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Trust/and Our Children

Updated on September 16, 2013

New Orleans. Six year old Ahlittia North family are deeply sadden after a relative was arrested for the brutal murder of six year old Ahlittia.

Ahlittia North was last seen when she went to bed at 11 p.m by Lisa North 20 old Lisa North, her 20 year old mother. When Lisa woke the following morning, Ahlittia was missing from her home . Her body was found 100 feet from her apartment in a Trash bin. Lisa North 20 year old, saw her daughter at 11p.m. Friday in her bedroom. When she woke the following day Ahlittia was gone her comfort, her tooth brush and tooth paste.

Matthew Flugence a distance Cousin was arrested and omitted that he killed six-year old Ahlittia North. No one really know why Flugence took the life of 6 year old Ahlittia.

Who can we really trust to care for our children?


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