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Are the Childhood Dreams Made to Be Broken?

Updated on July 4, 2020
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Arslan Khan is from Pakistan with high ambitions to achieve his goals in life. He is a freelance writer. Writing articles is his hobby.

Childhood memories are very special. When we are little innocent children, we have a lot of silly dreams i.e. I will become a Superman and will save the world, or I will fly like an eagle and will roam all across the world. Children are unaware of the outside world and life. They live in their own fantasies. Childhood is a gift from God and it is fun. When we are a little kid, we have no worries. Nothing bothers us. Eat, sleep, and go to school. This is all we have to do. At this time, we have loving and caring parents. They do everything possible for us to make us feel happy and comfortable. We make friends and spend a lot of time with them. Everything feels so smooth and easy. It feels like we are living in a dreamland. Everything is perfect and you barely know the real names of your siblings. The world is your playground and you are God’s angel. People love you and everything amazes you a lot. You only know one thing at this moment, happiness. You are strange to any other feelings. If this is not a paradise, what would be?

What was your childhood dream?

I'M A Big Kid Now!

But what happens when we start to grow up? This so-called paradise starts to shrink itself. Now we go to high school. Our dreams and goals change. Now we do not have silly desires. Now we have bigger desires. We start to meet new people. Doctors, engineers, and pilots are introduced to us. We inspire a lot and also want to become one of them. Wait, fantasies are blurring themselves and reality starts to appear slowly. We are starting to understand the world but just a little bit. The world doesn’t feel as easy as it looked before. Study burden increases and now you will have to do some chores yourself. Most of your childhood friends don’t seem to give you a warm welcome as they tend to give you before. Your innocence is starting to lose itself. Your life journey starts from here.

Grand luxurious house, a huge car, and a lot of money is your goal. At least now we know, why we are going to school. The purpose is getting clear and clear. But we can’t just understand it. It is like a myth to us. During growing up, we still enjoy a lot of activities. We play on PlayStation and also play physical games. High school study is boring for most of us, but it's o.k. Parents’ expectations are a lot and we know it. Time starts to run quickly and our mature age is coming.

Am I A Teen?

Teens! Nobody can understand them? It is a time of high potential and we are in college and universities. College makes us mature and universities grow our personality. At this age, an individual can tackle any problem? We start to make our friend groups and try to enjoy life as much as we can. We play, party, go shopping, go to cinemas, and enjoy watching TV with friends at home. There are two types of teens: mature teens and Careless teens. Careless teens have nothing to do with those money dreams and their life will be a mess. But the mature teens, they study hard to build a future for themselves. Now, we have to keep two things in mind: luck and hard work. If we live in a wealthy and developed country, we are in luck. Hard work will give us rewards and job opportunities will be high. But if you live in a poor and developing country, it is very hard that your hard work will give you any reward. Well, you have completed your degree successfully. Remember those dreams, your childhood dreams. They were nothing when you were grown up. Remember the big house and big car, they are starting to shrink. Reality has exposed itself. The degree is completed and there is no sign of wealth. You are holding your degree and in front of you is nothing.

What's Reality?

There is a difference between fantasies and realities. We have been told from an early age that you will study hard and will get a big reward. Not everyone gets his share. Not everyone has a job. The reality is, life is not the same for everyone. Those are successful who belongs to a successful family. Not everyone has success after a degree and hard work. When this reality is shown, we wish that we go back to our childhood.

© 2020 Muhammad Arslan Khan


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