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Apocalypse......Will The World End This Year? My Thoughts!

Updated on March 9, 2012

Power of Solar Storms


Solar Flares: Will They End Our Way of Life?

So much talk has been generated around the end of the world as we know it in the year 2012 (yes, this year) and there are many different theories about what will happen. Some believe the earth will end by some great natural disaster, while others feel that some war will be our downfall. However, when it all comes down to it, no one really knows what will end the world except for God himself.

Now, let me tell you what I speculate. What if the hype surrounding the end of the world isn't really a complete destruction of mankind? What if what's meant by the end is simply a destruction of our way of life as we know it. It is evident that we all have become way too accustomed to living with the most modern conveniences that make our lives easier. In fact, younger generations often question how their ancestors were ever able to live without electricity, cell phones, and tv. However, the fact is, they did and we can too!

Let's first take a look at the Amish as proof that it can happen. Being a Pennsylvania native exposes me to a unique culture that is often misunderstood by many people in this country. For centuries the Amish have shunned modern conveniences for fear of being too reliant on these very things that could easily disrupt life as we know it. Despite their way of llife, we continued to produce better and faster ways to do things without regard for what would happen if we ever lost this ability. In that respect, the Amish do not seem so weird after all.

Think about this! If some natural disaster such as solar flares were to ever knock out our power grids life would suddenly come to a halt for almost every person on this earth, except one group: The Amish. While we haev relied on these modern conveniences, the Amish continued to refine tried and true methods for living off the land without technology. Their ability to avoid technology has enabled them to be prepared to face disasters that most of us are not prepared to deal with.

Where does that leave us? What would we do? Most likely, a good proportion of the population would not survive without advanced preparation. Many people would be more likely to resort to violence, looting, murder or whatever they needed to do to get what they want and need. Simply being out in society would pose a danger to our livelihood because we would be perceived as threats to others. When people are faced with dire situations, they do dire things.

With the recent talk about solar flares, it makes one wonder if indeed our current way of life will be disrupted and we will no longer have access to the current technologies that we use today. It is evident that these things are susceptible to being destroyed and if they are, we will certainly be challenged in how we try to survive. That being said, do I think the world will end? No, but what I do think is that our way of life will be challenged and those who fail to prepare will be more likely to risk their own survival in pursuit of securing their dependence on technology as we all have become so accustomed to.

Solar Flares: Destruction of Our Way of Life


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    • Damiendarby profile image

      Damien Darby 6 years ago from Seattle

      In many respects this whole, "the worlds going to end," or the new age version, "humanity is going to change," is basically 21st century intellectual laziness. 2012 will come and go and humanity is going to have to swallow the hard truth that nothing and no one is coming to save us and the universe isn't going to force enlightenment on us. 99.9999% of the species to ever live on this planet have perished and been wiped from the face of time. Will we?