a bankrupt country. The wankers failed, (oops, typo) bankers failed. Our people are bankrupt; physically, emotionally & spiritually. We're close to nationwide SUICIDE! Depression is commonplace, drug use the norm. We're already warned that no matter who goes into power we can expect much worse to come;

Via Bruce Fenton - In an advertently shocking admission of the stranglehold on Britain’s politics, a Financial Times (26 April) front page headline read: “Brutal choices over British deficit”. Its report went on to say: “The next government will have to cut public sector pay, freeze benefits, slash jobs, abolish a range of welfare entitlements and take the axe to programmes such as school building and road maintenance.”

Every town has its problems but they're growing instead of reducing, why? Because we have a totally disempowered, therefore easily manipulated, population of sheeple - afraid to think for themselves.

Wake up people, take your power back. Reclaim what’s yours; the freedoms our forefathers fought for – rebuild your community the way you want it to be. Take responsibility for you and don’t take on the guilt of ‘they died so you could vote’. Check the history of the Suffragettes and decide if they were fighting on your behalf. In fact, do more research, find out what else has been done in your name.

Make a stand. Be empowered to do what’s right. There are many of us who stand together on this one theme, if not on any other. I ain't votin'. The game's a bogey!


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    • Ashmi profile image

      Ashmi 7 years ago from Somewhere out there

      I agree with M, the Way out is Within.

      Whoever governs, they will have to do the bidding of the real powers that be. The money men, the bankers, the corporates. They ultimately decide what is to be done and when.

      The people are drowning in debt. They have become debt slaves to the banks and still they do not respond. They will, when their comforts are denied them. As long as they are reasonably comfortable they will not move a muscle.

      Oh yes! They have us where they want us. Anaesthetised, gawping at the T.V, blindly believing whatever the media tell us! would be funny if it weren't so tragic.

    • American Romance profile image

      American Romance 7 years ago from America

      Thanks for the glimpse into Americas future!

    • msorensson profile image

      msorensson 7 years ago

      I agree, Leslie, but that decision had already been made and effected...hence these consequences...

      We need to work with what IS...

      What you suggested was WITHIN... from WITHIN

    • Lesley Rodgers profile image

      Lesley Rodgers 7 years ago from Glasgow, Uk

      You are of course correct Melinda, but if we had a decent government who diverted funds from war to education/ health we wouldn't have to make the cuts!

    • msorensson profile image

      msorensson 7 years ago


      "The next government will have to cut public sector pay, freeze benefits, slash jobs, abolish a range of welfare entitlements and take the axe to programmes such as school building and road maintenance."

      I am afraid this would be true regardless of who gets elected...sorry...

      You can always move to America...

      Oops correction...I hmmnn probably won't be here either...

      Let me see...thinking..thinking

      I will let you