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Anomalies The Magic Bullet

Updated on September 3, 2013

Anomalies: The Magic Bullet

I was watching the Unsolved History series on the JFK assassination. The producers have gone to great lengths to produce a thorough examination of the matters relating to the assassination of JFK and the result is an impressive series. They carefully documented what had happened “Inside the Car” determining that the final fatal headshot came from behind. All of the possibilities around Dealey Plaza had been investigated and found wanting except for the snipers nest in the School Book Depository. While I was impressed with the quality of the show it left me wondering about the first shot, the one that produced the magic bullet. Not to worry, they had another show coming.

With equal care the evidence and questions surrounding the “Magic Bullet” were examined. First it was established that a jacketed bullet will hold its shape when fired into a solid object, they used a log for this, and yes it did. Next they fired a bullet into ballistic gel, this is the stuff you see on CSI when they’re testing bullets, it mimics human tissue. The bullet still held its shape.

Now came the really interesting part. With great care the position of the victims in the car is determined. Special bodies of ballistic gel and bone are produced to substitute for the victims, then when all is ready a shot is made from the same height and angle as in Dealey Plaza and success, the bullet causes all the damage on the two bodies and has approximately the same deformation as the original magic bullet. Wow, I thought, this is really convincing! And yet I could almost hear the other shoe dropping.

I had previously read the Warren Commission Report with all of its appendices and there was nothing in it to make me doubt the conclusion of the TV shows. I had also recently read “Oswald Talked” by Ray and Mary La Fontaine and it was in Chapter 10 that I ran across a single paragraph that upset the apple cart. The FBI had investigated the origin of the ammunition that Oswald allegedly used, they found that only two store in Dallas carried Mannlicher-Carcano ammunition at the time of the JFK murder and both instances this ammunition was hunting load. In other words the ammunition that Oswald should have had was a soft nosed unjacketed bullet while the Warren Commission and the following House Special Committee both were convinced that the ammunition used was a military style copper jacketed bullet.

The reason for this belief of the Warren Commission was simple, it was the ammunition found in the rifle at the scene. The information uncovered by the La Fontaines does not mean that the ammunition used in the assassination was not military load, it only means that a discrepancy exists between the ammunition that should have been available to Oswald and the ammunition that was used in the murder. It is an anomaly, and one that perhaps will be resolved in another episode of Unsolved History.


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    • barrydan profile image

      barrydan 7 years ago from Calgary, Alberta, Canada

      Thank you for your kind comments. There is lots to make us wonder and curious.

    • gregas profile image

      Greg Schweizer 7 years ago from Corona, California.

      Hi Barry, I have have watched probably every one of those investigative shows on this subject. They have covered almost everything as far as the shots, body positions, bullet directions and and all. You do have a good point too. The one thing I haven't see explained is why the First Lady was reaching for the scalp on the back of the car if the bullet entered the back of the head. That one still has me curious. Good hub. Greg

    • Crewman6 profile image

      Crewman6 7 years ago

      Makes you wonder. Cool hub!