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Are Private Jet Charters Worth the Higher Cost?

Updated on October 8, 2015

Private Jet Charters

Many flyers assume that their choices are economy or first class flights. But nowadays, even first class seems to be cramping the style of many travelers. Seats are getting smaller, and the quality of meals is decreasing. This is one reason why private chartered flights are a soaring success.

Many people are surprised to learn that they can purchase a seat on a private chartered jet. While the costs can be a bit expensive, there are ways to find less expensive flights. There are also many additional benefits of hiring a private air jet, rather than booking a seat on a commercial airline.

On a private chartered jet, you are the boss. The jet company will book the flight based on your schedule, not the airline’s preferences. If your meeting is cancelled, no problem, they’ll reschedule for another date.

Everyone has been crammed into a tiny seat, with almost no leg room. It makes you want to give up eating, except there is no meal included in the first place. There is also no privacy in an economy, or even a first class seat. There will be someone sitting in front, beside, and behind you. Chances are that they’re sick, and spreading their germs, while the kid behind you kicks your seat and screams.

A private chartered flight provides comfort. You’ll have the entire cabin to yourself, unless you want your family along too. You’ll be able to carry on a private conversation, without any worries you’re being overheard. Your business deals don’t have to wait until you’re on the ground.

You can have privately catered delicious meals on your flight. These will be pre-arranged, and prepared to your specifications. Likewise, if you want to add the best champagne to your meal, it’s included in the price too.

Have you ever agonized over bringing Fluffy and Fido on your flight? But unless you purchase separate first class tickets for them, they have to be stowed in cargo. Imagine the horrors your pet will experience down there. Not every airline allows you to bring your pet aboard either. But on a privately chartered jet, you’ll not only be able to bring your pet onboard, but you’ll be able to let them out of the cage as well. Both you and your pet will be happy and comfortable.

The best way to effectively book chartered flights is to pay for a set in advance. This brings down the price per flight. You’ll still be paying significantly more than that first class seat on a commercial airline. And that’s because on a commercial airline the costs are spread over all the passengers. If it’s just you on that charter flight, you’ll have to cover the additional costs in your ticket.

There are options where you can book a chartered flight with strangers. But instead of being on a plane with 200 other people, there may be six on the flight. This is still is a better choice for comfort and convenience.

Private air jet charters may be worth the higher cost, particularly if you value your privacy, health, and sanity, especially during long haul flights.

Global Private Jet Charter


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    • Lareene profile image

      Lareene 2 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      Interesting and something to consider. Perhaps it will go on my bucket list.