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The 'Ideal Woman Safari' Begins Now . . .

Updated on February 13, 2012

Why Do We Label

Women, Ideal?

  • We are really idolizing them
  • We love to obcess about them
  • We wish we could talk to them

and I am talking to the men of my


The word IDEAL means perfection,

without flaw or blemish, unique.

This word has been associated with

gemstones, music selections and

even people as our society has


Okay, let's discuss the possible reality of being the 'ideal woman' and see where this goes. Are you ready? I would love to start by asking, "Just what makes a woman the ideal woman?" And I am, for personal reasons, using MY OWN opinions as to not offend any woman of any race, creed, color or geographic background. I strive to be fair in all of my dealings--especially my writing. Unlike FOX News, who claims to be 'fair and balanced,' and they are not at times, I want everyone who reads this story to come away with a fresh viewpoint about the word IDEAL and what it means to you, our valued women friends and readers.

THE IDEAL WOMAN TO ME - is one who can be mega-intelligent, but does not talk down to anyone--male or female if they are less educated than they are. An ideal woman can either share her intelligence as a tool to build up a cause, person, or situation, or be wise enough to not speak at all. Not speaking, by the way, ladies, does not mean or imply that you do not know anything about the subject that's on the table.

THE IDEAL WOMAN TO ME - is a woman who is not only secure, but is safe in all surroundings with her own femininity. I haven't fully researched the feminist manifesto, but I would think that most feminists would agree that it is not degrading the feminists' contributions to our society for a woman to actually be feminine. And there are those feminists who would quickly argue that since God didn't create 'mankind,' that feminine women are not as much a part of the feminist movement as they are evolved to that point that some feminists view as weak unreliable. To that I humbly say, "you are incorrect," for all the (feminine) women I have known over the years were smarter, stronger, more empowered and more enduring than the men I knew.

THE IDEAL WOMAN TO ME - not only talks and makes everyone who listens to her feel important, but listens to the opinions of others. Some pseudo-ideal women are so caught up in their mortal perfection and image, that they either forget the less-ideal women and men around them or they have willed themselves to be blind to what others say and feel--which to me, is a very callus and dangerous piece of ground to walk on. Personally, there is nothing more appealing, or ideal, than for the woman whom I'm with, to take time to let me just share, not dominate the conversation, and then allow me the blessing of listening to what she thinks. And not only listen to her, but many times I feel that I would benefit from her wisdom.

THE IDEAL WOMAN TO ME - is in control of her emotions, feelings, and mental faculties--most of the time. No woman or man is ever completely in control of their own selves at all times. If we were, then we wouldn't be of mortal base. An ideal woman will not seek vengeance on another woman for getting the higher promotion at work, or taking the man of her dreams from her. Actually, this would be the man's fault for the 'other woman' did NOT MAKE him do anything. He chose this path of his own volition.

Alright. I have done it. I included what most men--blue collar, corporate and average men or guys, would quickly say is the IDEAL WOMAN in her short skirt posing in an alluring pose to show off her female attributes, and this is her choice if she chooses this base to operate from, but this IS NOT the ideal woman for me.

As a man of 57, I have to go back to my late mother who taught me at an early age that all women are special creations of God and I must always, for the rest of my life, treat ALL the women I would meet with the utmost respect. Have I completely fulfilled my mother's wishes? I would be telling a brazen lie if I said yes, but I have devoted a large part of my life to understanding and appreciating women as the persons that they are. I can say this with a huge amount of positive pride--I have never subscribed to Playboy, Hustler, Penthouse or any of those "flesh monger's"--Hugh Hefner and Larry Flint's trashy rags. No, I take that back, true trash in the dump has more respect than Hefner and Flint. Oh, now you say that the girls who pose for these so-called magazines are well-paid for their services. Yes, I concede that, but I also add that as a man that offends me to the uttermost.

While I was a teenager in the late 60's and early 70's, my buddies all thought of girls as trophies to place on their dashboards and objects to be bragged about in circles of men with huge allotments of bravado. I was different, even strange, I guess for I just wanted girls as my companion or a simple date where I could enjoy their company and hope to God that she enjoyed mine. I didn't have many male friends in high school due to the fact that I couldn't bring myself to degrade an innocent girl just for the fact that it was assumed that I, along with all males, were to, "sow our wild oats," for I didn't want the responsibility or label of being a man who only wanted sex from women. That, to me, is not a worthy title iced over with honor. Actually, it's a badge of dishonor--to the women he has degraded and himself for being so disrespectful.


Now let me finish my lecture/story by sharing with you, and I mean no offense to any and all women. Notice in all of my verbiage that I haven't referred to any woman reader as 'babe,' 'sweetie,' 'doll' or 'sugar?' You are persons. I repeat. Persons, not babe's, doll's, or sugar's. And I didn't use the stuffy and 'darling term of society' 'ladies,' for I think that all women are ladies and all ladies need and deserve respect as they have earned it.

Notice 'the' source for things known and unknown: The Bible. There was Eve, mother of all living, Sarah, Abraham's wife, Mary, Jesus' mother, Deborah, a judge and warrior, Rahab who saved the two spies that Jacob, Mose's replacement, had sent in to spy out the land of Jerico and I could elaborate more, but my point is, women played more than an important role in creation and the evolution of society as we know it both in the United States, Europe and anywhere else that mankind has made a home for himself. Most male preachers, due to the fear of the traditionalists, will NOT teach about the importance of women in God's supreme plan for our lives. They refuse because of uneducation or should I say, miseducation as they are not past the school of thought that says that a MAN is the key creation of our world. Where is that found in the Bible by the way? And what the established 'church' did to one of Jesus' most-devoted followers, Mary Magdalene, is reprehensible. These so-called church leaders left the title of harlot on (this) Mary--never giving her the respect she deserved as helping Our Lord accomplish the Father's Will for mankind to receive salvation. As you can see, I want fairness to be put back into the church teachings--fairness to ALL women in and out of the church.

My Ideal Woman is KATHY LEE GIFFORD and this is why I chose her as my personal recipient of The Ideal Woman (in My Eyes). . .

Kathy Lee Gifford is a wife, mother, homemaker, and a very-powerful and influential force in our entertainment industry all without sacrificing her femininity. Gifford is highly-intelligent, witty, creaive and yet very sensitive to the issues that plague our planet such as hunger, war, abuse of women, children and animals, and to me, Kathy Lee Gifford WAS the reason that Regis and Kathy Lee was as popular as it was. This is certainly not a slam against Kelly Rippa, but Rippa doesn't garner the "ideal" part of ideal woman. To me.

I would find it not only a blessing, but a very comforting event to just sit with Kathy Lee Gifford and listen to her talk about what she thinks about life and how she maintains so many jobs in her personal life and most all the time is seen with that trademark smile--beaming like a saving lighthouse on the coast of Maine. Gifford's charm and sharp sense of humor mixed with a firm honestly, is the basic reasons I believe her to be (my) ideal woman.

Gifford is not anti-feminist. Fact is, she could chair any committee that pertains to the feminist cause in our country--that is still fighting (can you believe this) for equal pay for women and legislation to guard against the ugly existence of sexual harassment. I applaud Kathy Lee Gifford as a person, a woman, and a friend to all women and men alike.

What do you think? I humbly ask for your opinions on what YOU think makes the ideal woman. And I am not afraid to give out my email address: if you are so inclined to write to me with your views. I give you my word that your emails will remain in my confidence and will only be seen by my eyes.

Thank you for your time.

an IDEAL Woman?

Yes, an ideal woman. Why the frightful look? This is way inside the realm of possibility depending on the concept of what "ideal" means to you.

Just read this hub and then decide--who YOU think is an Ideal Woman and why.

You might be surprised at the results.



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