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Are Big Brother and the Nanny State Making You Safer? Or Taxing, Fining, and Planning on Starving You to Death?

Updated on February 16, 2014

It's now a crime to grow your own food to feed your family!

The American Dream turned into a Nightmare!

Are we still living in the land of the free?

Have you been pulled over and ticketed for not wearing your seat belt? That's just one of the latest government scams to keep you safe, while using the hundred dollar or more fine to subsidize your local or state government. Local police are pushed to write a quota of seat belt tickets every week, at a time when citizens have less disposable income and are already struggling to make ends meet.

Originally, at least in Florida, it was a secondary traffic issue, and they promised that it would never be a primary issue. Within ten years, the law changed to where you can now be pulled over and ticketed just for not being seat belted in your own vehicle. Yet there is not seat belts on city or school buses, isn't that discrimination against the average citizens, and exempting government modes of transportation.

That alone should tell us that the laws are designed to control and oppress the average people in this country. The rich and elite are above the same laws that they design!

In recent years it has become illegal for your children to have a lemonade stand, the parents of children have faced large fines and even jail for having an unpermitted lemonade stand. The proper procedures for setting up a permitted lemonade stand in New York City require at least 65 days, classes, inspections, and more money than you can afford to invest to simply sell lemonade. It's all the bureaucratic red tape and regulations that the liberals (especially in this administration) have required of small businesses that are destroying small businesses and our economy, making it so only large corporations have the time and resources to set up shop.

Don't our police forces have better things to do, than to harass some child selling glasses of lemonade? Police have harassed children selling lemonade in Iowa, Georgia, Texas, and of course three people were arrested at our nation's capitol for selling on the whitehouse lawn. Not to mention that girls have been ordered to stop selling Girl Scout cookies in several places.

Now in many cities and states there's new laws against having garage sales. Even if garage sales are legal in your area , if you unknowingly sell something that has previously been recalled, you could face fines of as much as $100,000. for each violation and be violating federal law (Resale Roundup).

In Utah, Colorado, and Washington, it's actually illegal to capture rainwater to use to water your flowers or garden. Folks are unknowingly violating the unlawful diversion of rainwater law. Imagine that, doing something constructive with the rainwater that falls on your property and buildings is illegal. It's a darn good thing we have such brilliant politicians to keep us from destroying our lives with this kind of behavior, isn't it?

Let's also consider the case of Mike Salman, who is currently serving a 60 day sentence along with a $12,000.00 fine for code violations and violating his probation in regards to operating a church in or on his residential property in the Phoenix area. After several code violations and continued refusal to comply with zoning codes, armed police raided his home to arrest him for this illegal home church. I quess seperation of church and state don't apply here, or the right to freely practice your religion without government interference?

We are now living in a land with too many politicians and too many laws, sort of a police state. Wouldn't you agree? Although there are many people that don't have much common sense, laws aren't supposed to protect us from our own idiocy, are they?

According to Harry Silvergate, author of "Three Felonies a Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent" with an average of 55 new criminal laws every year and 300,000 federal regulations which can be criminal, the feds are turning what was otherwise innocent activity into violations of federal law; thereby making criminals of everyone. He estimates that everyone unknowingly violates three felony laws a day.

Many have come to refer to this as the "nanny state syndrome" but most nannies don't carry guns, fine you or lock you up in jail for getting an extra cookie. America's becoming a police state, where everything we do is subject to laws designed not to protect us, but to oppress us through control and fines for almost anything.

S510 FDA Food Safety Modification Act (FSMA)

FSMA is a prime example of legislation said to be needed to keep you safe from food contaminants, signed by President Obama in January of 2011, while others contend that this is the most dangerous law ever enacted against the very survival of the American people. The FDA states that as many as 3000 people die every year from food borne illnesses, so this legislation is needed to keep you safe.

What officials forgot to tell people is that this law will put most small farmers and vendors out of business, giving government and large corporations control over all food production. This law has allowed government officers to harass and arrest Amish dairymen for selling unpasteurized milk.

After all, we should all feel very threatened by this rogue Amish milk production, after all, Amish milk is a threat on the lives of all Americans. It only took federal agents a year of surveillance to make these arrests for transporting unpasteurized milk across state lines. Milk that never got anyone sick, had no complaints of, and everyone who bought it was informed that it was raw milk. We should be thankful they saved us from that Amish milk attack. Is this a prime example of a tyranical government gone berserk arresting citizens for ordinary incidents which they have wrongfully declared illegal? Wrong priorities?

Those farmers growing and selling their own fruits and vegetables by the side of the road won't be there for long either. That's another terror attack thwarted, and probably a job saved as well, at least according to this administration. Now that big farming conglomerate can afford to hire another illegal to replace that rogue farmer that's been feeding us for twenty years or so. Home gardens will be subject to government control and you could face fines or arrest for even sharing food you grow.

So maybe this law was designed with only large corporate profits in mind, well that, and making it a crime to grow or produce food in a manner that may not line up with government dictates. After all, your government nanny knows what's best for you, thanks to the corporations that spend millions to lobby Congress to make genetically modified (GMO) foods mandatory.

According to an article at Wordpress, S510 is like a serpent hissing in the grass, giving over sovereign control of America's food supply to U.N. mandates in Codex Alimentarius. This is stated to be a global system of control of the entire world's food supply, mandating GMO meats and produce, irridated foods, and making smugglers out of any farmers that grow or introduce foods into the nations supply that doesn't conform.

These mandates of GMO foods could well cause nutrition deficiencies and starvation by default, at a time when many people want organic or natural foods. APA has recently proposed making it a new disorder to want whole or nutritious food.

It's another area that tells much that in sec. 206 of S510, they make laws regarding the use of seed culling and sorting equipment. Farmers that have been using this equipment for generations, now must obtain new expensive equipment for each type of seed, making it close to impossible for smaller farmers to stay in business and use their own seed.

By making seed sorting and cleaning equipment illegal, this pushes most farmers into buying GMO seeds from large corporations, which will eventually make non-hybrid seeds non-existent.

Henry Kissinger, a CFR member pushing for the NWO, declared in the 1970's, "That if you control the oil, you control the country, if you control the food, you control the population." It appears that this is just the case in point, to control the population of America and the world.

Just another example of the Obama administration's destruction of one of the main cornerstones of our economy. This completely denies our rights to choose what we grow and consume, thus giving that power over to multi-national corporations whose only real concern is corporate profits, not individual's health.

The final results of this law will only be seen through the government's enforcement. Once food prices rise from drought and home gardens aren't available for a means of survival, government can use food laws and control as a weapon for compliance. Making both small gardens and non-hybrid seeds a criminal offense seems to be meant to bring American population to their knees in already difficult times. Check this link for other dangerous things in the U.N. Codex, such as advice on nutrition being illegal.

Many see these new laws against growing your own food as part of the global elitist's plans for reducing the world's population through starvation by making it criminal to grow and harvest your own food supplies. Control of the masses come through taking control of food, water, energy, money, and firearms. Economic collapse could well precipitate martial law being enacted, which gives the government total control of all resources and the reason to confiscate all firearms.

RFID transmitor in future prescriptions

GMO alert of 600% increase in deathrate and tumors in mice fed GMO corn!

Safer or less free?


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    • Mhatter99 profile image

      Martin Kloess 5 years ago from San Francisco


    • slcockerham profile image

      slcockerham 5 years ago from Tallahassee, Florida

      Hey Will, Thanks again for your comments. These things indeed show a pattern towards an end and should scare us all. Free stuff will run out when freedom is gone!

    • WillStarr profile image

      WillStarr 5 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

      Scary stuff indeed, to one who comes from a far different era. I remember when liberty and freedom was far more important that being taken care of, or getting free stuff.

    • Mhatter99 profile image

      Martin Kloess 5 years ago from San Francisco

      I share your frustrations... At 60 and disabled there is little I can do. Prior to that I fought to defend SF's Pubic Schools programs.