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Another Mass Shooting

Updated on June 14, 2016


Well ladies and gentlemen here we are again with the whole gun control speech. How it is the guns fault but not the shooter. Why didn't our president didn't say it was a radical Islamist attack but just a domestic terrorist attack. With all that being said the Liberal Media was quick to rush and say it was an AR-15 that was the fire arm of chose that this so call domestic terrorist used to kill all these innocent people for no reason other then his religious beliefs. Well the funny thing about the Liberal didn't that it was not an AR-15 the F.B.I stated they believed it to be an AR-15 style weapon not the actual AR-15. It was the Sig Sauer MCX carbine chambered in .223. Why is it every time a mass shooting happens people blame the gun and not the person or our government for this mass shooting. The answer is simple they want our rights gone so they can control us. I know what you are thinking great another conspiracy nut job saying the government wants to hurt the people. Well all i ask you to do is read all of this and decide for yourself after then if you think I am a nut then call me a nut and if you decide not to read and move on well then your kinda the problem.


Part 1

Good you decided to say and read what I have to tell you. Let me ask you this do you think gun control really works? The answer is no it doesn't really work at all and it never will. I am not going to be one of those people and say well if we the good guys get rid of our guns the bad guys will still have there's because there criminals they already break the law. No I am not going to use that because like you I am tired of hearing it too. What if I did tell you though that 70 percent of mass shootings happen in Democratic states. If you have read my one of my blogs back in December 5,2015 The Democrats got it wrong when it comes to gun control were I explain that the Democrats got it wrong and yet we still believe them that this is the answer. Ladies and gentleman this is major proof that yes something needs to be done but it's not the guns fault so quit blaming it. Then whole is you are probably asking well maybe this mans religions fault? This is a faith that is about death if you don't believe in Allah there god but if translated it means god. Now don't get me wrong not all of the Muslims are bad no just only 5 percent of them are that is only 1.6 billion.Which is one fourth of the worlds population and five percent of 1.6 billion is 75 million. I don't know about you but 75 million radical Muslims is a lot but are they to blame.


Part 2

Okay you heard me say is it the governments fault. I'll let you decide but first let me tell you something before you make a choose. The shooters name was Omar Mateen he was on the F.B.I.'s watch list for a no flight list which in my eyes is funny. How is it that a man on a no flight list able to get a firearm legal when he is on a no flight list. The reason why I say i find it funny is because if you buy a firearm you got to fill out a 4473 which is a form you must fill out to see if you can own it. Oh and if you don't know what a 4473 is it's a form that does a back round check on you through the F.B.I. Weird don't the F.B.I also issue people who are on the no fly list. Well the answer to that is yes they are the ones that issue people on the no fly list so how is it that this person Omar Mateen was able to get a firearm since the F.B.I does all the back round checks. You would think since you are on the no flight list you would be denied to be able to buy a firearm. The sad part is you'd think that wouldn't you.


Part 3

So who's fault is it the guns, the religions, the government, or it is our fault and the reason why i ask is it us is because we always want to point the finger so fast and blame everything and not take the time and slow down. Slow down fast enough to see what was the real answer but instead we point point and point. What we truly need to do is get over all these fears of this that and what to clear our minds and find out what the real reason is and why did this truly happen to us in our own country. Ladies and Gentlemen if we don't slow down and think instead of hurrying and pointing our finger in all directions we will end up into a third world country. It is time we start slowing down to try and find the real reason why stuff like this is happening so we can get a better understanding so we can try and prevent the next one from happening.

Ask yourself

Who's at fault

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    • Matthew Harvey profile imageAUTHOR

      Matthew Harvey 

      2 years ago from lake havasu city

      And to this very day more people are still getting killed by drunk drivers no matter what law you pass the drunk will still drive not all of them but most still do proving the fact that law doesn't work look at California they have the tuffest laws to own a firearm but they still had a mass shooting in San Bernardino by two people that were on the FBI watch list as well but still got there firearms.

      Lets say they did get rid of all firearms if someone wants to cause harm they will do it anyway they can look a boston what happened there. Are we now going to put laws on pressure cookers nope lol. We need to look at the FBI and why this happened because his was under there watch and the mass shootings that have been happening are by these Radical Islamists

    • jeff61b profile image


      2 years ago

      I think you have mischaracterized the gun control debate. Nobody is blaming the gun. Gun control regulations are not intended to blame the gun or to take your rights away.

      Look at it this way. Years ago there were very many problems with drunk drivers so we started passing more laws about dinking and driving.

      That does not mean that we were blaming the automobile. It simply means that we saw a problem with the way some people use automobiles and we wanted to resolve that problem.

      Likewise, we now have a problem with the way some people use certain types of guns. That does not mean that we want to take away guns from law-abiding people and it certainly does not mean that we blame the gun.


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