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Are Rights Being Replaced by Privileges as the World's Population Grows?

Updated on August 24, 2011

Human rights have been an issue, not since the dawn of time, but since the initial formation of government. Even in it's most primitive state, the mere concept of governance threatens the freedom of any living, breathing human or animal. At the same time, the benefits that all people gain from a controlled governmental system have become absolutely necessary to the larger majority of people in privileged or wealthy countries. As the right to attend a school system and be protected by local police and fire departments becomes as standard to the population as the right to protect your children or love your wife, are governments beginning to pool even our most basic rights into the same category as the "privileges" they provide for us?

If you were to go to Disneyland on even the most mildly busy of nights, you will find that all of the casual walkways that you used to wander freely as a child have been turned into one-way only roads, carrying a sea of parents and their children through the park via waving glow sticks given to the traffic directors or, as Disneyland calls them, "imagineers". Sections of the amusement park that contain seating are entirely closed off by barricades of imagineers and caution tape in an effort to ensure that everyone continues to move along.

An encouraging "Keep moving" or, "this way" was continually sounded off by the youthful Disneyland staff as we all drudged along. I started to feel as if my eyes might begin glazing over at any moment, only to be reminded by a waving, orange cone that I should now begin walking slightly more to the right.

Comparing the state of the political world with the state of things on a much smaller scale presents an uncanny similarity that verifies some sort of connection between political happenings and standpoints and the smaller decisions that affect our everyday lives in other ways. As our world continues to develop and enforce a political standard on all people from all parts of the globe, basic freedoms and rights seem to be being replaced by concepts of allowance or tolerance that can be increased or decreased in effect as deemed necessary.

Although crowd control or other forms of law enforcement may seem to be used in excess at times, the cumulative actions of people all over the world tend to make the all-too-common corralling of crowds a justifiable and necessary precaution. If we as a people allow for such measures to be taken, how will we ever be able to distinguish between justifiable safety measures and the acts of immoral oppression that we have fought so valiantly for in the past and to this day?

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Additional Opinions

I intend for all opinions expressed in the article to be completely subjective, but I am also very interested in the thoughts of others on this subject. Please feel free to write a response hub or leave a comment detailing your thoughts on this article or on a similar subject - I look forward to hearing from you all.


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