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Andar, Afghanistan: The Future Of Things To Come

Updated on May 11, 2011

Like a genie peering into a crystal ball or a psychic giving you a reading, Andar, Afghanistan is providing a glimpse of what is to come after America exits from there after 10 years of nothing. It is not like people have not been trying to warn you. One only has to know what happened in Vietnam from 1965-75, to see what Afghanistan will turn out like.

Andar has very few U.S. soldiers in it. There is only a battalion, around 800 men or so, in an area that is dominated by the Taliban. The general law of the land is that where the US troops are  not, the Taliban are. Nothing happens in those zones unless the Taliban allow it. if US troops enter, the US controls it but only as long as they stay. As soon as they leave, the Taliban return. Just like Vietnam.

The only Andar government official that is able to function is Taza Gul, the education director who rides a motorcycle. He does not fear the Taliban when no US troops around because "they" approve of him. All other officials lives in the US held Ghanzi City and will only visit other towns in the district if escorted by US troops.

The recent primary school opened there with the help of US money. They are to be taught English, math, science. A platoon of US troops were nearby for the opening and only two kids arrived. Everyone else was scared. Everyone in Andar, in southeastern Afghanistan, look and dress like Taliban because it is they that are in charge. Americans only control the area they are in. This was the way it was from 1947-54 when the French were in Vietnam and when the US took over from 1965-75. Taza Gul has been able to keep some of the schools opened for boys only, none of the government schools are now opened. They were all closed in 2007 because of the Taliban. So far, the Afghan Army and police have not been able to stand up much against the Taliban for long. Wherever Afghan forces must rely on themselves , the Taliban are dominant. The district's governor, Sher Khan, states that Taza Gul is a Taliban buddy but because no one else will take the position, Taza remains. The US refrains from arresting him because, well, as the US Major explained, "he knows the area,knows the teachers and is their leader. He's been able to keep some schools open". Okay.............

The school curriculum is mandated because of the US aid used to build them and supply them for both boys and girls. But, in Andar, things are "complicated" because of the Taliban, so. only boys go to school and teach only Islamic religion, which helps to radicalize its students.

That is the future of Afghanistan.


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    • perrya profile image

      perrya 6 years ago

      In Calif, now they want to reduce school days to 160 from 180! to save money.

    • Petra Vlah profile image

      Petra Vlah 6 years ago from Los Angeles

      History repeates itself, but America never learns. Spending money to teach Islamic values in Afghanistan while cutting school budgets for our own children at home seems like a good idea, right?! Way to go....