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Apparently, Mr. President Has Some Behavioral Problems

Updated on October 26, 2016
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John D. Williams has written everything from articles to short stories, and even songs, going as far back as childhood. Writing is therapy.

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What May Be Coming

Our wonderfully inept President, Barack Hussein Obama, is apparently changing up his attitude a bit. After being labeled with a so-called passive demeanor by some democrats, and then reported on by the Associated Press, he will, at least within his administration become more aggressive in his dealings.

This will surely fool the ever cunning progressive and fellow sycophants into forgetting the wrongs coming out of this administration.

The rest of America is less concerned about this man's passive/aggressive behavioral issues and more about the fact he, along with elitist politicians are eating away at the American fabric, like vultures to a dead dog. These are lying criminals. Thugs are bullying American citizens, who Mr. President if I may be so bold, you actually work for and represent, all the while hovering over us like a KING!

All of these cover-ups and scandals have one common denominator.

What is that you ask?

Well, I shall tell you.

This is all going down under President Barack Obama's watch. Yes sir, YOUR EVER SO VIGILANT WATCH!

You Mr. President are Head Honcho, The Big Cheese, Numeral Uno, The Man With The Plan, And The Leader Of The Pack. Oh, and also Leader Of The Free World. Much of this, supposedly going on with an abundance of missteps and misinformation without your knowledge?

Strange, right?

With these truths to be evident, Barack good buddy, you may need to be escorted out. Possibly with congressional approval by Impeachment, or by way of the back door.

This ordeal has to be affecting this poor guy's mental stability at this point, right?

For the following reasons alone, even if these incidents connect in any way We should all be weary. It too looks as if these acts were committed utilizing a great degree of fluidity, yet very little conscience.

Another way this can be interpreted is like this:

You are lying.

You are covering up wrong doing.

You are dictating all of these scandals with minimal help.

Or you are completely unaware of what those underneath you may be committing, in a criminal sense.

Many within your administration should be taking a ride on the Ole Green Limousine, while dressed in Zebra Stripes. One long trip to a nice cell at the Camp Cupcake Correctional Facility. I however, would prefer the Ghost Of Johnny Cash playing for you all at Folsom.

The crazy scandalous scenarios taking up the global consciousness these days seem to be falling from the sky, like ducks on the Robertson's farm. Each and every one of these shady incidents that just keep on surfacing show numerous ILLEGAL precedents taking place. Actions the Every Day Joe would be locked up and slammed for!

Whatever the case Mr. President, you are doing a horrendous job in that elected seat. With 5 major scandals and cover-ups the last 5 years. I will also throw out the obvious communist ties, and blatant respect for such a system. Yes, that communist background flying around you like birdies during head trauma. Yes sir, I can judge, at least going on those who have circled in close proximity throughout your lifetime, as if some future Jedi or dare I say, Sith Lord. According to your biography and manifesto of course.

You then spend 20 years in a racist, garbage-spewing America hating church!

Heck, information like this spread about is quite telling.

Of what you ask?

How about Mr. Obama's ability to be a well rounded and trustworthy leader. What do you think?

The chickens have come home to roost. Some of those birds coming back due in part to executive orders signed in by you, Mr. President. Much of this was done while stepping on our Constitution, along with closing documents to protect pal and Attorney General Eric Holder during the gun running scheme Fast And Furious. Americans died I might add.

Let me bring up the lies and misinformation within and outside of the Boston Attack (where is the Saudi rushed out of our country, and why with prior knowledge regarding those responsible did this still happen. Also, why the DHS falsehoods?), and yes Americans died in this assault as well, I might add.

How about the Hyper sensitive Stand Down orders and changing of documents, as well as lying to the American populace for weeks regarding Benghazi? Again, where Americans died I will painfully add.

A YouTube video? Okay, whatever you say sir.

Then we have the IRS targeting the enemy, or should I say the enemy that Liberal Progressives have seemingly deemed for our President. The Liberty Loving Conservatives, or otherwise known as Americans. Apparently they fit that mold, huh?

Cue the scary music!

Plus my friends, do not forget that this government entity known as the I.R.S. will soon be overseeing our health records and handling the bulk of that new bill.

What? Insert definition of stupid here, if we let this go through.

We must also throw in, at least of this week, the Super Secret Taking On of news media. Specifically the AP (Associated Press), who last I checked do have the right to report the news of the day, while keeping journalistic integrity.

Now, whether this outlet actually has integrity remains to be seen. This however, should be looked upon as an Unconstitutional Act, but thanks to President Bush signing the Patriot Act 10 years prior this may sadly give the D.C. hierarchy the right to spy, steal, and utilize information against those doing nothing inherently wrong. That in and of itself is wrong, fellow citizens.

Oh, and how does racial division and chaos sound? Or how about cutting arm's deals along with energy assistance for and with terrorist supporting nations?

I may be led astray here, though looking back into history I do not believe our founding patriots would approve.

Heck, I won't even go into Veteran's affairs or even prisoner swaps via Guantanamo. Going so far as neglecting Mr. Obama's own laws signed into play through the atrocious National Defense Authorization Act. Congress must be thrilled. Although, I'll save that for part 2!

So, here we are, as I have stated in other words earlier. Mr. Obama, either you look the other way, cover-up most of these actions, conduct them all yourself from the Oval Office, or are completely ignorant and/or just plain incompetent. You may be too CAREFREE in regards to all of these horrid acts and TYRANNICAL situations that are now presenting themselves almost daily.

Most of these scandals make Watergate look as if it were a little scavenger hunt.

Whatever the case Mr. President, you and yours have got to go! Maybe to prison, but definitely out of the White House. Mr. Holder, as with former Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton should be imprisoned too, and without any doubt. Those two have proven themselves classless liars time and time again, while being complicit in deliberately spewing false rhetoric surrounding many of these scandals and cover-ups.

The LOT of you are becoming enemies of the state, if I may be so blunt. Us tax payers are the ones truly suffering from this corruption. We are determined citizens, who are apparently being manipulated these days by the IRS. We also make up the majority of this Free Republic, who love the constitution and put all of you into office.

Here is one more tid-bit: 72% according to recent polls, show that Americans fear big government as our nation's biggest threat. That statistic could very nearly right itself. It would've been wise to remember that, as public opinion speaks volumes.

Please Mr. Obama, get help for your attitude and/or behavioral disorder. I assume you may qualify for disability. Talk it out with Valerie Jarrett, as she seemingly solves many of your problems, yet is also behind most of them. Tap a few more phones via the N.S.A. Would that help? Maybe a quick re-read of Rules For Radicals? We know you and Hill just love Mr. Alinsky.

Either way, no matter the reasoning of or for your mental lapses, you good sir, and those friends of friends of friends hanging around the White House all calling the shots, well, you all need to go BYE-BYE.

We American Citizens are the collective (BUZZWORD) boss of this nation, this large Democratic Industry of Capitalism, Liberty and Freedom if you will. The Federal Government is beneath us.

In simple terms, Washington D.C. is not a Big Brother to any of us, yet should always be viewed as the Little Brother. In this case, Little Bro is out of control!

Three Blind Mice


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