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Inconsistencies Raise Concerns: Cindy and George Anthony Lie

Updated on May 23, 2011

Most lies that are believed are never questioned: Most lies hold up poorly under pressure.

"Lying doesn't mean that you're a murderer." -- Cindy Anthony

After researching various inconcsistencies and/or contradictions, I've formed my own personal opinion:

The Anthony family are liars. I do not know whether they are pathological liars or compulsive liars, but they are liars. The rotten apple (their daughter) does not fall far from the tree.

"He [Jose Baez] was actually going to come up either today or tomorrow and bring a couple of the videos I guess for me to watch from some of the news stuff that's been going on, I guess some of the talk shows. Just to try to update me on some of the stuff. Plus he wanted me wanted me to get a good laugh."--Casey Anthony, in a recorded conversation with her brother, Lee Anthony.

A good laugh?


Although it may seem as if this case has more twists and turns than a rollercoaster, ask yourself: where do most of these new twists and turns come from? The media. More often than not, who's face is plastered in front of the camera? Law enforcement or an Anthony family member? It's a no-brainer.

I would recognize Cindy Anthony in a Yoda costume before I would recognize Yuri Melich or John Allen bagging my groceries at my local supermarket. All of these twists and turns are imaginary; much like Zenaida Gonzalez of the Sawgrass Apartments.

The Anthony family is not obligated to share anything with the media. Despite the fact that they have spokesperson to speak on their behalf, they continue to lie, smirk, and blame everyone but their daughter for this crime. If it were possible to weigh the tears that have been shed and the lies that have been told by the Anthony family, we would all have to go on a Lie-Free diet; that's all this family has been feeding us: LIES.


Are George and Cindy Anthony in denial? It would be difficult for anyone to accept that their child committed a crime against their own flesh and blood. Denial is one thing; lies are another. I do not accept, nor do I endorse George and Cindy Anthony's lies regarding their daughter's innocense. However, I can (almost) understand why they are doing it. Who wants to admit that they raised a murderer?

What I do not understand, is why George and Cindy Anthony lie about everything--things that do not help or hurt the efforts to find Caylee. Since the beginning of this case, the Anthony family constructed a web page that offered all of their contact information: phone, address, email address, etc. Since the time of Casey's arrest, there have been reports of threats.

Because this is such a high-profile case, (combined with the fact that they offered all of their personal information online) it increases the likelihood that they will receive threats from lunatics all over the world. Just as troubling as the threats themselves, is the fact that George and Cindy can not even be honest about them! If you do not want people to know that you're getting threats, don't tell them. If you want people to know that you're getting threats, tell them. Otherwise, tell the truth for once!

"Oh, we're getting -- we get threats every day. We get written threats. We get threats on our home phone. We get threats on our cell phones. We get threats on our e-mail. So the threats are out there."--Cindy Anthony, 8/11/2008

"The sheriff's department (and) the FBI are looking into this," George Anthony said. "Whenever you start threatening people with bodily harm, that's a problem." The Anthony family said they have received threats every day by letter, e-mail or phone. --George Anthony, 8/13/2008

"I haven't been getting any threats! Again, Who said that? Did I come out and say that? Alright. What did I tell you guys weeks ago? If it doesn't come from the Sherriff's department or from my mouth, or my son's mouth, or my husband's mouth, should you believe it? Have I lied to any of you guys yet? Okay." --Cindy Anthony, Video, 8/29/2008


Pardon the expression, but Casey Anthony is clearly 'the kid that got away with murder,' in both her childhood and her adulthood. Unfortunately, in adulthood that expression became a reality.

George and Cindy Anthony are essentially the type of parents that make you roll your eyes at PTA meetings: 'MY child would NEVER do such a thing.'

Fast forward a few years later: Their daughter is the only person of interest in their granddaughter's disappearance and they're still chanting 'not MY daughter' in unison.


How many times have you dialed 911 from your home? I bet your call summary doesn't top George and Cindy Anthony's.


Known for their outrageous statements to the media, George and Cindy Anthony have raised quite a few eyebrows.

Throughout this case, I'm sure that everyone in the world named 'Zenaida Gonzalez' has been looked at suspiciously. But the 'real' Zenaida Gonzalez, also known as 'Zanny the Nanny,' is ONE person. Isn't she?

"I'm not going to speculate on who I think has my granddaughter. These people know they are being watched. They know it," George Anthony told reporters. (Click the link to watch the interview).

Speculate? I thought it was Zenaida! People? Plural? What people? I thought we were looking for ONE person.

"There's more to this saga than what people are led to believe or led to realize there really is," George Anthony said.

Well, than why don't you enlighten us, Mr. Anthony?

George and Cindy Anthony strongly believe that their daughter is witholding information in an effort to protect Caylee Marie Anthony. This is absurd. If they believe that the person who has Caylee will harm her the moment Casey reveals information about that person's identity, than why did Casey NAME that person as Zenaida Gonzalez? Casey already revealed the person's name! She gave up the person's identity already.

"Anyone who knows Casey knows she'd do anything including sit in a jail cell to protect her daughter." -- Cindy Anthony, 8/11/2008

"Casey will get the mother of the year award for what she's done for Caylee," -- Cindy Anthony


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    • profile image

      paula99 6 years ago

      great article. i will never understand why some in the press call that baby killer a "great liar." maybe to her lame parents she could lie. to me her stories were so blatantly stupid and ridiculous that i would not have left her alone with caylee for one second. that poor baby did not have a chance in this life with that insane "mother" and totally inept, pathetic grandparents.

    • profile image

      GBYACHT 6 years ago

      Wherever Bama is stay home. Fair trial!? Who had one for the dead baby. This is NOT ABOUT CASEY-it is about justice for the baby. Anyone with half a brain can see that she killed her kid. If she didn't WHO DID. Cassey has no rights, she killed her child and is costing the American tax payers millions of dollars for this dog and poney show.

    • profile image

      mediacrazee 6 years ago


      I agree with your hypothesis on what happened to Caylee. I've been following this as well since 2008. I believe it's a terrible tragedy, I also had a thought about the duct tape being placed to prevent bugs from entering her body. I think this was an accident and Casey freaked and went into denial afterwards and the partying, etc was trying to escape the reality of the situation. I have a feeling that George and Cindy may know some more than they are leading everyone else to believe. Perhaps they were getting worried because Lee was going to ask where Caylee was. No one will ever know besides Casey and her parents. Casey was probably medicating Caylee to sleep... maybe the baby passed because of the heat in the car trunk. Maybe it was the first time Casey tried it. Who knows. Here's another thing.. how many of you actually know how to make choloform? The instructions seem pretty complicated to me and someone would obviously know if you were trying to make this chemical. I'm not sure if that has been brought up by the defense yet. Don't get me wrong, I'm not sympathisizing with Casey, I'm sure her child probably died by her negligience, but I don't feel the evidence to date proves her to be a cold blooded murderer. Just take time out to review everything, not just the things you want to see. That's my 2 cents. Caylee rest in peace.

      Let's preserve the right to a fair trial.

    • magnoliazz profile image

      magnoliazz 6 years ago from Wisconsin

      How can Cindy be so stupid??

    • profile image

      KERRI IN BAMA 6 years ago

      I agree with alot of what Sandy has commented. She has made the most sensible and fair posts that I have read on here. What has our justice/legal system come to? Are we now tried in the media before we even go to trial and have the chance to present the evidence to prove our innocence? What happened to innocent until PROVEN guilty??? This case is about more than just Casey Anthony people! It's about our Constitutional rights for ALL of us! Everyone deserves to have a fair and unbiased defense in court. What if you had to prove your innocence and fight for your life? We all have things that could look bad if the media only shows what they want you to see so they can sensationalize it for the ratings!! And the police/prosecutors want you to see things their way so they leak things to the media that aren't true or can't be proven in a court of law so you will already convict a person before they even get to trial!!! Just as most people have already convicted Casey before all of the evidence has even come out! You can't know all of the reasons for what goes on in someones life unless you have lived their life. Many innocent things can be made to look like some thing else if someone has not lived a perfect life and I only know of 1 perfect person that ever walked on this earth and that is Jesus Christ. You all are so ready to judge Casey and her family and you don't even know them or know how they lived behind "closed doors" just as no one knows how you live in your private life. Now having said that I have been watching this case very closely because of the reasons I stated above but what first had me so close to this case back in 2008 is my granddaughter and Caylee are the same age almost and the resemblance is uncanny and it broke my heart every time I saw little Caylee's picture and I wanted so bad for them to find her alive but we all know that wasn't the case. But that is all we really know about her death. I don't believe the prosecution has proven it's case. I don't believe Casey murdered her baby. All of the witnesses have said she was a great mom and her and Caylee shared a close bond and you could see the love they had for each other. Also there was no trauma to the body or cause of death and if Casey was a rotten mom like people on here want to say then there would have been some evidence of that. Child protection (DHR) had never been to their home nor has any witnesses ever said anything like that in court so far and I doubt they will since the prosecution rested and the defense began their case today.I think Mr.Baez is doing a good job so far of defending his client. I know there are many questions that we want answered but I think all judgments should be held until the trial is finished and then look at all of the evidence and if the judge made fair and unbiased rulings and then and only then should we make an informed judgment. I would hope if anything as heinous as this ever happened to me that I would get a fair and just day in court that all people deserve to have.

      Now for the duct tape that has everyone saying Casey killed her with that. No one knows why it was put over her mouth and or nose and if it was put there before or after her death but I have a few thoughts on that. I think if Casey did put it on Caylee maybe she did it to keep the bugs and stuff from going into her like they would have without her mouth,nose and ears being sealed shut. Maybe she couldn't stand for bugs to invade her baby's body like that. Maybe she thought she could keep her beautiful baby intact for as long as possible. I know that sounds crazy but if your baby had just died and your in a panicked and freaked out state of mind, you don't think like a rational person would think. Your whole world just came crashing down and the person you love the most has just died! That would show that Caylee's death wasn't premeditated like she's being charged with.I would think the whole death would have been more explainable and less reason to make Casey seem guilty if she had been planning her daughters death because we all see what an elaborate and detailed liar Casey has been through all of the evidence we've been shown. You would think a person that is guilty and can make things up like she can would have done a better job of covering up their crime. And why kill her baby and risk prison or death when she could have left Caylee with Cindy and George? Too many things don't add up here like the prosecution wants you to believe. My heart and prayers go out to the whole family. They all loved Caylee very much. Casey might be a liar but that does not make you a baby killer.Many people in this world seem like fine upstanding people to society but they are in fact murderers,rapists,child molesters and some are just plain evil but you wouldn't know that by how they are perceived to be by the people around them so like the saying goes " you can't judge a book by it's cover" So..Why don't all of you who are saying Casey is guilty and she should die for this and saying terrible things about her and her family wait until the trial comes to an end and listen to all of the evidence first before you judge them so harshly? You never know what you might find. What if she truly is innocent and she lost her only child? What would you do if this was you???

      May God bless everyone and give them the ability to keep an open mind and an open heart to seek the truth and find justice for Caylee and her family. I pray that they didn't have anything to do with her death in any matter that could make it a murder because that would be unforgivable and evil. Thank you for letting me have a say on here. Good night!

    • profile image

      Septembre 6 years ago

      I think this is extremely relevant right now to anyone who is following this trial as closely as I am. The whole family definitely are liars. I don't think the defense is that far-fetched. The theatrics on the stand by both George and Cindy were uncalled for, especially George who seemed especially defensive. Further, I'm no body language expert, but Lee showed so many tells, I don't know what to believe. I don't think Casey is innocent by any means, but her compulsive lying beyond just a girl who wanted to have some fun. I've personally known someone who compulsively lied about everything: needless things, over-the-top stories, everything. It's almost frightening. Listening to Casey's first interrogation at Universal when she lied herself into a corner before she told the truth just freaked me out. It's the same sickness. I'm reserving my personal judgement until the trial conclusion and whatever the jury decides will be what's right, but the whole story is beyond crazy. What a fascinating event that we are all witnessing!

    • profile image

      Sara 6 years ago

      mredd: perhaps, but that seems farfetched. Why in the world would you chloroform your child to go partying? There is benadryl, robatussin, plenty of normal over the counter meds that will knock your child out without having to resort to something like chloroform. And leave her in the trunk? She had a home with her parents, IF this were the case it would make more sense for her to give her kid some benadryl and leave her in bed with her grandparents while Casey snuck out. Chloroform and the trunk and duct tape just for a night out seems unreasonable.

    • profile image

      mredd 6 years ago

      Casey wanted to go partying but she didn't have a babysitter, so she chloroformed her daughter, as she had done before, put her in the trunk, and put the duct tape over her mouth to keep her from yelling if she were to wake up. Caylee probably woke up, was scared, and started crying. When you cry, sometimes your nose will clog up. If she had duct tape over her mouth, and her nose was clogged up, she wouldn't have been able to breath and she suffocated. At least that's what I think happened.

    • profile image

      nursejean 7 years ago

      Wonderful article-where have you been-I have followed this cas since the inception (terrible sounding) and found you on Hals Blog -I am a Psych RN and this case is my evening full time job after work. Sick and Patholigical. Please an update You are spot on.TIA

    • Tuesday75 profile image

      Tuesday75 7 years ago from Omaha, NE

      I would recognize Cindy Anthony in a Yoda costume before I would recognize Yuri Melich or John Allen bagging my groceries at my local supermarket. All of these twists and turns are imaginary; much like Zenaida Gonzalez of the Sawgrass Apartments.

      Hahaha! NO DOUBT about that! Love this!!! Thank you!

    • profile image

      Nicole 7 years ago

      I think Casey had turned into a disappointment, and an embarrassment to her parents. When she became pregnant, Cindy forbid abortion or adoption. George was silent. When the baby was born, she became the apple of George's eye, the love of Cindy's life, and the thorn in Casey's paw, that slowed down her partying-just a little. Casey seethed with jealousy. I wonder how many times Cindy called Calee Casey, by accident. I think Casey felt she'd been replaced in her parent's hearts. Maybe she was even being erased? Casey remained the bad girl, lieing, stealing, doing drugs, the bad daughter. The final fight, Casey grabbed up Calee and left. How best to hurt her parents? Remove the Apple from George, the Love from Cindy, and maybe the thorn in Casey's paw. I don't think she thought of final consequences, and maybe she didn't REALLY want Calee to die, but I think she definitely comitted reckless endangerment with the drugs. If I don't know if that's a federal law.

    • profile image

      georock 7 years ago

      It really doesn't matter HOW little caylee was killed does it? She was obviously murdered. If her death was the result of any accident, an ambulance would have been called immediately. Instead her mother, admittedly the last person to see caylee, hid her body, partied, got a tattoo, stole from her friend, lied every day to everyone. When cindy finally did realize there was something terribly wrong with casey's stories about where caylee was and called 911, casey begged for her to wait "just one more day". I'm sure casey thought that "one more day" would either give her the chance to come up with a more convincing lie or to simply skip town altogether. Pschopaths only admit to something when they're cornered with no way out. Unfortunately this self-serving idiot would only admit that caylee was missing for the past 30 days, knowing that it was enough to satisfy cindy.

      I can understand a parent standing by their child, no matter what but come on george and cindy.... swallow your pride. Don't you want to know the whole truth? This is your own beloved granddaughter who was ripped away from you. You can know the truth, and still stand by your daughter. Or, are your misguided attempts to sway the world into believing you are the best parents on the planet, more important than justice for little caylee? It certainly seems so.

    • profile image

      lee 8 years ago

      I don't see any other reason why not to believe that CASEY killed her daughter, accidentally, or not! It took her 30 freakn day to inform the authorities.

      CASEY is not a COP she should have come forward from the start, she had many chances to provide accurate information when asked.

      I hope see ROTS in jail for the rest of her life thinking about how plain old stupid she truly is.

      Quit honestly her MOTHER should be eating chips, m&m's, bottled water alongside of her. TWO PEAS in a POD!

      Yeap! TWO PEAS IN A POD.......

    • profile image

      Laurie 8 years ago

      Either way, Casey is going to be spending along time in jail.

      I don't even care bout the death penatilty. Will cost the tax payers no end for her to appeal , appeal etc. Put her in jail and throw away the key.

      As long as she is locked up it don't matter to me.

    • futonfraggle profile image

      futonfraggle 8 years ago

      Jim, why do you assume the murderer is male? Jusr curious...

    • profile image

      Jim Morgan Indpolis.,In. 8 years ago

      I feel so sorry for the whole Athony family the real murderer is sitting back an Laffing his ass off. this stupid nancy grace has already convicted poor casy Crucifided Athony family I Am praying for you remember when everything looks so bad you can't hardly stand thats when My Lord steps in God Bless You Guys keep your heads up even if things aren't clear I can't beleve what you've been through.

    • profile image

      sandy 8 years ago

      I agree that there are certain facts that don't support the accident theory, like the duct tape and her partying in the days after Caylee died. I think the duct tape could have been used to stage a kidnapping; Leonard Padilla may actually be right about that. Something else I've wondered about, and this is really gross, but maybe in Casey's inexperience with handling decomposing bodies, Caylee's body was leaking fluids badly (which it had to have been to have saturated the trunk fabric so thoroughly) and Casey thought by sealing an opening it would make it stop. And how do we really know the duct tape was orginally placed directly over the mouth? I've heard there was no flesh left to even get toxicology results from, basically just bones and some hair. How does duct tape stay intact when the flesh has decomposed? Her body had been there probably about six months; who knows what all debris could have come into contact with it in that time span.

      I know those possibilites will sound ridiculous to a lot of people, but none of us knows what actually happened, therefore we can't say that Casey murdered Caylee if we can't prove it wasn't accidental. It's called PRESUMPTION OF INNOCENCE.

      I think this case will lead to new laws concerning the level of media involvement in open investigations and crack down on what law enforcement can release to the media. I think it is absolutely shameful that our justice system is allowing someone to be tried in a court of television viewers and hosts that often present mere rumors (sometimes released by police/prosecution) as hard evidence against someone who has no voice. The only people who will try to defend her are her lawyers and her parents, and they are being crucified for it.

    • futonfraggle profile image

      futonfraggle 8 years ago

      I keep thinking back to the announcement after Caylee Anthony's death. "No post-mortem trauma to the body." So she wasn't beaten AFTER she died. What about before she died? What exactly killed her? Chloroform, suffocation, blunt force trauma before death, what?

      I don't believe this, but I suppose it is possible that Casey Anthony could have placed duct tape over Caylee Anthony's mouth (post-mortem) to make the kid look like she was kidnapped. I know this was one of Leonard Padilla's many, many theories.

    • profile image

      Brina 8 years ago

      Hey Deb, I am right there with you. I too was starting to think that maybe this was an accident, but then you brought me back down to reality -- why the duct tape over an "already" dead body. That part doesn't make sense.

    • futonfraggle profile image

      futonfraggle 8 years ago

      Deb, exactly!

    • profile image

      deb 8 years ago

      Some of the above comments had me almost convinced this was maybe an accident, and I was knocking myself for believing the worst about these people, then I remembered the evidence found with Caylee's body.

      Why, if an accident, would anyone place duct tape over the mouth of someone found dead prior to hiding the body?

      Afraid she might come back to life and call for help?

    • profile image

      sandy 8 years ago

      As much as we all like to speculate about what happened to Caylee, the fact is no one really knows. There is no evidence as of yet that can prove that her death was caused by murder and not some sort of accident. Until there is some kind of proof or a confession (highly unlikely), I don't think we should just assume Casey did something horrific to Caylee (why would anyone want to believe Caylee suffered?). In the police interviews with Casey's former friends they say that she had been doing some pretty heavy drugs, which can make a person extremely paranoid. If she was neglectful and it resulted in an accident in which Caylee died, she would have panicked and, given her reputation as a liar, she may have thought no one would believe she was telling the truth. In her mind, she very well might not feel like she was responsible if it was accidental. She should definitely do time regardless because negligence is no excuse for a child's death or dumping her body like she did. I just think there is a big difference between being an immature mother and cold-hearted murderer. Some of her comments to her family also seem like she's subconsciously trying to tell them something, like when she was talking to her mother in jail she says,"when they find Caylee it will all make sense". She may have thought the police/coroner would be able to detemine how she died and that it was an accident. Also, when she was talking to Lee when it was first discovered that Caylee was missing she says something to the effect that she's been a bad sister, daughter, etc. and maybe it's best that this happened.... To me that sounds like she's saying she deserves to be punished by losing Caylee.

      As far as George and Cindy are concerned, I think they are so much stronger than anyone gives them credit for and I don't understand why everyone is attacking them lately. They had nothing to do with Caylee's death- their lives revolved around that little girl. Their only "crime" is supporting their daughter and they're pretty much the only ones in the world who do. I cannot imagine what it would be like to be in their shoes, but I think people should at least try before they go trash talking them. They had clearly built their lives around their children and granddaughter and now it's all been destroyed. They can never have their life back the way it was (with Caylee), and it's not fair to start villainizing them just because they have unconditional love for their child. I'm sure deep down they are incredibly angry with Casey but right now it's a matter of life and death for her and if they aren't 100 percent sure she murdered Caylee I think they should stand beside her. They made some very incriminating statements to the police in the first few weeks of the investigation, and were then (in their minds) betrayed by police by them releasing those interviews that they didn't know were being recorded. They were also investigated for obstruction of justice (of which they've been cleared); I don't blame them for no longer trusting the police and trying not to say anything that could further damage their daughter's right to a fair trial.

    • profile image

      cathy 8 years ago

      My thoughts and prayers are with the Anthonys every day. I pray for God to soften t he hearts of those who are saying these evil things against them. That's murder! Satan is very busy these days. YOU COULD BE THE NEXT VICTIM OF HIS SATANIC ATTACKS... George and Cindy would be neglectful parents if they didn't stand by their daughter. WHAT IS THIS CASE ALL ABOUT?

    • profile image

      denise 8 years ago

      I believe that George Anthony does believe his daughter did this crime. My reasoning is this. He tried to take his own life with his daughter going on trial for murder. As much as he loves his daughter, and if he believed her innocent, he would have wanted to be there for her to support her and love her through this difficult time and show his belief in Casey. I think that what he truly believed was too terrible to bear and he simply could not face it. Casey appears to suffer from a form of Munch. by Proxy Syndrome. Everytime she's seen in court or under arrest she seems to be enjoying herself; like she's enthrawled by all the attention even though so negatively. Like she has become famous and claimed the attention she has so desperately, now through her own daughter's tragic end. My heart does go out to the Anthonys as I have also lost a child. But I think in order for them to move on, they are going to have to face the sad truth and confront their daughter. They can still choose to love her, but if they dont't face the truth, they will never have any peace nor find the justice for their beautiful little Caylee.

    • profile image

      jacvern 8 years ago

      It is totally obvious to everyone I know that the whole familyl is covering up what really happened. Saving face? I don't think it is to save Casey as she is a lost cause already. Talk about a bad seed. Definitely a family member, probably Casey is the murderer. I cannot believe a word that Cindy Anthony says any more. She is just not believable.

    • profile image

      sharigirl 9 years ago

      I guess the anthony family never heard of "TOUGH LOVE" because if they had they would never be in this situation. If i was Casey's mom or dad, I would have smacked the crap out of her years ago!!

    • profile image

      EFT4MeDebi 9 years ago

      None of us knows what it is to stand in their shoes (Cindy and George) What would YOU do if your grandaughter who you practically raised (hours of home video) is gone. In your heart of hearts you feel it was probably your own nutty kid that smashed her out. Did you expect them to go on TV and say "Yeah, our lying derelict kid probably murdered that little doll." Are they in denial? Of course, who wouldn't hold on to one little bit of hope that she might be still alive. Other than that what evidence is there that they where involved? Today we probably would never know anything about this case if it weren't for the 1 courageous act Cindy Anthony did. No matter what Love she had for her child, she put it aside to do the right thing. When she realized that her kid was lying, being evasive and not bringing the baby to the house... SHE PICKED UP THE PHONE, CALLED THE POLICE TO HANDLE WHAT SHE COULDN'T!

    • profile image

      Keith 9 years ago

      Obviously the worst has happened, the body found is that of Caylee. If only now Casey and her family can tell the Real Truth so this unfortunate situation can be finally resolved. God bless & Rest In Peace Dear Caylee. You are now an Angel at peace with God !

    • profile image

      brina 9 years ago

      I do belive that Casey anthony killed her daughter Caylee. The grandpartents no what really happened but of course they will alway's love there daughter Casey so they have to lair and cover up the truth. May Caylee rest in peace and may her mom rott in hell.

    • profile image

      Laura 9 years ago

      Fast forward 30 years and you are seeing Casey Anthony's twin - her mother.

      They speak in that broken sentence lingo, always thinking ahead what next to say, what lie to say.

    • profile image

      habeabe 9 years ago

      i know casey is a liar, and she probably did kill her daughter, but, you have to remember if cindy knows, she realizes she already has lost caylee. and doesn't want to lose her daughter also..... a mothers love is too deep for words... i belive they are victims too in all of this.. no one knows what they would honestly do in a situation like this.

    • profile image

      Melissa 9 years ago

      I think the Anthony's know exactly what happened to Caylee and as a police officer,her father knows exactly how to get out of a murder charge. It sickens me that they would even WANT to help their daughter get away with killing their granddaughter. I am sure they were told it was a horrible accident and willingly believed their angel. Of course she would never do anything wrong on purpose so they set about making sure that she doesn't get held accountable.

    • profile image

      chris 9 years ago

      CathyJo, "Since when do you go to a lawyers office barefoot." OH please, like she's not screwing her lawyer, bet she is and that's why she's there alll day everyday!!! What else could she be doin since she isn't talking!!!!

      And there's one for everyone. I know a pathological liar, comes by it honestly, learned it from his mom. Bet ya Cindy is also a BIG pathological liar and Casey comes by it honestly alos, which could be why she sticks to her daughters lies. The 2 people I know both stick together also, mom know's he lies but will help cover anything up for him also.

    • profile image

      CathyJo63 9 years ago

      Since when do you go to a lawyers office barefoot,most plces don't allow it,dang she must feel really comfy there!

    • futonfraggle profile image

      futonfraggle 9 years ago

      There's no hard evidence to support my belief, but I'm with you CatToy, I believe that there were more than gas cans in that trunk on the 24th.

      I'm not sure if they packed up any of Caylee's belongings, but that woman who stole the Anthony's trash (Lorraine) said that there was a paper listing Caylee's "firsts" in the garbage bag. You know, like, first word, first step, etc. Why would anyone throw that away?

      Very strange family, very sad case....

    • profile image

      CatToy 9 years ago

      It's been clear to me from the Get Go; that from Gretas Intv and Tour, Cindy let some truth slip. The Pool and the Ladder. The ladder was left down, I think Caylee drown and someone, maybe Cindy placed her body in the trunk. I think Cindy last had physical custody of Caylee. I think Casey was out partying as USUAL. The flurry of calls to her parents was to find out; hey where are you guys, where is Caylee?

      The Script is the Anthony's script; telling Casey to go on with life as you always do; party away your life, Caylee is gone. She had a Bella Vita, get a tattoo...

      When George Opened that Trunk he found Caylees dead bloated body, & then he helped to get rid of her remains with those gas cans. Georage and Cindy are liars, the worst I've ever seen. But it's not hard to pick up on it, just watch their micro expressions. I don't believe Casey ever moved out of that house. Look at the rooms on Gretas intv and tour. Those are NOT rooms of a child & grandchild that moved out. All of her things, are still there. I wonder if they've packed up all of Caylees things already.

      Shame Shame On You Anthony's !! You never Loved Caylee and have thrown her under the bus, and killed her twice over. Come Clean, the world will never forgive you. You will be haunted the rest of your lives. The public is NOT STUPID, and you insult our intelligence every time you open your mouths.


    • profile image

      SLY 9 years ago

      Thanks for the read. The anthony's are one strange family, I've never seen such liars. jackie peckson has nothing on cindy with her deny, deny, deny.


    • futonfraggle profile image

      futonfraggle 9 years ago

      Thank you! That's a good question. I didn't see any information to suggest that Cindy's parents had ever lived with them, but ya' never know. The heart attack is a possibility too. Hmmm...

    • moonlake profile image

      moonlake 9 years ago from America

      Was Cindy's Dad living with them at one time that could be the medical rescue. Did either of them ever have a heart attack that could also be it.

      Good hub.

    • profile image

      futonfraggle 9 years ago

      Thank you! I've been looking for that for a few hours! Other than the stolen vehicle date (year appears to be wrong) it looks as though this baby actually brought peace into that house. Disturbances before her brith and after her disappearance--but nothing inbetween.

      I am curious about the criminal mischief and the medical rescue that was turned over to the fire department though...

    • JRChicagoGyRL profile image

      JRChicagoGyRL 9 years ago from Chicago

      Here's the OCSO abbreviation list. CM=Criminal Mischief

    • futonfraggle profile image

      futonfraggle 9 years ago

      That white picket fence has been broken for quite some time! I wish they'd buy a vowel and solve the puzzle.

      I'd really like to know what the abbreviations from the call summary mean. I've attempted to decipher a few:

      STOVEH = Stolen vechicle (we know Cindy reported the car stolen, but look at the date: 2006? Typo?)

      TOTFD = Turned over to Fire Department (I wonder what kind of rescue that was?)

      CM = ??? There's a report number...This one intrigues me...

      Verbal = ???

      GENINV = ???

      I wish I spoke police lingo. Copy that. 10-4.

    • JRChicagoGyRL profile image

      JRChicagoGyRL 9 years ago from Chicago

      You make good points, Futy, and yet they are points I discount about the Anthonys. I believe these folks suffer from what I call White Picket Fence Syndrome, and I'll bet you know exactly what I mean by that.

      They've got their fingers in their ears inside their over-mortgaged home filled with things they cannot afford and suddenly, the evil spawn daughter has mowed down the white picket fence. They can't believe; won't believe................ until they see the body of the child .......... which is why they will not search for the child's body.  They don't want reality to interfere.  Their greatest wish is to continue living inside the complex inexplicable fantasy that their darling daughter Casey is attempting to perpetuate.  She's led them both around by the nose for 22 years.  Today is no different.

      I know my views are simplistic.  I believe that the answer is almost always the most simple.