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The Poisoned Waters

Updated on August 22, 2017
vivianlisett profile image

Vivian has been a vegetarian/ vegan since February 6, 2016. She's researched a ton of information about the environmental disaster we're in.

What Are We Doing?

From a normal person throwing away a plastic bottle into an abandoned bayou, to a waste company dumping a ton of garbage into a landfill near a body of water, every choice we make has a huge impact. When you go to the beach, everything seems nice and dandy, right? Wrong. According to A Plastic Ocean, (a documentary that can be found on Netflix) there are billions of tiny particles of plastic on the surface of the water. And below the water, it isn't pretty at all. Tons of turtles, whales, dolphins, birds, etc. have died due to their confusion of plastic material for food. Their bellies fill up with all sorts of plastic material, not having enough space for food to enter their systems therefore resulting in malnourishment. Since plastic is almost indestructible, animals cannot digest it. This creates a serious problem and can cause animals to go extinct if we keep this up. There have been countless fish taken out of the water or washed up on the shores around the world to tell a story; the story of us. They're involuntarily telling us to stop this madness.

A beautiful world below us.
A beautiful world below us. | Source

What is happening inside of our bodies.

For those of you who eat fish, you have another thing coming to you. All the plastic that fish ingest, in some shape or form, goes into our bodies and breaks down, releasing toxins into our circulatory system. This contributes to all sorts of sicknesses. Since fish can't digest plastic, it stays in their fat and muscles; that's what people eat. So you might want to think twice about ordering that lobster next time.

Pearls everywhere.
Pearls everywhere. | Source

Let's Give Back to Mother Nature

The ocean is probably by far one of the most amazing features that earth has to offer. It's home to over one million species of plants and animals, with millions more yet to be discovered. Even though it's beauty is captivating to a lot of us, many others seem to overlook its beauty. How do they do this? By dumping any and every type of material out into the ocean. Now, a lot of us might think, "It's going to disappear at some point." or, "That's not my problem at all." Well I hate to break it to you, but it is. Over the course of our lives, let's be honest and say that we have all littered into the ocean, (those of us who have seen the great waters) weather by accident or on purpose. We're human, we make mistakes. I understand. But here's the thing, a lot of us are aware of this problem and don't do anything about because "One person can't change everything." Do you know how many other people think like this? If all of those people get together to strive to make a change, things can get a lot better a lot faster. So instead of throwing the bag of chips out the window, simply keep it in your car until you get to the nearest garbage can, try to recycle your plastic water bottles and please just love this big, beautiful "blue" planet. Earth has taken such good care of us; it's time to give back. How? By boycotting plastic as much as possible. By volunteering to plant coral reefs into oceans. By shutting down factories that create plastics or make them change their material. This isn't going to be easy, but Rome wasn't built in one day.

Love for the ocean.
Love for the ocean. | Source

© 2017 Vivian Gaytan


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    • vivianlisett profile imageAUTHOR

      Vivian Gaytan 

      14 months ago from Houston, TX

      Thank you very much Angel!:)

    • Angel Guzman profile image

      Angel Guzman 

      14 months ago from Joliet, Illinois

      Yeah I make a strong effort to recycle because zi know what's going on :( good read

    • vivianlisett profile imageAUTHOR

      Vivian Gaytan 

      14 months ago from Houston, TX

      Thank you!:) I appreciate the feedback

    • Sean Dragon profile image

      Ioannis Arvanitis 

      14 months ago from Greece, Almyros

      Love for our Mother Planet. Beautiful article Vivian and a great start to you in the Hub! I agree with you, 100%. Keep on the good fight...


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