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Appalling “Party of No”

Updated on August 14, 2014

"Party of No"

President Obama enacted an executive order to deal with our immigration crisis. Politic is difficult, but the GOP House has made it unbearable to watch. On the day they were to leave on vacation the “Party of No” made an announcement deriding President Obama’s immigration proposal and announced they’d pass their own. They missed their vacation and passed a proposal which was just a publicity stunt.

Dysfunctional organization of Congressional GOP

John Boehner has the titular role of being the Speaker of the House, but the radical, publicity hound, Senator Ted Cruz is pulling the punches with the Tea Party.

With the practice of gerrymandering districts House GOP members can be much more radical in their views than Senators who must win state wide races. The Tea Party members of the House can take their guidance from anyone, but wouldn’t it seem that a Senator would have less in common with them than another member of the House?

Remember last year’s shutdown? Cruz wanted to decimate the US government, but Boehner didn’t. Cruz won the Tea Partiers over and the government shutdown. Reagan first said that the government is the problem. Cruz not only trumpets that assertion, but is stupid enough to close what he is in charge of writing legislation for. In what other profession does someone want to close his practice? If a pastor did so wouldn’t he fear his flock would desert him? They could lose their faith or just go to another church.

Publicity seeker Ted Cruz

Senator Ted Cruz recited “Green Eggs and Ham” while filibustering the Affordable Care Act. Can you be more inane than that” Still that doesn’t convince the Tea Partiers that he is anything other than an unscrupulous moron? What do they need?

Cruz must think his bravado impresses those who hate the government—the Tea Partiers. Doesn’t he realize the low minority of people who admit to being part of this right-wing extremist cult? Why would anybody alienate so many for the support of so few?

With a self-promoter like Ted Cruz calling the shots it is no wonder the “Party of No” nihilism can accomplish nothing.

"Party of No" appeals to base who crave abnegation of government

Because they are beholden to politicians of Cruz’ ilk the GOP will never attempt to pass legislation that will appeal to a wide swath of our population. It is a pity our government is arranged in such a manner that the “Party of No” can stop any progress for our 99%.

Psychology of Tea Partiers

Never ending loop of hateful GOP rhetoric and policy

The unremitting provocation of GOP politicians has caused their base to hatred of others who should be their US brothers as noted in the article “Right Wing Propaganda Has Done Nothing But Incite Fear and Hatred of All Americans”.

This article isn’t based on some liberal extremist theory, but on a West Point study as the article states “Although the West Point study isolated three ideological movements threatening violence, combined they represent Republican policies conservatives gravitated towards after four years of rhetoric against the perceived Obama threat; change.”

GOP politicians have created this culture of hatred within their base and now must create extremist legislation to appease the monster of their creation.


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    • gregas profile image

      Greg Schweizer 

      4 years ago from Corona, California.

      That's those children for you. Just like I said in one of my hubs. We have nothing but children, lazy ones at that, supposedly running this country.

      My opinion, Greg. By the way, welcome to the hubs.


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