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Why Are Black Republicans Called 'Race Traitors?'

Updated on April 12, 2016
Lilith Fair profile image

Lilith Fair is a freelance writer living in the Southwest. Her articles often address issues of race and the nature of politics.


The Black Republican

There was a time when black republicans were viewed much like unicorns. Mythical creatures that couldn't possibly exist in today's world. But the reality is that they were always there, hiding in the shadows, perhaps out of shame or guilt. Luckily, Fox News came along, bringing them out of the closet, and giving them a place to call home. Fox News has paved the way for half a dozen black conservatives, giving them a voice and allowing them a valuable seat at the republican round table. It is doubtful that their welcoming was at first anything but self-serving. After all, what could be more validating for Fox News than having an actual black person join in on vilifying Obama? Not much I would guess. There are some who may question the political choices of the black republican. Curious as to why they might chose to align themselves with a Party perceived as being deaf, dumb and blind to the plight and issues facing blacks in this country. They may wonder if the reasons for their conservatism are simply self-serving or if perhaps it stems from self-loathing, and the need to distance themselves from their own race and history. There are some who argue that to expect blacks to be democrats is racist is in and of itself.

Individuals largely support political parties based on their own beliefs. Middle class and lower income whites, often align themselves with the Republican Party based on their Christian beliefs, while others may do so out of racism. They see democrats as too liberal and too sympathetic to the needs of minorities. And yet others simply go republican to protect their riches. It is however much more likely, that successful and educated blacks will become republicans. They may feel that they have worked hard for the American dream and that they owe no one an explanation for wanting to preserve their accumulated wealth. They may believe that if they could become a success, that all blacks can as well. This mindset may strip them of the understanding that all blacks are not created equal and that circumstances sometimes get in the way. Forgetting or denying where one came from, might explain the lack of empathy they no longer have for fellow blacks.

For some, it might be difficult to understand why someone who is black would embrace a Party that is viewed by many as being against them. But perhaps this is a total misconception. Can we really make the assumption that the Republican Party is racist, and what is our basis for that assumption? Could it be because republicans are lightening quick to cut social programs and entitlements for the poor and elderly? Or is it simply because republican's favor tax cuts for the rich? Or maybe we can blame it on Fox News, a channel devoted to labeling blacks "thugs", defending rogue cops that murder teens and vilifying Obama every chance they get. The truth is that republicans are not designed to be sympathetic towards minorities or the poor. They are for the most part a self-serving lot. This does not necessarily make them good or bad. What it does make them is indifferent to the needs of others not like them. Being republican is not just a choice. Being republican is a state of mind and skin color is not a prerequisite.

The View Takes On Stacey Dash

You can always count on the ladies of "The View" to tackle a hot topic and they really let things fly while discussing Dash's latest controversial remarks. Whoopi Goldberg leads the fight as usual and the always forceful Joy Behar gets in a few choice licks as well. You go girls!

Fox News Contributor Stacey Dash Slams BET Awards and Black History Month

Stacey Dash Slams NAACP and BET Network

Fox News commentator and former B list actress Stacey Dash, had quite the response to actress Jada Pinkett-Smith's decision to boycott the 2016 Oscars, due to a lack of black nominees. Dash called the boycott "ludicrous", adding the BET network and NAACP should be eliminated as well.

Oh, No, Say It Ain't So

It's interesting to see that a number of black republicans who are notable celebrities try to keep their political affiliation under wraps. There are some of us who might find these discoveries enough of a turn-off to tune out these celebrities entirely. It definitely gave me a bad taste in my mouth.

Definitely Not Solid as a Rock

Dwayne(The Rock)Johnson)
Dwayne(The Rock)Johnson) | Source

I Wouldn't Give 50 cents for 50 Cent

Rapper 50 Cent
Rapper 50 Cent | Source

I'm Calling a Foul

Shaquille O'Neal
Shaquille O'Neal | Source


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