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Intolerance: Societies Default Setting

Updated on September 13, 2011

Intolerance is the Word of the Day

WARNING: My default setting is showing...with stereotyping and more.

This article follows my last...this one ironically pessimistic (apologies)

How hypocritical of me...

How is it, when a different opinion is expressed than of the person reading it, that the physical reaction has already started, causing a shutdown of any reasonable or rational response, or god forbid, agreement to it? The mind’s parachute closes and the anger rises in retaliation to protect one’s fears. The reptilian part of the brain is working in the midst of anger. What happens in one’s life to create such egotism that tells someone their opinion is the only one? What are we surrounded by, day in and day out that allows that intolerance to fester and grow? Let us take a look at ourselves, shall we. Pay attention at work, the store, on the road and at home. How ofter are you irritated or angry at others? How often is it all their fault? Is your default setting on defensive? I sure know mine is right now.

Have you put yourself out there lately? Shown your softer side; shared your hurt, pain, love or fear in its original form, or in the guise of anger and silence? Are you just here to poke fun at the ones who express their view? Does the view seem 'naive' to you because it wants to promote the good in people, in all walks of life or does it threaten your need to be right or better than? Why? What feeling does it provoke in you? Will you take a good look at yourself, or will you just poo poo this article right into the trash? It’s easy to comment...harder to put yourself out there. I don’t mind the comments, but you are going to get my opinion on where I think they come from and why. I appreciate comments from other writing communities because they need to be writers to be there in the first place. These people are also putting their vulnerable sides in writing. I get the threat other opinions have on me. I know the insecurities it brings up...this blog and hub writing is as scary as running naked down the middle of the street, sober.

The intolerance and disdain for others is the problem in this society. I am part of that problem! I hate that, but I am. For instance, I was having a discussion with a friend the other day and we ventured on to politics and religion. I was all in for being against anything this person had to say. I was ready for the prejudice and intolerance to flow from his mouth. I caught myself at that moment and made a conscious decision to open my mind to what he had to say, after all, I like him and have known him for ten plus years. I can only say that this experience, was a higher power moment for me and I am tremendously grateful for it.The helping professional would have done the same and I like most in the helping profession. What I discovered was that what he had to say didn’t come from a deep hatred or prejudice of others, but for the love of human beings. He was not afraid and angry about other religions being in our country because he thinks they shouldn’t be here, but rather that some of the practices that harm women and treat them as second class citizens wasn’t ok with him and he didn’t want that here. That is when we discussed the laws we have in place. Had I stopped him at what I thought to be intolerance of other cultures and their beliefs, I would have been committing the same crime I thought he was about to and our conversation may have ended or escalated. We will never see eye to eye on most things. And the simple fact that I jumped to the conclusion he would be prejudice and intolerant, says as much about me as him. I know I do this...perhaps even writing this shows I have intolerance, making me intolerant. But where does it end? We are human, but no more excuses. When I have acceptance of others, my life is just better. But can’t anyone look for the good in others and have it reflect back onto themselves? Can’t good begot good? No one talks about Mother Teresa. She was human and had her lack of faith moments, but she was able to resource that compassion, empathy and acceptance for and of others. Do you think she liked everyone? Hell no, but she wasn't known for voicing her personal opinion of others. Why not a Mother Teresa Day of the year to celebrate Love...novel idea I know.

My views may seem naive to some or most and this may be the brainwashing they have had, not me. I am angry today...I have been called naive and hinted at lazy because I believe people can be positive and help people. I believe people work hard, and just because they don’t own the country, their own business or their house, does not mean they aren’t trying for the American dream. Syphoning and stealing the wealth can be done from the top as well as the bottom. Maybe, though, I should just say, screw everyone else! I am in it for me and me only. Forget the state of the nation and all the people working hard to make this country for the people and by the people. If you can’t keep a house, feed your kids, go to the doctor, or afford to keep gas in your car...that is your fault because you are a lazy, stupid, no good directionless mess, and you should see yourself that way, because the rest of society does. It is the 'Me' era, not the 'We' era, just FYI.

Is that better? Are we having fun yet? I suppose some are...while I whine away about the injustice of it all. Who am I anyway? I suppose my Polly Anna views (the few I have) can go by the way side and we can continue to tail spin until there is only rich and poor. Period. After awhile, the poor will die off from lack of health insurance or can be made into slaves because they won't have any laws protecting them. Women can go back to barefoot and pregnant, men can go back to beating them into submission. Women’s rights can be put in a closet and forget about educating our young...they would just be a threat to the social order of things. Same sex marriage...whatever. Ignore the laws, or better yet, make your own that suite you. Who needs them anyway? Why bother to continue to work for freedom. Apparently, you only deserve this perk if you are rich and have the currency to buy anything or anyone you want. Oh my god, I am a whiny, sniveling I have that correct yet?

Please forgive me, but this is personal...very personal. Judgements promote judgements. How do we defuse topics before landing the first punch? Whatever happened to agreeing to disagree? We are always going to run into intolerance. Always. I believe that is the cloud of truth that hangs over us today. We are going to keep feeding it too. The rich will stay superior in their richness and their fear of losing their riches...and the poor can just keep siphoning off the government because they are incapable of being descent human beings because they haven't the means to steal the American Dream. Whatever for them. Lazy bastards.


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    • RandomThoughts... profile image

      RandomThoughts... 6 years ago from Washington

      sylvia's thoughts- thanks for your comments. Free to be who we are and express it. It would be nice if people could calm down and know everyone has their troubles...a little more tolerance would do wonders.

    • Sylvia's Thoughts profile image

      Sylvia Van Peebles 6 years ago from Southern California

      I really appreciated this hub. We have to remember that one of the things this country was founded on was freedom of religion. That means ALL religions. While I may not like your lifestyle, God tells me to love you, the person. We also have the responsibility to help those in need, and to hold those in power accountable.