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Nature and the Social Norm

Updated on September 7, 2016

One can help but wonder if we are as a whole dissociating from common knowledge of the food that goes in our mouth and the products we use in our house. Quite possible the old adage that ignorance is bliss is responsible for such a disconnection from the sources of our daily wares.This type of ignorance to the existence of intelligence within other parts of life other than ourselves is not only condescending to nature but aggravating the the balance of life and nature that inhabits the different sensory perceptions of man. By seemingly instilling human aptitude into an organism that already has a beneficial way of life laid out for itself, humanity is causing a shift in the natural process ascertained for living. It is therefore reasonable to deduct that prolonged exposure to nonhuman conditions eventually induces desensitization to the magical and healing aspects of nature. To be pulled away from reality at such an intense level is frequently necessary to perform some tasks, on the other hand, there are times when “to shut ourselves off from these other voices, to continue by our lifestyles to condemn these other sensibilities to the oblivion of extinction, is to rob our own senses of their integrity and to rob our minds of their coherence."

It's Okay! Ask About Who Grew it.

More disturbing than the actual problem is how slowly the decrease of the mind’s ability to comprehend the aesthetical aspect of living with nature is going unnoticed by the majority. The subtleties of such occurrences are only made stronger as we fall farther into an endless state of decadence, unknowingly participating “in the loss of our ancestral reciprocity with the animate earth”. We are in a way, experiencing a constant out of body experience where we realize something is wrong but are so engulfed in the trancelike state technology has imposed upon us, that to push ourselves out is too tedious of a feat. With all “humans having the capacity to dissociate psychologically”, and succumbing to desirous fruits of advancing technology, how can we see the biological pollution by mega corporations or the drifting away of a person from reality? Our daily life consists of rendering oneself to an undisputed standard of social or professional performance. Under the enormous pressures of providing food and shelter for their families, our consciousness have been driven into the unrelenting area of fugue; “subdivided in a manner that allows certain intellectually driven functions to continue—rising at a certain time, conversing with others, following a schedule, even carrying out complex tasks—while the part of consciousness that we usually experiences as “self”—the self-aware center that wishes, dreams, plans, emotes, and remembers—has taken flight, or has perhaps just darkened like a room at night when someone is sleeping”. We are regularly stripping the earth of its exquisite and tranquil simplicity, causing it to respond with battery of grievous madness.

Looking at the author Michael Pollan, in his book "The Botany of Desire," he is in constant conflict with his consciousness; should he use the better, more resistant strain of produce and justify the abundant benefits or question the superiority of its presence in his garden. He meets with different farmers who also struggle to find the thin line between inhumane capitalization of human ignorance and simple common risks taken throughout life. The patient’s in Stout’s essay and Abram’s new-found-awareness are pressured to fall under the captivating spell of willful ignorance without hope of emergence. Once again, we’re brought back to the process of natural selection or survival of the fittest where each organism under the sky has to perform the typical adaptation method of risking life or taking it. We as human beings though, with a set of supposed free will, must decide whether the concentration of technology into corporate hands is worth the arrest of nature’s upward advance to regain with human it’s marital peace.


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