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Are You A Conscientious Thinker?

Updated on December 17, 2011

The foxes are coming home to roost

Think consciousely - things must change

Are you a conscientious thinker?  Are you aware of what is happening in your own community?  Nationally or globally?  Do you feel that many “events” are out of control?  That we may have freedom to do as we please but we are heading into directions which may be detrimental to society as we know it? 

A conscientious thinker is duly aware of his surroundings.  He knows the difference between right or wrong, that too many injustices are going unpunished, that people are stepping over moral boundaries with no conscious of what they are doing to society, to the environment or even to themselves.  One who is conscientious knows that boundaries must be in place, so standards that citizens wish to have in their society, satisfies the majority.  But yet, a conscientious thinker also knows that even if the majority are breaking the laws, it doesn’t make it right.  We should have our freedoms but limits are needed to be imposed, so our society doesn’t go into a destructive and chaotic mode.

Unfortunately, many “events” have already been set in motion -- destructive, immoral, fearful monsters - devastating  many lives, destroying our building blocks to a stable and sustainable society and transforming our only home (habitat)  that we know:  The Earth is turning into a putrid cesspool..  Some of these monsters were set loose decades ago, some are relatively recent.  Some are of our own doings, others were deliberatively set by a very few individuals, t he elite – the most powerful people – influencing our government, our economy, our society.  And these, we can do little about, since it may be too far down the road and out of our control already.  Or is it?  Possibly, a revolution, like the French Revolution of late 1700’s where the citizens rose up against the ruling aristocrats and beheaded them!

What or who are these monsters?  I hinted at several of these in previous HubPages.  My awareness of what is happening has become greatly enhance as my research has taken me into unknown territories and uncharted areas.  Now, it has got my attention and my insight in these new adventures and has shown me(and hopefully you) how fragile our society has become.  And possibly how “stupid” we have become for not recognizing what is happening.  Ignorance is no excuse.  A conscientious person would be alert to misdoings and let others know what is wrong with our current state of affairs.

These monsters have taken many forms and are gathering full steam, devouring everything and everyone in its path.  It devours on man’s psyche, by playing with his wants, his desires, his insatiable greed.  We have let this happen, because we believe what the status quo has told us, through the media, from other politicians and through unscrupulous people running Public Relations firms, major transnational companies and “think” tanks.

 Okay, let’s us use an analogy to illustrate what’s happening.  We will look at the classic henhouse with foxes and farmers and chickens.  The farmer represents the government, the henhouse would be the shelter protecting the valuable resources needed by the people, the chickens are the valuable assets and the foxes represent the stockholders and CEO’s of large multinational corporations.

The farmer’s job is to provide for the citizens the land, the food, and the basic provisions for well-functioning society.  The chickens are well protected by the farmer by watching for the foxes, making sure they don’t take what doesn’t belong to them.  The foxes feel that the chickens are just rightly theirs as the farmers and the citizens do.  Through powerful regulations the foxes were kept at bay with few incidents.

Then, the foxes, desperate in their desire for more access of the goodies (chickens), decided to use a new approach – negotiate with the farmer.  Little beknownest to the citizens, the foxes decided to make a deal with the farmers.  First, they wish to form a board, one which both farmers and foxes could communicate freely among themselves.  The farmers were reluctant at first, but  after lots of convincing by the fox leaders, using charm and sweet promises, the farmers thought that maybe it would be to their advantage to work with the foxes than  forcing them to obey the farmer’s rules. 

As time went on, the foxes convinced the farmers that they were trustworthy, and didn’t need to be regulated.  Let us in to the henhouse and we will show you that we are honourable and won’t take more than we need (the chickens).  The farmers again were reluctant but decided to try it out for a period of time.  The foxes, very cleverly, only venture sporadically in the henhouse and initially didn’t take anything that doesn’t belong to them.  But, as the farmer tends to other business, and felt that they no longer have to worry about the foxes and just let them be, the foxes, after all, are foxes, and have one thing in mind, get bigger, maximize their assets, and make sure it is kept quietly from the rest of society.

The foxes got braver, and found ways to steal the chickens  without the farmer knowing what was going on.  The foxes also got more involved with the board, removing or blocking any changes that restricts their freedom .  The foxes convinced the board that give what they want, which was more than what the citizens would get, and the foxes would provide protection to their families and friends.  Basically, it was a bribe.  The foxes wanted the farmers to keep everything “under the radar”, and the farmer’s family and closest friends wouldn’t be attacked by foxes and other predators (wolves, cougars, you get the picture!).

The citizens started to realize they were receiving less and less, and the farmers were charging more and more.  Soon, the citizens realized they couldn’t get what they want from the farmers and thus, seeing that the foxes were going into business themselves, the farmers started to working with the foxes.  The farmers no longer can do the job they were meant for, and the foxes took over.  The foxes gain power and the farmer was forgotten in any negotiatios. 

Before the farmer realized it, the chickens were disappearing very rapidly, “sold” to the foxes and the supplies of chickens were dwindling.  Due to supply and demand, the price of the chickens was going up and citizens were paying more.  The farmer, realizing that he couldn’t provide the basic necessities, started to go globally.  Buying chickens from abroad became very costly for the farmer. 

The foxes decided to capitalize on this idea, and by influencing the farmers to provide subsidies, they purchased more henhouses abroad.  Unfortunately,  the chickens were of poor  quality and many turned out to be defective.  But for the foxes, it was cheap and inexpensive.  The farmers on this side of the ocean felt they were undermined and no longer have the power to control or regulate the trade between the North American foxes and the ones abroad.

Citizens no longer had the availability of the chickens grown locally and had to deal with defective ones.   The only ones profiting from this scheme were the foxes.  Soon the farmers found themselves in debt especially to the foxes since they made promises to the farmers that they too would profit.  But just like a pyramid scheme, only the ones on top (the foxes) profited and the farmers found there was less and less money coming to provide the necessary services and assets (chickens) available for the people.  The debt was compounded daily by high interest rates on burrowed credit and it was getting  out of control.  Soon, the farmers realized they were heading towards financial ruin and thus, was forced to raise money to keep the foxes happy by transferring more money into their bank accounts.  The citizens weren’t told was going on, and soon, without warning, they too were without chickens. 

The citizens felt they were third class, the farmers felt they had no money and could no longer function effectively and the foxes felt they had gained the power that they wanted and controled all of the henhouses.

And this is where we are today! 

Do you now see how we get where we are, and that somewhere along the way, we got lost. Conscientious thinkers were aware of this,

Are you a conscientious thinker?  Do we rise up against the foxes and beheaded them?  Or what do we do?

The blame game


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    • DrBill-WmL-Smith profile image

      William Leverne Smith 3 years ago from Hollister, MO

      Great food for thought. Thanks for sharing! ;-)