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Another Reason I Want a Wall Built

Updated on April 9, 2016

Think about it...

A Touchy Subject

A Wall to Separate OR Protect?

This Isn't a New Idea

In all fairness, even those against the idea can relate

I can honestly understand how someone can come to the idea that wanting to build a wall between Mexico & the United States as a bit racy. However, the good that the wall can bring and reinforce totally outweighs "a public's assumption" of it being nothing more than a racial act.

When the wall is constructed (and it will someday be constructed, count on it) it will, in fact, do the one thing that both sides can agree on - monitor who's arriving and who's leaving.

This, however, seems to bother some American citizens and even a few more Mexico citizens.

But why...? you might ask.
Good question.

Hear Me Out!

Strong Politicians DO NOT Want a Wall

It's About the Almighty VOTE

Besides, Who wants to look like an ASSHOLE?

If there is anyone on this Earth who cannot afford to look like an asshole it's the politician. Come know it to be true. Think about it...

More people means more votes!

Intelligent, well-informed politicians know this to be true. Fortunately though, intelligent, well-informed politicians are few and far between. Of course it's against federal law for a non-citizen of the United States to register & vote in ANY political election. Any intelligent & well-informed politician knows this and that it's specifically stated so in the US Constitution, in the Amendments and in State Law.

To oppose this will automatically attract BIG funding for campaigns. It's like beaming a "bat-signal" in the sky but it only attracts scoundrels of your presence.

However, there are those who oppose this law, mostly for selfish reasons. Selfish reasons that are usually followed with a "sweet incentive to do so", however, they're coated with declarations of equality because it looks good on a poster...and it will sell.

Here's something to think about...

Militarizing the United States

Is the Wall just the Beginning?

We're Imprisoning Ourselves
(and we don't even know it)

SciFi Fantasy or Total Domination?

I can't help but think that maybe building a wall isn't such a good idea. Maybe building this wall has sinister intentions. However, never would I believe that our Congress would allow such a thing. I know Congress doesn't have the best track record when it comes to its citizens, but to militarize the United States...?
I'm afraid not. Not even coming from our Congress.

It's True Intention

When Corruption gets Revealed

Politicians/Corporate Leaders have Nowhere to Run
(they know who they are)

It's intentions Are to make it mandatory to enter & exit the United States Legally

Its intentions were NOT to break up families. It's ridiculous to think this. It would be highly inconvenient for a person to raise a family on these terms. Becoming a legal citizen or even applying for a temporary work visa would solve this hypothetical scenario. However, building a wall to separate the United States from Mexico would prevent a criminal from entering and exiting.

This includes corrupted politicians and huge, influential corporate leaders. When the "shit hits the fan" (and it will), there will be a few that are going to want to head for the border.

This may just be a plan for a future "government clean-up".

Remember this too, just because we built it doesn't mean we can't tear it down in the future.

Building the Wall

Are you FOR or AGAINST the building of a wall for the southern border?

See results


Right Wing? Left Wing?

It Does Not Matter, It's the Same Bird

Choose Your Politician SEPARATEly

NEVER choose an entire political party (unless you want to). In my opinion, it be unwise to just vote for an entire political party. That is, unless, you did the research and found that this works best for you. It's your right as an American citizen.

In Case You Didn't Get The Memo

There's a certain candidate for the 2016 Presidential election that just may change that
There's a certain candidate for the 2016 Presidential election that just may change that


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    • lions44 profile image

      CJ Kelly 17 months ago from Auburn, WA

      As a Republican, I have this debate often and my views usually clash with many of my fellow GOPers. While I don't think you're racist in any way, I'm not for an expanded wall. But here's what I would do and it's controversial for many:

      1. Massive economic aid to Mexico, configured in such a way as to discourage American firms/plants from relocating. But by infusing that country (and Central America) with more economic aid (not related to drug interdiction), we can help bring about change within Mexico. They are truly a 1% at the top society. Nobody ever talks about it. I wish the President would point that out. A little embarrassment goes a long way. Helping to bring about structural change to that society will keep people from fleeing. And that includes family planning, another area where I clash with many in my party. It would take a generation, but it is worth it in the long run

      2. Expand the Border Patrol and electronic surveillance. The agency is amazingly small in size compared with other agencies in the Federal government.

      3. Drug treatment for those in the U.S. - American customers are driving the drug trade. They should be ashamed of themselves. They are directly responsible for the deaths of innocent Mexican women and children. And our leaders need to embarrass these losers as well. Expand drug treatment dramatically as an option in the courts. Then get harsh. Enough is enough. I know there is a trend towards going easy on these people, but our society is permissive enough.

      On a side note, if a wall is built, the foundations would have to go very deep and underground surveillance would have to expand in a big way.