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I Pledge Allegiance to__And to the__for which it Stands...(What's it going to be folks? What will fill these blanks)

Updated on September 19, 2016
abwilliams profile image

God Bless America, Land that I Love, Stand beside her and guide her, thru the night, with a Light from above...

It hit me recently.....No, it was more like I was hit by a sledgehammer recently...

(and this is not sour grapes, this is not hurt feelings or an inability to get over the fact that my guy was sent packing)

It hit me like a ton of bricks... that We the People, a large portion it seems, have forgotten, perhaps some were never taught, that we live in a Republic - A state in which Supreme Power is held by The People and those they elect to Represent them.

We go through all the motions, but we have forgotten that we're holding All of the cards!

Our Founders saw to it that All Power was to remain with us, but things have become twisted, We the People have allowed it to be so. We have allowed this to happen.

Otherwise... we would have gotten behind one of the two or three Candidates that continually brought up the Constitution; Liberty, keeping the Government at bay and out of our way, Freedom and Prosperity and the Pursuit of Happiness, etc. All those things that truly are in our best interest!

We did not do that.....

instead, we elected two individuals that a large majority, or so it seems, are not thrilled about!

At least that's what I am sensing and I am hearing it often.

We've developed a pattern of pretending not to notice Corruption at the Capital, Good Times for the good ole boys (and girls), Lifelong careers formed out of what should have been short, productive stints.

Otherwise...we would not have continued with the pattern of pretending not to notice, ignoring the many things, to the point of Acceptance.

We failed to rein them in, we failed to keep them in check. We failed to throw them out, when they proved to be unworthy as our Representatives!

You may be thinking about right now or saying it out loud, "Not true", "we have not ignored it, this is why Donald Trump is the Republican nominee".

Is it really?

Is this why he's the Republican nominee?

How many were actually thinking "Oh...if only Donald Trump would run"? More likely, it was "let's jump on and see where this intriguing train takes us!"

I think that we grasped for a straw....sought a shiny object........latched onto the biggest ego in the room.

I have been trying to keep an open mind and listen to his words. I've been listening for mentions of the Constitution and/or Liberty. I've been listening for mentions of Freedom and/or Pursuing Happiness, but all I hear is...mentions of Donald!

His children are out and about and they seem very nice, but their words seem scripted and repetitive, as they methodically attempt to present their Father in the most favorable light.

I'm never convinced of his effectiveness, only his Greatness!

I want to hear of America's Greatness. I want to hear about the Great Potential that All Americans can have, when the government is under our thumb and not the other way around.

I'm interested in what's happening on the intriguing Trump train, but I can't seem to catch up to it. I'm still on this rusty, slow going, old handcar following behind.....very cautiously!

With me, it's just a gut thing, when it comes to Trump.

With Hillary, I know for a fact, without a doubt, in my heart, soul, gut, head, elbow...that I do not want any part of another Clinton Administration.

I know that if I do not vote for Trump, I WILL get Clinton......

Dinesh D'Souza's film 'Hillary's America', is very informative, go see it if you have not yet. Wow, just Wow!

Do not want anything she's selling, it's the same stuff that Obama has been selling, perhaps even costlier and I'm not buying!

I definitely do not want her Vision to be our Reality!

As for Trump:

  • Is he saying what he thinks we want/need to hear or are these things he believes himself?
  • Has a lifetime of speaking of his exceptionalism brought him to this place, an inability to speak of America's exceptionalism?
  • If so, can he overcome it? I certainly hope so.

We've progressively gotten to this point and it is obvious that it's not working:

  • We do not know what the unemployment numbers are, they're skewed.
  • We don't know the numbers of job seekers that have given up looking for employment, those numbers are biased and distorted.
  • We now know that this administration played down the rise of Isis and as a result, the world is a more dangerous place. America is certainly a more dangerous place!

There has been a rebirth of Civil unrest under this Adminstration.....surely that is not what Obama sought, when he spoke of transformation:

  • We'll never know the number of people that have given up on their dreams, due to an uncertain Marketplace, diminished morale, guilt, fear.....
  • How many have lost their passion to start their own Business, due to conversations with other small business owners and the stories they've shared about over taxation, over regulation and the ever present hovering government? An already bloated government, always wanting more, never fulfilled.

They've witnessed for themselves, Government mandates forcing Small Businesses to remain just that... small businesses! Forced to avoid growth, because it hits the pocket or pocketbook, too hard!

I do not want words such as; Government, the United Nations or The Monarchy, in our Pledge.

I do not want any other word to ever replace 'Republic'.

Government Must Always be... By, For and Of The People!

What will it take to get back there?

Can we get back there?

Do enough of us want to get back there?


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