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Are Liberals to Blame for Racism?

Updated on July 9, 2015

Liberals Started it All

This all started the day the Democrats realized that they could win votes by manipulating a whole race. I don't have a particular time or date that this happened. There wasn't some meeting of people where they figured it out. It just happened. Sadly I am not even sure they knew they were doing it at first. Giving the liberals the benefit of the doubt and saying maybe they were trying to help is a stretch. I don't know why it happened, but in 2015 I have to say the liberals are fully aware of what they are doing.

Liberals Breeding Generations of Hate

At first when we created Welfare it was not meant to be for someone to live on it forever. It was a means to get people by who were down on their luck. Fast forward to 2015 and look at what welfare is now. Thousands of ghettos are in this country and they are full of poor blacks. Blacks going to poor schools and receiving a poor education. Generations have now grew up in a world of free housing, free food, and hand outs. Their parents end up creating kids for more food stamps and bigger welfare checks. These parents usually have too many kids that they only had for money in the first place. The liberals preach to these people that its the rich white folks fault. The man is holding you down. So after hearing this from your supposed "leaders" for all your life you become angry. You believe that the white man is bad. You become jealous that he has the things that you don't. The liberals have given you the gas to fuel your fire. They tell you that the government will take care of you if you just vote for them! My question is what have the liberals really done? They have created a mass race of welfare. Instead of finding ways for these poor blacks to become part of a peaceful society they shove them in public housing in the worst neighborhoods. They learn to deal drugs and the ghetto fabulous lifestyle. Rappers don't help the situation either. They glorify "hood life" and tell their peers to be thugs. How are these young black men supposed to have a chance in life when every one they look up to is telling them to live like an angry, white hating, gun shooting, pants sagging, violent thug. They listen to music where all you hear is how to sell drugs and disrespect women. What chance do they have? Their leaders are keeping them on welfare in these ghettos not the white man.

In the Eyes of a White Man

So now we realize why some blacks are racist towards white people, but why are some whites racist toward blacks? The answer may not be as simple as you think. Some hatred has carried over from generations of white people who hate blacks. Those people were raised to hate blacks and are just really ignorant and have not been taught better. Really nothing you can do but educate them and hope for the best. But what about the other whites that don't like black people? Where did their hate come from? So many groups have so many reasons for disliking black people and people don't want to even admit. Before you get upset and throw the book at me hear me out. It is not all the black persons fault and the majority of black people are good people just like the majority of whites are good people. When you talk about welfare and ghettos the image of a bunch of black thugs pops up in your head not a bunch of trailer trash in a trailer park. The sad thing is the trailer park is probably just as ghetto as the actual ghetto. Since people associate blacks with ghetto and blacks with welfare then when they see their paychecks being robbed by Uncle Sam they get angry. That covers some of the middle class whites hate towards blacks. So where does the rest come from? I will never forget being in high school and the OJ Simpson verdict was being read. I had watched a lot of the trial and even as a kid it was obvious he was murderer. They read the verdict as not guilty and every black person I could see cheered while the whites looked on in confusion. It put a permanent scar on my opinion of blacks even as a child. I was downtown with my fiance and it was about 9:00 in the evening. The town is generally filled with well dressed and very pleasant people. That night it was over run with young black people who had no idea how to talk or dress. They were running around screaming profanity at cops and scaring people away from downtown. Now I look at my television and see blacks looting local businesses, burning cop cars, and hurting innocent people. The problem is I see it as an excuse for these people to do what they have learned their whole life. The biggest issue is now my kids are seeing this as well. How are my kids not supposed to build some sort of opinion when they see black people behave in such a way? Blacks defend criminals because of the color of their skin whether the person is right or wrong. It is a horrible to think that someone would support a child molester, murderer, a man who strong arm robs an old man then puts his hands on a cop, and drug dealers. The blacks wonder why we are so angry then they need to only turn on the television.

The Liberal Agenda

So the point of this article is to see where the liberal agenda has caused racism. People in political power only stay in political power by getting votes from the people. So if you create a base of people that depend on the government to eat, have a roof over their head, health care, cell phones, and on top of it they tell this group of people that it is fine to live like that then what happens? They have created their own group of voters that will only vote for them because now they depend on these people to be in power for them to get their benefits. It is actually quite brilliant method of gaining political power and maintaining a voter base. It is also the same way you stop being a democracy and you become a socialist. It pains me that the poor people that vote for the liberals and believe in the NAACP, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Hilary Clinton, and Obama don't see that they are taking their rights away and pushing them further into a hole they will never crawl out of. These people have been brainwashed at birth to believe that what is best for them is for the government to take care of them. The liberals may not have known what they were doing in the beginning but they sure as hell know it now. The problem is racism is healthy for a liberal politician because the longer they lie to the poor the longer the poor don't care about taking other peoples money. Does this all make a little more sense now? They are so convinced that they even have a name for blacks who speak against their leaders. Traitor. They call them traitors like they are their own government and the person is not one of them, but someone who deserves punishment for speaking out. It is all one grand plan to keep the poor poor and the liberals in power, because as long as the poor stays poor then they need the government to help them survive.

So What Now?

Getting the liberals out of power, educating young blacks about life outside the ghetto, and the black leaders that want to really help be heard. This is not going to be an easy task, but the alternative of an all out race war is so much worse. Martin Luther King believed you fight violence with kindness. He would be so ashamed to see what this country has become. Even though I have explained why people are racist it doesn't make it right. I personally try so hard to understand how people must think and feel when they grow up in poverty. It is not okay to hate some one based on the color of their skin. It is not okay for politicians to lie and use people for their own political gain. So when some one wants to point the finger at the white man and blame him for racism now your armed to tell them the truth. Not to say they will believe you, but it never hurts to try.


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      3 years ago

      Good arguments and well thought out. Proud of you Jason! I was one of those confused kids when the Simpson verdict was read. I had never seen anyone act like that.


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