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Are We Inherently Evil?

Updated on November 1, 2017
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Patrick has been working as a freelance writer for the past 3 years

Who Really is to Blame?

Racism, tribalism, ethical tensions and genocide- these are some of the issues we are still facing today. It is 2016, and these issues are still very much alive. That is just sad, wouldn't you agree?

Growing up I had many friends from different tribes. We would collect polythene papers and make a number of balls and then form teams to play against each other- we loved playing soccer. Sure, we would participate in other types of games, but soccer was all we really cared about (that is not to say we were professionals or anything). So why am I taking you back to my past? Well, I’m just trying to point out what we really cared about at the time.

We were all innocent. All we cared about was getting together and playing whether it was at school or back home. Sure, we knew we were from different tribes, but that was irrelevant. Al we cared about as individual teams was winning (and having some fun of course). I never at any one time heard my parents talk ill of other tribes. I would like to believe that it was the same with all the other parents -after all, we all got along so well. We would go watch movies at their homes, they would come to our place where we'd hang out and watch some TV and many other activities. It was just awesome if you ask me.

Looking back at those time I can't help but wonder- at what point does hatred against other tribes kick in? That is not to say I hate other tribes or races. Not at all- I have no racist or tribalist bone in me- not a one...

Again, it is 2016. When I was in high school some of my friends would argue that tribalism was dying. That it would disappear with the older generations. Many felt that the younger generations had no role to play tribalism. The dot com generation- that is what they called themselves. And what exactly did this mean? It meant that they were all about technology. That they were living in the present- a technological age that would have no part in ways of the old. How very wrong they were!!!

I can still remember the disturbing messages that would be posted on social media during the general elections of 2013. You think that was bad? It was worse in 2007- bastards even went as far as killing each other- damn bastards... Oh!, and where are those who influenced them to do so? Well they are living in mansions of course - "the life". Congratulations politicians, you have truly mastered the game.

Anyways, you have to wonder, will people of different cultural backgrounds ever live together as one people? Yes? You do? But when?

When I became an adult I was of the opinion that it is wrong to judge an entire race, ethnic group or tribe based on the actions of a few individuals. I still believe this to be true. Think of Nazi era in Germany. Remember how a good many Germans had been convinced that Jews were the enemy and had to be eliminated? True, that was the reality for many at the time, but another reality is that some Germans risked their lives to save Jews in their homes and other places. They showed love when the majority didn't- I have to say, I admire that. Think about it; you don't have to follow the wind wherever it leads.

Recently I heard of an incident where a disabled African American teenager was raped and racially abused by three white Americans in the state of Idaho. They had racially abused the young man for months before this incident, using a variety of racial slurs as they taunted him.

Where does all the hatred come from? I honestly wonder. Do parents actively teach their children to hate others? Is it even possible for an individual to stop being racist or to stop being a tribalist?

I realize that this article is all over the place on this issue, but in all honesty I have to admit that I am puzzled by the amount of hate some people will portray. Some people have argued that we are all products of society. That the society molds us in to what we are. To some extent this is very true. What does this mean with regards to such issues as racism and tribalism?

Socrates once said that we have to seek true knowledge. This means that we should not simply accept everything as it is taught to us. "The un-examined life is not worth living"- Socrates said this during his trial. Don't simply follow the wind. Take a stand and make the right decisions even in difficult situations.

This is what some of the Germans did during the Nazi regime. They were not simply willing to accept the bullshit propaganda that was being spread around- they knew better. There are tensions in our country at the moment and the question in every other media channel is what these tensions mean for the country in 2017 during the general elections. Democracy does not mean you have to hate another person of a different tribe, it does not mean you have to break up your friendship, it does not mean that you have to kill each other- we know better, so let us do better.

This reminds me of some bible verse that asks us to be like little children. It makes sense now. All they want to do is play together. They have no idea that they are from different races or tribes. Nope! All they want to do is play and enjoy. Child soldiers have to be drugged and brainwashed in to hating. That is why most of them commit such evil acts against other human beings. But who is drugging you and forcing you to believe in certain ways? Who taught you to hate on racial and tribal basis? Who are you really? A puppet or a dog to be ordered whenever someone deems it necessary? By all means, join others and participate if it is the right thing to do, but if not, please don't. You have your life to live.

Who are you?

You Should be no ones puppet
You Should be no ones puppet | Source

Time to take charge?

We all complain time and again about how the world is going in the wrong direction. Have you asked yourself why this is so? You have to ask yourself what steps you have taken to change this- what it is that you yourself need to change. This will lead you to the realization that you may have been following the crowd all along. It is important to know that you have the capacity to think and make meaningful decisions that will contribute to the changes you want to see.


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      Jamie 17 months ago

      We can only judge each other individually, not the whole human race as a whole. Just individual actions