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Another Thomasian Pervert Doctor...

Updated on September 19, 2009

Subconsciously pervert...

I've been searching for another appropriate, moral and ethical topic but again I stumbled upon this controversial scandal.

I thought that after learning that Ms. Katrina Halili had an abortion done in a hotel, and was subsequently admitted in a tertiary hospital due to its complications that it would be enough to satisfy my TMZ sort of curiousity.

I was wrong...

I don't evesdrop...

My consultants are just share too much sensitive information that I couldn't help but divulge.

Apparently, a senior resident from a reputable government hospital in Manila and his ex-girlfriend/junior resident are involved in this scandal.

Why do I care to write this stuff?

Hay!!!! Sad to say but this senior resident is a Thomasian Alumni and a bonafide member of Zeta Beta Mu Fraternity, of which Dr. Kho is its most infamous member.

The senior doctor apparently threatened to post their sex scandal on you tube if........(I wasn't able to hear most of the story). The junior resident in return filed a TRO against the senior resident banning him from getting near her for at least 10 meters. So the poor pervert doctor's career has been put into halt.

I don't know what will be its impact, but I do hope that Doctors in our country would not be viewed generally as subconscious, discreet perverts.

Anyone can create this scenario, whether what profession you are in.


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