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Andrea Stephens

Updated on March 5, 2011

Andrea Lady Phenomena Stephens--Beautiful Celebrity Icons--Million Dollar Faces

A Picture Of Andrea Lady Phenomena Stephens Is Located At The Top Left Corner Of Images
A Picture Of Andrea Lady Phenomena Stephens Is Located At The Top Left Corner Of Images

Andrea Stephens AKA Lady Phenomena

Andrea Lady Phenomena Stephens, producer and talk show host of "Educating Our Nations" and "The Andrea Stephens Show" made the the following statement, "There are so many important issues that have to be addressed and something needs to be done about our nations' concerns by simply taking initiatives as individuals and making the difference Instead of complaining. Roll up your sleeves and get involved. If you complain and you are idol, and do absolutely nothing with yourself or the resources you have available, then don't open your mouth."

"Step back and examine your life and what is going on around you and analyze the situation. What can you contribute? If you feel helpless and useless, then maybe the ones you criticize feel the same way"--these were the statements Andrea Lady Phenomena Stephens was quoted as having said during one of her conferences, definately food for thought.

Images for Andrea Lady Phenomena Stephens
Images for Andrea Lady Phenomena Stephens

Andrea Lady Phenomena Stephens--Political Powerhouse

 Standing up for those who cannot stand up for themselves is the commission of Andrea Lady Phenomena Stephens.  Andrea Lady Phenomena Stephens is a powerful leader  in her  community organization--Georgia Alliance At-Large.  She works with children and seniors and is that "New Sharp Threshing Instrument Having Teeth" when it comes to fighting against corruption from the least to the greatest in the "City of Atlanta."  She encourages all to get involved and make positive changes in their environment.


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