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Angela Merkel and Her Impact in Europe

Updated on September 21, 2017
Angela Merkel
Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel, born on July 17, 1954, is politician in East German. She is also the current German Chancellor who is among the most prominent leaders globally. Merkel who has held her chancellor position since 2005 has also been the leader of The Christian Democratic Union (CDU), a political party in German. Forbes, one of the leading global magazines has ranked her as the most powerful and lauded women in Europe for five consecutive years. Because of her enormous achievement across German and Europe at large, Merkel is charged as the one with the potential to secure the future of Europe.

From the time of her inauguration back in 2005, Angela Merkel has significantly changed the face of German politics and economy to a large extent. Her achievement both at home and abroad have been acknowledged from various quarters. Merkel’s transformative agendas and policies which have steered substantive economic growth, not only in her country but also across Europe have made her to be labeled as Europe’s de-factor leader. Consequently, she has always used any available opportunity in cementing that role as seen in the Euro crisis whereby; her austerity reforms and measures helped steer countries such as Greek from the economic depression (Qvortrup, 2016).

In 2007, as the leader of the European Council, Merkel played a crucial role in negotiating for the establishment of the Lisbon Treaty, as well as the Berline Declaration. Furthermore, as the president of the EC, Merkel has consistently prioritized on strengthening economic relations of the transatlantic regions (Smagge, 2016). The chancellor has as well played an important function in dealing with the European and global financial downtown. Her performance and audacity at solving regional economic, social and political issues have earned her the name “the decider”. As the financial crisis in Europe became on its hallmark, Merkel turned to be a mark of fiscal austerity with her prescriptions that helped achieve budget cuts, and tight monitoring, which subsequently helped in dealing with chronic debts that were facing Europe (BBC, 2017).

Other major issues which have been addressed by Merkel include, but not limited to matters pertaining to current and future development of energy, healthcare reform, domestic policy and matters dealing with immigration and migrant issues (Qvortrup, 2016). Merkel has also been on the front line in establishing the rescue fund of the European Union, as well as steering plans and programs for debt relief including the agreement on the bond-buying program by Central Bank of Europe (Riegert, 2013).

From this short analysis, it is clear that Merkel’s influence in Europe is quite significant. Her leadership is a model for trustworthy, vocal, dedicated, moral, trustful and transformative leaders. The chancellor remains to be a popular leader not only in German or Europe but throughout the world. Owing to her tremendous record as the German Chancellor and as the leader of the EU, there is no doubt that the future of Europe under Merkel is bright and progressive. Through her policies, Merkel has cultivated an image of a pragmatic and prudent leader. It’s no wonder then that she is perceived to be well poised in defending Europe’s liberal democracies.


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