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Apocalyptic Preparation: Insanity or a Bright and Safe Way to Ensure That Mankind Is Kept?

Updated on November 19, 2017
Joseph Mohammed profile image

Joseph is a print based writer, author, and poet. Joseph likes to share an assortment of different things with people.

A glimpse of what appears to be apocalyptic wreckage.


Looking into doomsday preparation culture and what may mark the end of times, and if preparation is a must for something in tune with it.

Could something such as one individual event or multiple events intact with the idea of a world that is ending occur? The answer is unknown, but some picture how, when, and why this may happen, and some assure themselves that it will happen, so they grab ahold of items and backup plans to survive such an encounter. There are three sides on this issue, one is either convinced, neutral, or unconvinced that a doomsday type event will hammer down on the earth in a modern day era. People seek emergency shelter in advance, stock up on food items which virtually last forever, and acquire weaponry and safety gear to combat such a possible worldwide incident that is not one hundred percent likely to happen. While I do not think that an apocalyptic disaster most certainly will not happen, I believe that if it were to happen, it would not be unsuspected and there would be signs that let humanity foresee it and brace for its emergence. All inhabitants of earth have been exposed to some form of disaster whether it be the famous "Black Death", lead poisoning entrapped in water regulation systems, food shortages, and architectural collapse etc. These things are unlikely to concur with one another and happen in the same time frame which would more than likely be an apocalyptic scheme if they did. Glaciers melting, record breaks in heat in different parts of the world, and ongoing unrest among allies and enemies throughout the world or domestically(Opposition groups, criminal organizations etc.) are spoken of as though they are causing a worldwide deplete in sources of survival or causing a divide that signals the end of times. It is my own personal opinion that unprovoked issues will arise in light of any so called "Predictions" or any measures taken to reduce the likelihood of an unstoppable series of chaos. Is it a good choice for someone to try and counter a pandemic, or stock up on weapons and safety supplies for the chance that something repugnant makes it's way about Earth, or because hazard and war become an imminent possibility? It is not a terrible idea but people should live in the now and stray away from fears that may never even end up haunting them. The number of agencies devoted to delivering financial equality, aid and sickness treatment equality, and even agencies who put themselves at risk to stop infestation and property damage are plentiful. For one to let a mere possibility consumer their life and put them into a state of total alertness is absurd. No one should have to retreat from living their life and taking part in day-to-day functions all because of small scale tensions and rivalry in our societies, or because of thoughtless theories that are thrown out there for the public to instigate. Doomsday preparation culture instills pessimistic views of the world in children and easily manipulated people to the very core. That is not implying that the people who are behind this culture are hate filled and absolutely unaware as it relates to the economy, nature, or violent unrest etc. It is implying that the way in which they depict the world is impractical and over the top. Our youth should not have ideas embedded into their heads that make the world seem as though it is rigid, and that it is full of utmost mayhem and miscalculations. During fragile times in our lives, we should not lose grip, rather, we should keep ourselves in good spirits. It is always good to know what you are getting yourself into, and it is good to know what to avoid, what to detract, and what is likely to entrap you into unchangeable devastation. Sometimes we get a little to caught up in the "would if's?" and let moments that should be adventurous, journey-filled, and tender slip away.

An outpour of rioting.


Do you find doomsday preparation culture fun or tacky?

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    • Shyron E Shenko profile image

      Shyron E Shenko 

      16 months ago from Texas

      Joseph, I think the only preparation we need make, is prepare to meet our Lord and Savior. And it seems moot to prepare to survive in a world that will no longer exist.

      Interesting hub. Thank you for following me.


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