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Apparently Only Democrats Are Supposed To Be Rich...

Updated on July 16, 2013

Apparently Only Democrats Are Supposed To Be Rich…

Since the election circle, we have heard what ‘monsters’ Republicans are for being wealthy, especially those who contributed to Republican candidates during the Primaries and who are now contributing to Governor Romney who is going up against President Obama. Again, the Hippocrats would have us believe that wealth in Republicans hands are evil, but not them. Hardly a week goes by without President Obama hosting celebrities who are mostly Democrats and just as wealthy as Republicans. Incidentally, right here in New York, our President recently raised some four million dollars at Sarah-Jessica-Parker’s home - but even though she is wealthy… it is ok because she is a Democrat. Sarah has made her living as an “actress,” where her acting skills are akin to mostly walking the catwalk with vapid dialogue. A few months ago, the actor George Clooney hosted a $40,000.00 a plate fund raiser for President Obama; Clooney too is wealthy beyond dreams, but alas… he too is from the right party because he is a Democrat.

A month or so all the buzz on Wall Street was about the offering of Face-Book as it went public… during which time the lead singer of U2, Bono, became an instant billionaire from investing in the social media stock offering. You must know that Bono is the one who is always piously complaining how we (Americans) do not give enough monetarily to support AIDS - I wonder if Bono is going to give at least half his wealth to the AIDS cause… I mean, surely, Bono and his brood can live off $500 hundred millions. Bono, who is a constant fixture at the White House and Steven Spielberg, another avid Liberal Activist, the latter who recently purchased a yactch for $250 million I am certain will be soon giving up their respective Midas loot to those who are less fortunate - after all, that is what we hear all the time from Democrats.

Most rich Democrats talk a great game but as I have said before that they are hippocrats on the issue of wealth distribution. I can almost guarantee you that Governor Romney has given more to charity per-capita than all of the wealthy Democrats. Lately, you can hear many wealthy Democrats bemoaning the fact that they are taxed too little - why cannot they take it upon themselves to pay these extra taxes? In the same Hippocratical vein, years ago, Massachusetts had a bracket on its tax forms… which would enable its citizens to pay extra taxes… guess if Senator Kerry, of Heinz-Ketchup fortune, ticked off that Bracket to pay extra taxes. The rapper Jay-Z, who is worth some half-a-billion, was recently criticized for giving next to nothing to charity… the rapper responded by saying that his mother makes appearances to the charities in question.

If those reading this blog thinks that I am lying – I implore them to simply Google how much these Democratic celebrities are worth and tell me if you do not find it hypocritical when they complain about Republicans’ wealth or paying too little taxes. Do not believe for once that rich Republicans are greedier than their Democratic counterparts for I will be impressed if these Democrats, including politicians, will do for our country what they are asking Republicans to do for America, including paying more taxes. Anytime now, I am expecting to hear news out of Hollywood or New York that Sarah-Jessica-Parker and George Clooney have insisted that they will refuse the millions that they normally make for their movies because they want their respective huge salaries to spread out among all those involve in making their next movie… of course, shortly, I will also be selling the beautiful island of Manhattan for a few bucks.


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    • Verily Prime profile image

      Verily Prime 5 years ago from New York

      So true - Nancy Pelosi is a very wealthy woman and so is Dianne Feinstein, Harry Reid, John Kerry via marriage, ... among many others I cannot recall at this moment....

    • profile image

      Michael Furdek 5 years ago from California

      If you just look at the most wealthy people in congress, you can see a vast majority of them are liberals. Ironic, eh?

    • lj gonya profile image

      lj gonya 5 years ago

      As far as I'm concerned one of the most nauseating aspects of politicking involves candidates (and political parties, as you pointed out), who insist on aligning themselves with the common man. This "good old boy" attitude, where they pretend to be one of the hard working, struggling masses one day, and hobnob with the rich and famous the next, is pure election hype. Thanks for pointing it out so well.