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Are We Girls A Burden For The Family?

Updated on January 11, 2020
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This is an article, I am writing about the Women Issues that is still continue in India in today's 21st century.

Save Girls
Save Girls | Source

Women Issues In India

In this 21st century of India, where years ago, many great personalities had described this century as a bright future for the woman century. Is this century really bright for women? Even today, where the slogan of "Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao" is being given, daughters are studying there, but are they able to move forward? Even if we are moving forward, society is tying their hands and feet with fetters. This "society" word is not a new word for anyone, it is an important part of our life that we value more than ourselves. This is the world for which we sacrifice our happiness. Even today, no matter how much we girls get educated or move forward, we always weighed down with money.

A journey of a girl that begins where smiles appear on some faces but on some there is sadness as they are born. It is said to us from childhood that girls are alien money, no matter how much they get studied, in the end, they have to do the stove post. There is only one sense of saying these things, we are prepared from childhood that we are strangers. It is not even 1 day after the girl is born that thousands of thoughts start coming for her that she will have to give dowry, will have to suffer exploitation and bla-bla. In India, many women like Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati are killed in the womb in the same country where Durga for power, Lakshmi for wealth, and Saraswati for knowledge are worshiped. What is not born, get killed!

"Everyman in our society needs a mother, a wife, a sister then why don't need a daughter.."

On one side, where a parent fulfills the responsibility of studying, the girls go out for doing jobs to prove themselves, and to illuminate their parents' names. On the other side, thousands of hungry animals start looking for her before she gets out of their home. There are more than 7000 rape cases in India happens in 1 year. Today women are achieving achievements but in many ways, they are being harassed.

Are girls a burden because they are raped? Was the exploitation of the girls less in the offices and house, which they are being exploited on the middle road! Were the girls enduring less social, mental, and economic torture that the Inhumans did not leave their bodies?

"Why it is more shameful to be raped than to be a rapist?"
Parents in the family think that our burden will end once the girl gets married. Where they think about reducing the burden, they do not think that when they alienate the girl in her own house, how much will the other family think of her in a strange house? Rape is done by the householders, not physically but mentally. Today many people kill and sell girls because they do not have to give dowry. In the family of which there are boys, 7 such families out of in 10, then it would not be wrong to call them less than the beggars. Despite being educated, who will talk about taking dowry, if they are still taking it, then there is no one more illiterate and beggars than them? Today, due to the deteriorating financial condition of the family, their own parents sell their daughter's body. Shame on the humans who are selling their own daughter and daughter-in-law. Girls are harassed everywhere whether it's a home or outside.
"A woman is sold, it's called prostitution... A man is sold, it's called Dowry.."

Are girls guilty of dowry, rape, and molestation? If not, where are they from? The culprit of all these is society and their thinkings. The culprits are the people who become part of it. Today, in which field girls are not moving forward, they are illuminating the name of their parents, then from where girls are burdened.

"Change your thinkings,

Save Girls and Pursue them,

Then the country will change,

And the bright century comes...."


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