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North Korea Attack

Updated on September 13, 2015
Here is a map showing North Korea and its capital Pyongyang.
Here is a map showing North Korea and its capital Pyongyang. | Source

What is North Korea?

For people who don't know or just want to find out more about North Korea; it is a secluded nation that sits between China and South Korea. North Korea is in the year 104 (according to the official Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea Juche calendar) and is ruled by the dictator Kim Jong Un - age 32.

The modern Korean Peninsula as we know it formed after the first world war and the defeat of Japan. The Republic of Korea was formed in the south (backed by the Americans) and the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea was formed in the North - backed by the Soviets and the Chinese. In 1950, the tension between the two countries reached its pinnacle and a war broke out for three years - no peace treaty has been officially signed so they are technically still at war.

According to the CIA factbook, North Korea has a population of nearly 25 million people with over 6 million of them being military personnel. North Korea's military technology department, is currently in the process of constructing ICBM's (Intercontinental ballistic Missiles). If North Korea is successful in creating and launching an ICBM, then they are more than capable of continuing the war with South Korea. The U.S.A has stationed 28,500 troops in South Korea if such an event was to happen, which could well be the only stopping North Korea at the moment.

North Korean Flag
North Korean Flag

What is it like living in North Korea?

There are thousands of stories about life in the DPRK and all of them have a similar theme; that the government is is a tyrannical regime. The prominent problem that the people of North Korea face is the constant barrage of propaganda from the government. All citizens must follow and abide by the laws set by the government or they will be sent to concentration camps - North Korea denies the existence of concentration camps despite thousands of claims.

North Korea is ruled by the dictator Kim Jong Un, who imposes silly laws on his citizens. One such law is that the people can only have a hairstyle from an approved list of 10 cuts for men and 18 cuts for women or they will be punished. Only people who have escaped North Korea complain of the tyranny in the country, whilst those still in there seem to have a strong patriotism for their country when interviewed. Media is tightly controlled and only approved people are allowed to be interviewed by foreign news presenters.

John Sweeney a Panorama reporter secretly filmed inside North Korea whist on a student exchange with the London School of Economics. You can see it here on Youtube.

North Korea's Estimated Military Power

Man Power
Land Power
Air Power
Naval Power
Fit for service: 10 Million
Tanks: 4,200
Fighter jets: 450
Submarines: 70
Active Frontline: 700,000
Armored Vehicles: 4,100
Helicopters: 200
Frigates: 4
Reserves: 4.5 million
Multiple-launch Rockets: 2,400
Transport: 100
Corvettes: 2

Is North Korea A Threat?

The short answer is yes, now here's the long answer. North Korea's main advantage is its geological position, as it sits between two allied countries and two potentially dangerous enemies of the west. North Korea could play this to their advantage as they would assume the west would not be able to retaliate with nuclear weapons. This is because South Korea and Japan are too close to North Korea and it would cause more harm to them in the event of a nuclear explosion. On the other side Russia and China would not be happy and would likely pact together in the event of a nuclear explosion near their borders. This means that North Korea would be free to launch its own Nuclear Weapons without fear of retaliation.

North Korea also has a huge number of tanks at its disposal; capable of storming the border into South Korea and causing massive damage. Coupled with their 450 fighter jets, it would prove too much for South Korea however, the U.S.A has enough tech stationed to repel the attack. If North Korea was to attack South Korea, it would most likely go for Huimang-ro first, because it has the closest river crossing into the main part of South Korea.

North Korea's Naval Power is not to be laughed at, whilst it has no aircraft carriers, it has a huge amount of submarines - only two less than the U.S.A. North Korea clearly has no intention of an attack on South Korea by sea, however it wants the naval power to be able to stop the U.S.A's aircraft and missile carriers from barraging them from afar.

Overall North Korea is definitely a threat to the safety of South Koreans and unless the U.N stops them from building ICBM's, they may pose a threat to us as well.

Do You Think North Korea Will Attack?

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    • James Power profile image

      James Power 2 years ago

      Some very good points raised here. I agree South Korea are not to be underestimated, however as a writer they are hard to assess as Samsung is their biggest weapons developer and do a very good job of hiding their hardware.

      I think any nuclear attack on N Korea would be enough for Russia and China to step in especially after the comments Vladimir Putin made during an interview with Rossiya One about going nuclear if the U.S continues to meddle in the east.

    • Doug Cutler profile image

      Doug Cutler 2 years ago from Temperance. Mich

      If the population gets access to the net it may be over when the people there realize that they are so behind the rest of Korea. They have been duped into thinking it is worse else where. The young in China have got into sex and music like the US during the 60's. And they also don't care if their leaders like it or not. So far, no big slap down. Coming???

      If their weapons are anything like those Russia sold to Sadam we should have very little trouble knocking them out. How good or bad are those subs? The South have some very good stuff too.

      Do you think the US would hesitate to nuke N. Korea if they nuked first? I don't. Maybe small devices. The big ones would be for Russia or China if they started nuking.