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Andrew Marr Show Featuring Jeremy Corbyn.

Updated on November 30, 2015

BBC1's Andrew Marr.


Corbyn's Defiance.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn appeared on BBC1's topical and political magazine show 'The Andrew Marr Show' to talk frankly about his position as Labour leader and whether he would or would not allow a free vote on air strikes on Islamic State in Syria.

Marr posed him a number of questions considering all aspects of Corbyn as leader of the Labour party and his thoughts on air strikes on Islamic State in Syria. Corbyn appeared rather smart in a dark blue suit and tie going against his usual laid back open neck shirt way of doing things and casual way of dressing look. It seems whoever is handling Corbyn's public appearance whether that be at official engagements with the Queen or on television interviews such as the one yesterday with Andrew Marr is obviously advising him to smarten up and look like a Prime minister in waiting.

On 'The Andrew Marr Show' Corbyn could not have put it plainer when asked would he allow a free vote for his MPs on the subject of air strikes on Islamic State in Syria and his answer was that it was his decision alone and he warned to any would be plotters to remove him from the position of Labour leader that he was not going anywhere. He said he was enjoying his time as Labour leader and when asked by Marr was he a pacifist he denied it but at the same time saying there was nothing wrong with his heart and all he wanted to see was a peaceful world.

Lord Falconer Labour's Shadow Justice Secretary who served in Tony Blair's government said there could possibly be resignations from the Shadow Cabinet if Corbyn tried to force them or MPs outside of the Shadow Cabinet round to his anti - air strikes on IS in Syria way of thinking.

Tom Watson the be - spectacled Deptuty Leader of Labour has made himself clear saying that MPs should be allowed a free vote on the subject of bombing IS in Syria. Meanwhile John McDonnell Labour Shadow Chancellor who gifted a copy of Chairman Mao's Little Red Book to his Conservative opposite number George Osborne has attacked the media for making a mountain out of a mole hill on Labour's divisions over the UK bombing IS in Syria and said what seems like civil war in Labour over this issue to the media and public is in fact the democratic process with the Labour party going forward discussing this issue.

Which way Labour goes when the vote is put to Parliament about air strikes on Islamic State will soon be upon us no doubt.

David Cameron And Wife Sam.


David Cameron's 7 Point Plan For Air Strikes On Islamic State in Syria.

1) British air strikes would improve chances for Coalition success against Islamic State.

2) Air strikes would help a transition plan for Syria.

3) Whether British air strikes carried out on Islamic State would be legal in Syria.

4) Whether the UK using the RAF to bomb Islamic State in Syria would gain support of key players in the Middle East.

5) Once ground has been captured by local forces on the ground backed up by British and others air strikes who would hold the former Islamic State land.

6) What is the overall military objective?

7) What extra element could British war planes bombing the Islamic State in Syria bring to the fight.

David Cameron has also identified 70,000 local forces in Syria who he thinks he could depend on in any ground attack on Islamic State. Some though have questioned the loyalty of some of these groups as many like the Nusra Front are Al Qaeda linked and certainly no friend to the UK or other Western nations despite being in opposition to the Islamic State.


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