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Are People Becoming More Stupid?

Updated on October 15, 2014
Man's Evolution
Man's Evolution


Nowadays, there are a ton of heated debates about the human race evolution, more specifically, our intelligence.

Are we becoming more stupid?

What do you think about that?

Is technology bringing us down? Dulling our senses and abilities? Have we achieved our peak?

Natural Selection

Many researchers firmly believe that with our evolution, at a technological level, has stopped the weeding out by natural selection. It may seem harsh but from a scientific point of view, the weak ones are surviving a lot longer than they should. I'm not going to go down that road though since it's a heated battle between scientists with no decisive conclusion.


It's a fact that our senses strengths are changing over the course of the years. We depend a lot more in our intelligence nowadays. For example, if you smell something you'll instantly associate that smell to a what, where, how, a good or bad reaction, etc. But what does that do for your olfactory sense? It hinders it since you're not depending on him. You get a hint from it, and analyze it all in your mind.

Technology's Effects

One of the things that is blamed the most is technology, especially, by our moms or grandmas :P!

Many argue that technology is dulling our senses and personalities. Especially, our social skills.

However, it's proven that video games, for example, improve a valuable set of skills, such as, reflexes, instincts, communication, decision making, etc. Nearly everyone is socially alive online. Random chats between strangers that improve communication skills. Online classes, certificates and studies that provide credentials.

People might look more closed and timid but it's the opposite. People are more open than ever and all that is due to the growth of technology.

Feeling dumbness all around you

There isn't a decisive answer if people are becoming more stupid or not, but now more than ever, that is turning into a consensus as a popular belief...


The Question of Stupidity!
The Question of Stupidity!

Are we getting smarter or dumber?

See results

1- Growth of the population

Lets face it. The human race is growing like crazy! Better technology, science, medicine and solutions. Things all derived from our intelligence's growth and needs.

With the increasing amount of solutions, our lifespan is a lot bigger than it used to be. Two hundred years ago dying at the age of fifteen to thirty was a casual thing. Nowadays it's outrageous.

On top of that, with so many people in the world, stupidity becomes a common thing. In contrast, remarkable people also do, which makes the feat a lot less memorable.

2- Social Media

The second biggest reason as to why it seems people are becoming more stupid.

Social media...

Everything is shared now! There are records about everything you do! A friend takes a picture and shares with everyone. A stupid thing that came out of your mouth in a moment of weakness is twitted two minutes later and retweeted to thousands/millions!

Me and my buds used to do a lot of stupid things. If Facebook or Twitter were around, we wouldn't be proud of it! Luckily for us, there weren't such things at the time. Our stupid moments would be forgotten the day after instead of recorded and posted and shared, etc, for millions to see.

In my opinion, social media is what's making stupidity seem more common these days.

3- Lack of barriers

The last point, lack of barriers. This derives from the growth of social media.

People are so used to share everything and expose their lives like an open book, which boosts the stupidity all around us!

A few years back, doing something stupid or embarrassing would be closed away in the spot. Now it's posted on many sites and shared. New generations are affected by this in a strong way. They've lost that sense of privacy's protection and just put everything online.

Leading to,

Insanely stupid comments or thoughts, that everyone will see!

People Becoming More Stupid, Or?
People Becoming More Stupid, Or?


My two cents on this topic are perfectly shown on the picture above!

These three factors combined just gives the feeling that people are indeed becoming more stupid. However, scientific researches can't reach a conclusion, which means that it isn't proven. It's nothing more than a feeling, that is constantly being triggered due to the spread of so many stupid moments.

I blame social media :P!

Are people becoming more stupid?

See results


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      How can you spend all day on a phone, computer, television or video game and not become dumber. We know we are getting dumber because customer service is horrible. Just as bad are all the people who treat others like crap. Lets talk to a machine for 30 minutes, use the self check out because there is only one cashier and you wonder why we do not have jobs. The commercials are so terrible I wonder how they even sell the idea. Lets repeat the same movie they made 10 years ago. When was the last time your kid walked to a friends house or even went outside? We are sedated and we never wake up. Are soul purpose is to be a consumer as we work like slaves for less each year. If you want to have fun go to a non-union place and dare the people who work there to say union. Go to a store and really play up the dumb commercials they run. Describe how everyone poops and how you just love Charmin. Say you our going to climb a rock wall and you really need a good tampon. Call all these people who want your money knowing you do not qualify. What do you mean I am not a victim and what's asbestos and why do I need Social Security to get a wheelchair. If I die on that reverse mortgage I still get the house right. If they refuse tell them that their conning old people out of their homes.


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