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Are The Hacks In Charge?

Updated on September 29, 2012

By hacks I mean incompetent or stupid people who can't do their jobs correctly and need to be replaced with someone who can do their jobs correctly.

I used to joke sarcastically in regards to daytime television that the hacks were in charge and there was no hope for the shows on ABC. One hack after another would be put in charge of the writing until they got fired and would be replaced by another hack who'd gotten fired for writing lousy. And on and on it went, until it finally took a toll on all the shows, that only one soap opera is left. The head of daytime was a hack, too, who was incompetent in his job. It didn't matter how bad the soaps got or how much the ratings dropped, he kept his job. It was absolutely insane.

Unfortunately, I've begun to notice it isn't just in daytime television where the hacks are in charge. It's really spreading to every aspect of society. Just this year alone, I've gotten screwed over several times because people didn't do what they were supposed to do.

I got a grant so I could go to college. My plan was to try and become a nurse. Unfortunately, the class I was registered for on the grant was too expensive, so I called them up to tell them I needed to change the class to another class that was more affordable and asked if that was okay. They said it was. They said they would change the class on the grant. Guess what? They didn't change the class. So they cancelled my grant. And I got locked out of the class I was taking. I contacted both the school and the place I'd been given the grant from and got no satisfaction, so I had to cut my losses and was lucky Amazon would give me a full refund for the digital book I had to rent for the class. They finally straightened out the mess and put the right class on the grant, but by then it was too late. I told them to keep the grant, because it was too late, and I gave up trying to take classes to become a nurse.

The latest problem with them is I called them to renew my unemployment deferment on my student loan and they said they would mail me the form. That was almost a month ago. I called back and talked to someone else and she told me it was mailed out [she didn't offer to mail another one, since that one apparently got lost in the mail] and told me if it doesn't come within a week I should go online and find the form and print it out myself. She's trying to tell me that mail takes a month to get to you within the same state which is total BS. I also expressed concern that because I hadn't gotten my deference renewed, I'd get in trouble for not making a loan payment which was due and was told it was okay if I was thirty days late on it.

Anyway, I got thinking about it and I thought why should I have to do their job for them. It's their job to send me the form. So I called back, only this time I decided to go the automated phone system route and guess what?I found out I could get a forbearance for a month so I won't get in trouble for not making my loan payment and it won't be considered unpaid. Something the living hack I talked to didn't even tell me. I also requested an unemployment deference form from it. If I get the thing within a couple of days, that's really says it all. No wonder humans are getting phased out and being replaced by automated phone systems. I got more satisfaction from the automated phone machine then the hacks I had the misfortune to speak to. It did it's job, the hacks didn't.

The local priest at the local catholic church had me fill out a form so Catholic Charities would pay my electric bill since I didn't have the money to do it. Only problem is he kept forgetting to mail it. It took him three weeks to finally mail it and then he told me the church might not pay the whole thing because there was a double bill on it now. There wasn't when I first gave it to him. And now I've got a shut off notice.

Doing what you're supposed to is no longer enough, because the people you're dealing with won't do what they're supposed to do. It's like you need to do what you're supposed to do and what they're supposed to do, as well. I don't like harassing people, but it's gotten to the point that that's what you have to do to get people to do what they're supposed to do. You have to be on them 24/7 asking, "Did you do what you're supposed to do?" to get them to do something, because if you don't, you'll end up getting screwed for trusting them to do what they're supposed to do. And that's what makes them hacks. Hacks don't do their jobs properly and not doing what you're supposed to do which causes someone who did what they were supposed to do to get screwed is not doing your job properly.

Of course the two biggest hacks in our country are the two running for office. Every day I get stuff from Obama's people wanting me to give them more money to waste on attack ads so they can buy the White House. I've gotten so fed up I emailed them back telling them because of welfare reform I get no financial help and have to rely on local charities to help me, so do they really think I'm going to give them money? The only thing welfare reform did was screw single people who weren't pushing out kids right and left to collect a monthly paycheck from the government.

Our country has never been this much in debt as it is now. And you've got these two hacks wasting so much money on attack ads to try and win the election it's just disgusting. Imagine if all the money these two hacks have collected to pay for political ads were put in our government coffers how much less debt we might have? And the fact that they're [I imagine Romney is doing the exact same thing] begging for money from the American people to help fund their campaigns instead of giving it to the government to pay off it's debts just repulses me to the point I don't want to vote for either of them. The really sick thing is the way they keep asking for more and more money to fill their campaign coffers, I don't think they even feel guilty or think there's anything wrong with all the money they're wasting.

It's why I say that hacks are in charge. They've seeped their way into every arena from the political arena to customer service centers. There was a time when the hacks were weeded out and shown to the door for not doing a good job, now they're the ones getting hired and when they prove incompetent in their jobs they just keep them on the payroll. There's a guy who works at the local legion as a dishwasher and he can't even get the glasses clean and the patrons are complaining and he doesn't get fired. It's unfortunately become the way our world is working. With the dire predictions for December 2012, if you look at the shape our world is in, you do have to wonder if the Mayans are right and the end is coming.


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