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Thaneer Snana,Anna,Saru & Majjige.

Updated on February 22, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Masala of Life.

100 Year Old POST BOX ( Royal Mail it was)

The 100 year old Post Box in operation and maintained by the hotel,you can't see another Post Box like this in Bangalore.
The 100 year old Post Box in operation and maintained by the hotel,you can't see another Post Box like this in Bangalore.


A Baby playing the Piano at the hotel lounge.
A Baby playing the Piano at the hotel lounge.


Views of the Hotel Taj West End.
Views of the Hotel Taj West End.
Another View of Taj West End.
Another View of Taj West End.
One more you can't see from out side.
One more you can't see from out side.

Masala in our Life.

What is Masala.

The meaning of Masala is mixture of spices and herbs in powder form to be used in Indian cooking.The word is Hindi it is also in Indian Urdu of our minority brothers in India.

The writing is not about Hindi or Urdu.

The writing is about Masala of Life.Here the masala is not spices or herbs,but your wife,children,brothers,sisters,their children,the grand children and relatives.Friends do not come in this category.

I saw the board ' MASALA KLUB ' in a hotel and it was so funny that I took a picture as there was no ban on photography,this hotel is a beauty in Bangalore and its name is also as beautiful as the Taj Mahal at Agra.The name of the hotel is 'TAJ WEST END'

This hotel was earlier called as 'SPENCER S HOTEL' or WEST END HOTEL during the British Rule.It remained so till it was taken over by TATA'S,who named it as TAJ WEST END.It is situated on 23 acres of prime land opposite to city's world famous RACE COURSE.

The hotel has a 100 year plus old post box still in use,the maintainence of which is pleasing to the eyes as most of the post boxes in our city is worse than a trash can,the only difference is its red color.I don't know why its red now,the red color was used by the British.Our Indian politicians perhaps have not thought of changing this to any of the national color as in our flag.

Any of the color manufacturers have to just use their money power to change it to some color which is most profitable for them.The only problem will be lot of strikes all over the country,burning of buses,breaking of all commercial shop window glasses,burning of old car tyres in the middle of the road with few people dead all political leaders calling for peace,forming peace committees of all religions etc......All being well planed and organized well by one major party that is communists as red is their color and no change is possible with out the permission from their parent party in China.

I thought it would be a good topic to write a HUB after seeing the Board MASALA KLUB.After all our family is also a club / Klub but restricted to our family which some times is open to all those mentioned above on several occasions from being born to being dead in the family of all those that I mentioned above.

I have to tell what is:-

Anna means in Kannada language,its cooked rice.

Saru means in Kannada language a soup like liquid taken with Anna.About 5 cups of Anna with 2 or 3 cups of saru is mixed by hand to form a soft ball of the size of a Table Tennis ball and this is taken to the mouth by hand and after revolving it around inside the mouth to get the taste buds enjoy its taste it is chewed a little and swallowed and the process is repeated till all the rice mixed with saru is complete.Sometimes a papad is allowed to add a better taste.Papad is a must in any Indian food.It is some thing like potato chips but the diameter and thickness is some thing with out a standard.Even pickles with ghee and rice is eaten in similar way by some families in south India.

Majjige in Kannada means butter milk taken after Anna and Saru in a way similar to Anna & Saru.Few families who can afford Curds or yogurt is prevalent.This is typical upper poor class food in south Indian Bramhin families on all days except festivals.

Thanner Snana in Kannada language means cold water bucket shower.Bucket shower means cold water filled fully in a bucket taken in a mug and poured repeatedly few times and the body being smeared with soap,lathered and the mug used to shower again till all the soap lather is washed and then using a towel the body is dried.The towel being wrapped around the waist.It is only after this that a person can enter the family prayer room for a prayer as long as he wants.There is no Anna,Saru & Majige which is a full meal of the day with out this process being followed.This however is in a upper class poor family.

Why all this and 5 star hotels.That's on account of me being able to walk inside this hotel now but not during my school days when I used to go on my bicycle just gazing at this place.I never knew I would walk in to this hotel when ever I wanted at that time.

The Masala of my life was such I could hardly eat what I wanted even in the hotels that I did visit as my pocket money in my school days given by my mother was limited to a Dosa & Coffee.We school mates used to pool our money to have our coffee break in Cubbon Restaurant at Cubbon Park or our College Canteen run by private Mangalore group.The Masala Dosa of this hotel was so good that we used to eat 2 or 3 at a time when the pool money was high.What is this Masala dosa you can see in the You Tube below.

This original Mysore Masala Dosa is copied even in western countries but they do not know the correct recipe and it has no taste as it is in Bangalore hotels such as Vidyarthi Bhavan and MTR hotels.

So what is Anna,Saru,Majige after Taneer Snana.?.This was what the boys at the boarding school of a renowned all India famous ashram was offering to students from wealthy families who sent their kids to this school for good education and the seats were given only on merit.There was no donation or any influence that could help your kid to join this school.Why was this done to boys from wealthy families.This was the way they had to teach the wealthy boys how to lead a simple life.This school is run by Ramakrishna Ashram I was told so.To see their Standard you have to visit their Ashram.They don't need any ISO 9001 certification,they maintain better standards than ISO 9001.

Returning to our Anna,Saru,Majjige and Thaneer Snana,I have to reverse it to bring Thaneer Snana first and than Anna,Saru,Majjige the daily menu of a upper poor class of Bramhins who will take the Thaneer Snana ( Cold Water Bath) first and than only take their meal.

The point I am trying to say is I was above the upper poor class.That was called middle class.The next being upper middle class and than upper class.The Masala of Life of all these class is as under:-

1) Upper Class.This class was also known as Top Class families.They lived in their own Big Bungalow's with all sorts of felicities.[ My uncle was one such man ] he would get what he wants in a legal way and honest way with out giving any bribe.In those day's of1950's there was no corruption from Prime Minister to Office Peons.There was no need for any charity in those day's,there were no NGO'S also,besides a minister for the same.His family members would be confined to only a small circle.His son or daughter would study in a reputed college like Banaras Hindu University or Shantiniketan Viswa Hidu Parishad.Few would send their Son's or Daughters in England.They would be only belonging to upper class religion.

2) Upper Middle Class. These families are next to Upper Class by materialistic standards and they live in smaller homes and they don't have comforts as Upper Class.There kids go to Govt Schools few may go to private schoo;s also.They are honest work is their worship anywhere wheather its private or government organizations.They no longer exist now.

3) Middle Class. These families are better than poor families who cannot afford 2 meals of Anna,Saru & Majjige.They live in rented homes mostly or live in own homes as joint families of more than one family.They do eat 2 meals take hot water bath if they want.They are mostly employed by govt or private firms.They do honest work.There is no need to mention poor.Poor means poor.All these 3 class of families existed only till the First Prime Minister ruled the country unquestionably.Everything vanished after his death.

The Masala of life is now,those who have muscle power like the fellow who collects Rs.1000/= from each hacker in our street who sells flowers,fruits,vegetables and all such items required by the families who reside in the street including those who run a Tea Stall or some other eateries..This Muslim who repairs Royal En field Motor Bikes rules the foot path with impunity from all those in police or municipality.I asked a vendor what happens if he refuses to pay.He said he the Muslim would bring a 3.5 big Mo bike and would tell him to remove his movable stall as he wants to park his Mo bike and that's it.No one comes to his help.He the Muslim would raise the throttle to such high pitch that his movable stall would go by it self.

Now read the masala of life in those who have money power.The person who represents the constituency of our ward is a congress Billionaire.He has a army of volunteers who can make anything possible.All these young unemployed men in the age group below 30 years hang around this member of the people of the ward where ever he goes.Does what ever is instructed by the Billionaire congress man who has assets worth over Rs.400 cores.His father is another Congress Billionaire worth Rs.700 Crore.This is declared assets.No.1 Money.No.2 is perhaps more than declared assets.

What is the Masala of Life of people who vote the congress man,who pay the Muslim Rs.1000/= per month to keep their movable shops that work on gen set lights.To run Electric Gen Sets on Foot Path it needs lot of planning and involves lot of people in various dept of the govt.It needs Money & Muscle power and Men.3M if I can borrow the word from the International company only for this word interpretation.Bangalore being a city of International brand its a pity that the authorities who so ever turn the other way when they notice this complete take over of city foot paths.The Chief Minister never mentions anything on this aspect as if he has no knowledge of how the city is spoiled by these Brastacharies.

The life of all these and many more Masala of life goes on in spite of speeches against the govt to audiences of over lakhs of people by the Yoga Guruji Ramadev of Pathanjali peeth. His mantra to get rid of these Brastacharies is some thing more than what can be said here.However the one interesting point which needs to be mentioned here is to carry his message to the GOI is to stop printing Rs.1,000 Currency used mainly by these men who carry on in our simple Masala of Life as we notice the Brastachar ( Corruption ) and feel help less. 


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