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Another Sickening Rape in India- a 5-year old!

Updated on April 20, 2013

You know, India has some great food, hot women, and places to see, yet, there is a sick societal undercurrent that is ravaging the country and its women and girls. It is the men who target females with so little respect. The women there feel all the time-walking down the street, shopping in a mall- men's eyes leering at them like a piece of fresh meat to devour. Of course, not all men there are like this, but mostly the uneducated seem to have this mentality.

Since December, there have two horrendous rapes. Gang rapes. The first was the medical student on the bus being raped by several men as the bus drove around New Delhi. After they had got off, they shoved a pipe up her vagina causing immense damage and she later died. Then, there was the tourist camping. They came and raped her forcing her male friend to watch the show. She was beaten but survived. They stole $200 from them.

Now, perhaps the most sickening of all - a 5 yr. old girl. The rapist, a poor 22 yr.old, lived in the same building decided to kidnap her and have sex. The child was taken to another apartment in the building, and over a 40-hour period was attacked. An object was also shoved into her vagina. The rapist works in a garment factory and recently married. Even after the police were told, they did nothing and tried to cover it up. Why?

New Delhi has had over 7000 reported rape cases. The city seems to invite all of the sick men who prey on women. How does one even have sex with a 5 yr. old? Is it even possible? Doctors indicate she will need reconstructive surgery. The rapist is not mentally retarded, he recently got married, what, the sex with an adult woman was not as satisfying?

This is the kind of press that India does not neet and demonstrations have been occurring there to get the government to act.

Why don't they?


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