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Are You a Victim of Modern Slavery?

Updated on August 17, 2012


Equals Financial Shackels
Equals Financial Shackels | Source


It is said that the modern slavery is human trafficking. Although this is true, that people are falsely taken to one country on the promise of a certain type of work. They are smuggled in to that country and so when they are given a different type of work to what they were promised, they can do nothing about it because they are told that they will be reported to immigration and face prison if they try.

That is not what I am talking about though. What I am referring to is the type of indented labor that started after slavery was abolished.

This entailed laborers, usually from the East Indies or China, being brought to a country to work on the promise that their families would be taken care of at home. They were told that their wages would be saved so that they could eventually either send for their families or buy their own ticket home. In reality what would happen is that their family, at home, were extended credit at the company shop where they lived and the laborer was extended credit at the company shop at the work site. It was rare for any of the workers to ever get to see their families again, as they were told that their joint credits, with interest accounted for all their wages. They were left stranded to the whims of their employers.

Today we are all indented laborers to the owners of the big banks.


All the major banks today are owned by the same banking families. As well as the major main street banks they also own the Federal Reserve, Central Banks and sit on the boards of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), The World Bank and all other international banking organizations.

As well as receiving interest from our own bank loans, they also receive interest from the Governments for the bank notes they printed and lent them.

The families used these profits to buy or create insurance companies.

They do not store their money under the bed, as they know that the paper money they printed is worthless. They do not keep their money in any of their banks, as they know the needless expense of such an action. What they do is buy oil, gold, other precious minerals or the earth’s natural resources, anything that has real wealth.

Currently all our notes have printed on them that they belong to the Federal Reserve or whatever, these families already own all our money and soon all the planet’s precious resources may just as well be labeled in the same manner.

Some say that these families are known as the New World Order and have been carefully planning this outcome for decades. Others though say that the N.W.O. is just a conspiracy theory. Let us look at some of the facts to try and determine who is correct.

Our Money?

We work hard for our money, so where exactly does it go?

First we have to pay income tax. All the income tax collected in the United States is paid to the Federal Reserve for interest on the US dollars printed.

Next we pay insurance. The insurance companies are owned by the same bankers who own the Fed.

Next we probably pay off a mortgage or other bank loan. Most of this payment is interest, which of course goes to the same owners.

If we have anything left, we can spend it on what we want but remember we have to pay purchase tax. This tax is what the Government receives to look after its countries needs but remember: if the Government wants to receive more funds from the Federal Reserve, then they had better spend that money in a manner prescribed and suited to the family of bankers.

Let us look at an example.

When the bankers had used their income to buy up real wealth, they complained to the Governments that they had run out of cash. Of course they had. They told the Governments that they would either have to print more money and pay extra interest on that, accumulating more debt or they would have to give the bank cash to use, a bailout.

Soon we will all be like those indentured laborers of the past. All our income will be owed to these bankers. It is then that they shall truly have accomplished their goal, the ownership of the entire world’s real wealth and a population that is enslaved to them.

There is a saying: “Own a gun and you can rob a bank.” “Own a bank and you can rob the World.” No truer statement has been made in jest.

I believe that there is a New World Order and that they have almost accomplished their goal, the enslavement of the masses to their beck and call.

There is perhaps one avenue of savior. In Iceland, a few years ago, they refused to pay any bank bailout. Although they were told they would face all kinds of hardships if they did not agree to a bailout, they stood firm, displaying their Viking heritage and in a referendum, refused to pay the bankers. Today many people in Iceland are having their mortgages and other personal debts paid off by their Government. Currently banking bosses and Government officials in Iceland are having legal action taken against them for trying to fraud the people.

It is time to say no to the big bankers and urge our politicians to push the Central Banks and Federal Reserve to the side, print their own money to save the interest and ensure that any bank that issues a note of credit, has reserves in real wealth to fulfill the payment.


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    • marwan asmar profile image

      Marwan Asmar 5 years ago from Amman, Jordan

      Very true, the nature of global banking today is creating much bottlenecks and crisis after crisis that its spiraling, you see that in Europe today and in the United States where so much debt has been created, on individual, state and global levels that many fear would lead to a series of financial system collapse that eventually would be the worst in history, and God help us.

    • rafken profile image

      rafken 5 years ago from The worlds my oyster

      maxoxam 41 - I agree, Sheep being the "leaders of World", does not give us much hope. Then again, maybe the Bible has been misrepresented, perhaps it was the leaders of "the meek shall inherit the World." If the media, in those days, had the same ethics as the media do today, anything is possible and always remember: the sponsor, editor and publisher of the Bible was the Emperor Constantine, a Pagan. Life is certainly a puzzle, especially when people, high up, keep hiding some of the pieces.

    • maxoxam41 profile image

      Deforest 5 years ago from USA

      The American people were given the opportunity to transfer their money to other smaller and they blew it! I guess that is the same fear of the unknown that paralyzes them! Don't expect them to act! They are the perfect sheep!