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How To Protect From Stun Gun EMF

Updated on May 22, 2017

Unfit For Duty

Anti-taser Protective Gear Or This

photo by e06158 on Flickr
photo by e06158 on Flickr

Divert Energy Weapons

It seems to be an almost daily occurrence now that someone will be assaulted and seriously injured by a taser weapon. Despite training in the proper use of the taser weapon, police seem more willing than ever to introduce an electrical current into a civilian's body without worrying about the consequences that may occur when the voltage interrupts a person's voluntary muscles and their ability to protect themselves. There are other taser safety issues as well. A recent case that just surfaced concerns a 20-year old girl, Daniell Maudsley, and the man who ruined her life, Florida State trooper Daniel Cole. The video was captured on the dashboard camera of the trooper's car and tells a disturbing tale that may never have surfaced if not caught on film. The young woman had handcuffs on and was running when Daniel Cole tased her. She fell limp to the ground due to the current and hit her head on the street. Last report is that she is in a vegetative state and it is another young life ruined. The officer should have been properly trained to know the human response to a taser weapon is to fall to the ground and should not have did so on the hard surface. This is especially true because he was only feet away from the fleeing 100-pound girl who was handcuffed in the back. This is a case of a sadistic and lazy 267 pound officer taking the easy way out instead of grabbing or tackling her. He argued that a tackle may have injured her and so he opted for the taser. At least in a tackle the person being tackled can stick out an arm and try to prevent a direct head blow. Unfortunately, as seems to be the case in many areas of government, the trooper was cleared of any wrongdoing. I would recommend that anyone concerned about this case email and call the Florida State Trooper office regarding this sickening case.

So as with anything, a taser is a weapon of control that will be used against anyone and there is no guarantee of what the side effects may be if one is used against you. There are some who may argue that one should just never run from the police or get into such a situation yet there are times when civil disobedience may be in the best interest of all and one can certainly not expect force to be used justly. So what type of protective anti-taser clothing can be obtained in order to protect oneself. Anti-taser clothing might be necessary at a peaceful occupy movement protest if one wishes to exert his right to free speech and assembly without being tied in zipties and hauled off in a bus. If the pepper spray does not blind you or the taser paralyze you first. Make no mistake, these non-lethal alternatives like rubber bullets and stun guns are in fact lethal in many cases. One can just run a search and see the millions of hits regarding deaths to verify that fact. Also, make no mistake that the government has made it clear that they only want to allow assembly such as marches for those causes they deem appropriate. Tomorrow is President's Day 2012 and many events have been scheduled. One such event is the President's Day Veterans March for Ron Paul that will take to the streets and on to the White House for the cause of liberty and freedom. Military officials have sent out emails warning of harsh punishment to any active duty military or reserve who dares attend and march for the cause of Ron Paul. This while President Barack Obama routinely uses the military as a backdrop to his speeches and fundraising events.

One of the anti-taser clothing alternatives is the Thor Shield which, unfortunately, is only available to police or military personnel. Certainly would not want just anyone protecting themselves. The restricted line of Thor Shield products includes anti-taser gloves, anti-taser pants and shirts, and anti-taser protection coveralls and suits and even hats. The anti-taser equipment uses Kevlar and a highly conductive fabric layer to protect against an electrical current. There are a range of lines including Generation III, Generation IV, and Generation V products. The Generation VI non-restricted stuff is some useless product that you can buy at Target for use with an iphone and things. The video demonstration looks convincing when the armor is worn against common handheld stu devices and taser guns. Good luck getting your hands on some of that commercial product though. A more handmade alternative involves using mesh emf fabric. This is the same kind of fabric that might be used to protect against cell phone radiation. Using the special fabric it is possible to design a protective barrier which will conduct the current away from the body and some people have reported decent results doing so. Those people have developed body suits and vests with the fabric, while other approaches may include a shield that can be used to divert the probes of a taser gun, as well as other taser proof equipment. These are sometimes known as energy weapon protective devices. So if you want to be protected in an environment that may turn into a riot situation as some protests can, then you might want to rig up some of this anti-taser clothing. A gas mask and a helmet might be otherwise investments. Long live non-violent resistance and the first amendment.


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    • againsttheodds profile image

      againsttheodds 6 years ago

      maxoxam41, It may subsequently be necessary to take up arms against those who would seek to control us. I just didn't feel that there was a need to call for it in this article. Make your anti-taser clothing now and wear it over your bulletproof vest.

    • Larry Fields profile image

      Larry Fields 6 years ago from Northern California

      Great hub! Voted up and more.

      As you suggest in the title, there's probably a free-market partial solution to indiscriminate taser abuse on the part of the boys in blue. It's possible that the gummint may clamp down on civilians who want to protect themselves from taser abuse.

      However taser-proof clothing is not comparable with civilian ownership of bullet-proof vests, which can cancel out the edge that police currently have in a shoot-outs with violent criminals.

    • maxoxam41 profile image

      Deforest 6 years ago from USA

      "Long live non-violent resistance and the first amendment." when we consider the violence of the police and the uprisings to come, it will be necessary to be armored consequently. Thanks for the heads-up on protection against the ones who are paid to protect us!


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