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How to File for Arbitrations

Updated on January 11, 2011

What is an arbitration

The arbitration services are all over the world, helping disputed parties to resolve cases without going to law courts to settle civil disputes. , an arbiter can be referred to a private judge with almost all the power of a High Court Judge.

Arbitration is the alternative way or means of settling dispute be it commercial or civil by a person other than a judge in a court, the decision of the arbiter is always final and legally binding and is enforceable by a court of law.

Arbitration services helps not only working parties but also family members who may be fighting to inherit the parent’s properties, , spouses separation, in-laws, neighbors and employees such as house girls.

Arbitration is the simplest, cheapest and quicker way to settle dispute between the two parties. The beauty of arbitration is that they are more private and confidential as compared to law courts which make its ruling in an open air for the present parties

The irony is that many people have not opted for arbitration services due to lack of knowledge of arbitrations services existence, and majority normally rushed to law courts for dispute resolution which make take too long to conclude.  Arbitration itself should be just, expeditious economical for any party to afford

An arbiter has got the technical expert in the field of any dispute, with technical skills in these areas, the arbitration process normally take less time to conclude. The arbitration process is always very private and conducted within the presence of the two parties and their witnesses.

The aggrieved parties are allowed to choose an arbitrator of their own choice to hear their case as oppose to high court where you do not have the privilege to select any judge. Arbitration process avoids delays, saves time and expenses and the procedure of arbitration is simple.

These are some of arbitrations services divorce arbitration, securities arbitration, federal arbitration, conciliation arbitration, labor arbitration, credit card arbitration, employee arbitration  etc


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