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And So The Monkey Shines The Porcelain Bowl.

Updated on March 15, 2011

And So The Monkey

Shined The Porcelain Bowl.




And so George W. Dumb-ya Bush

became a useless squatter
at the Oval Orifice,

till he left a pile of his

overflowing waste,
that generations to come

will have to clean up after.

He permeated what was once

a prosperous and vibrant society
with the foulest stench of death

on most of the less fortunate.

He put the i in chump,

but his "emissions" are

now at long last "accomplished."

He occupies a throne now

of a lesser quality
in the minds of the people.

He promised to flush out

Bin Laden but we have

been laden with that lie

and so many more.


He has vacated the facilities soon,
rising with all of his assets intact

as he washes his hands
of the 4,342 and counting,

lives lost in his gas war.

His policy of "See the evil

hear the evil, speak the evil,"

got him eight years
of monkeying around with

what wasn't broke in the first place.

I wish him Godspeed on

his final days retired

and hope he spends a few of them,
cleaning up his legacy of defecation,

but it is apparent that he came
from the bushes, and was never

properly trained to handle

his reign of excrement on us all.


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