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Anti-Trump Anarchy Protests

Updated on November 12, 2016

If you were viewing the news from outside the USA, you might think that America is in anarchy with all the protests in a few major cities by not more than 1000, in most cases. Of course, you might think those protesting amounts to much more because of the camera footage creates a false impression.

The protesters are executing their right to disagree with the majority of Americans. Although, Clinton won the popular vote by a few million, Trump won the electoral vote, which may seem confusing to some, or wished to be ignored by those throwing a tantrum because they lost. That is really what it is- a petulant tantrum by mostly under 30's, going to college, unemployed, agitators looking for chaos because they are bored. Oh, some are older and are simply in La-La land thinking that the 2016 presidential campaign will be redone! Yet, they wish to exercise their right to get a selfie on FB or pretend their actions really are important and will cause change. LOL.

The protesters claim that Trump is not their president elect because they did not vote him. Yes, they is right. They lost! The whole idea of protesting is simply a stupid thing when nothing will change for them until 2020 when the next election is. These people can toss their tantrums but most of America is laughing at them.

However, the election win by Trump has a dark side. Many of the Trump supporters are embolden in their hate rhetoric against women, immigrants, and non-whites. Trump is to be blamed for this and only he can correct his followers if he truly represents ALL Americans. If he does not, then it will continue with its ugly dark side and cause conflict and hate crimes. Trump needs to bring everyone together and ensure that people that fear him should not.

Hopefully, Trump will become more level headed.


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