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Another Gang Rape in India!

Updated on June 18, 2013

India is a wonderful place but only if you are not a good looking girl or woman. I guess that is what India wants the world to know because in a copycat rape, a 29 yr. old woman was raped by seven men in north India in Punjab. It was definitely a copycat rape inspired by the infamous Dec 16th rape on a bus in Delhi. In that rape, the men brutally shoved a metal pipe into her vagina totally ruining her intestinal tract that she later died of.

Now, for the new year, in this rape, the woman boarded a bus going to Gurdaspur to see relatives. The woman got off the bus. Oddly, the bus driver offered her a ride on his motorcycle. Wait a minute-how can this even happen? Do bus drivers in India always carry their motorcycles? What about the other passengers in the bus? Was this another private bus?

Whatever, the woman unsuspecting rape was coming, got on and away they drove but not to the in-laws, but to a nearby village and building where six other men awaited their prize. The woman was a sex object\slave for the whole night and raped uncountable times. The next morning the bus driver, who did care after all, dropped her off at her in-laws. That is when the woman reported the rape.

Is this driver for real? He commits a rape crime and then drops her off. He and the others are now arrested. All I can say, this fits the "odd rape" category and in India there are some real idiots and scum.

The Indian government must make rape a serious crime with stiff penalties or this will happen daily.


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