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Are black people becoming racist?

Updated on May 15, 2014

This issue has been on my mind for a while now due to my recent findings. From my research, it seems like “we blacks” are beginning to practice what we kick against.

Racism is one of the oldest ills ever known in our society. Racism as I remember goes as far back as slavery or slave trade, where we had white men who came into Africa and took away our ancestors to become slaves in developed countries.

From the sixth edition of the Oxford advance learner’s dictionary, Racism is defined as the unfair treatment of people who belong to a different race: violent behaviour towards them. Racism is also seen as the belief that some races of people are better than others; irrational racism/racist.

Trust me when I say I know what racism is, I have had a taste of it in one way or the other. For instance, I remember one time in a first class supermarket owned and managed by the whites, and had a large percentage of white patrons. So, a white lady costumer was at the counter and had placed her bag on it while the cashier was calculating what she had bought and I was lined behind her waiting for my turn to pay for what I had purchased and other white people were lined behind me. The moment the white lady costumer turned around and saw me behind her, she grabbed her bag from the counter and held it very close. I was astonished; I have never in my life experienced anything of this sort. It was so embarrassing, but then I couldn’t do anything because no one would listen to a black girl over a white rich expatriate or an expatriate wife. So sad, but then we cannot tell people not to throw stones at us and then we end up throwing stones at them.

A lot of countries have been pin pointed to STILL have a large number of racist practices and some of these countries are Germany, Britain, Canada, Australia and a little less in America. In recent times there have being groups or movements set up to fight against this barbaric act and so far so good there have been positive changes like for instance the high rate of racial discrimination has gone down and we have started seeing more interracial marriages and interracial hang outs etc.

I was watching KUMORA LEE’S LIFE ON THE FAB LANE on style network when she introduced us (her audience) to one of her high school best friend until date that happens to be “black”. That is a very good example of an interracial relationship.

I also applaud BRAD PITT AND ANGELINA JOLIE for adopting a black kid, this act goes a long way to show their openness to all races and types be it white, black or Chinese.

I am not saying that racism is completely wiped out, but I acknowledge the fact that many white people are not racist and a lot more are showing it like those white families that helped during hurricane Katrina.

The question now is; ARE BLACKS BECOMING RACIST? From my findings, I will say YES. I can’t believe that we are beginning to dish out what we kick against. For example, I was watching the TYRA BANK’S SHOW one afternoon on MNET, Tyra had a guest who was a fat white lady singer; her guest was depressed and frustrated because, she said, and “that the music industry has refused to accept her simply because she is fat”. She went ahead to say that most fat singer were doing well, but why not her and she gave some examples of popular fat lady singers, but unfortunately Tyra reminded her that those ladies are black and she is not and added that in the past it used to be reversed but now she’s glad that it is in the favour of the blacks. What is that? Worsened the poor lady’s feelings!

There are a million examples to cite from; like OPRAH WINFREY organizing a party for black female legends, and most black people saying they voted PRESIDENT OBAMA for his colour instead of his intellect.

I am a big supporter of PRESIDENT OBAMA; I mean, who wouldn’t after listening to his campaign speech and other speeches. PRESIDENT OBAMA is a born leader, but it hurt me when a contestant on MOMENTS OF TRUTH was asked if she would vote for a president based on skin or intellect and she chooses skin. That’s so racist!!!

Our comedians are guilty of this crime too, because they are always making sarcastic and cynical jokes about white people or being white and I don’t find them funny. I mean you don’t want to be called black or teased about your race and colour, then don’t do the same to another race.

Jamie Foxx (an American actor) is someone I recently discovered to be somewhat racist in his jokes, I mean almost every word he says is racist and pathetic yet he makes it sound so funny. I am a huge fan of this guy, but on a second thought, I am beginning to have doubts (love his songs though!). What is BET (black entertainment and black entertainment awards) for? This is so out of order and I think president Obama should say and do something about all these madness.

I am black and proud; had to air my views with no offense intended, Thanks for your time.

Are black people becoming racist?

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    • profile image

      Ed T 3 years ago

      Becoming racist? You need to get out more!

    • profile image

      AngryBlackMan9 3 years ago

      Racism has nothing to do with who's in power. And there is no institutionalized racism in the USA. The president of the United States is black. The most powerful man in the western world is a black male. He's been elected twice by consensus of the people. Granted he is probably the worst President ever to sit in the white house but he is still the President. Obama attended public school in America, he was then able to attend Harvard University, and was able to attend law school. He then became a senator and then became the president of the country. There is no institutionalized racism. There are no 'barriers' keeping black people from prospering in the United States. 93% of homicides against black males are committed by other black males. The Asian community doesn't do that, the Jewish community isn't doing that, the Hispanic community doesn't do that, and the white Europeans don't do it either. Black people are keeping THEMSELVES down. Blacks use white people as a scapegoat to divert attention away from the way blacks treat each OTHER! A social cancer exists in the black community, it’s cool to be poor and stupid. Being a player is cool, treating each other like dogs is cool. WTF is wrong with the black populace? In the recruiting area of the Navy the per-verbal unicorn is getting an intelligent college degree black female to join because there are so few… Dr. King would be thoroughly embarrassed by today's black society, I'm embarrassed for us all .

    • profile image

      Lizzy-143 4 years ago

      As I'm being mixed with both black and white, i face many problems and issues in societal daily life. Im a teenager and very social. My mother is white and my father is (dark-skinned) black, and I'm very light "pale". I come from a semi-privileged household with supportive family. I always knew i was mixed and always identified as so, just not always proudly.. Im not accustom to 'food-stamps/weave/or "Black Life"' which causes a problem with most of my black friends. I don't carry or identify myself as 'Just black' or 'just white' i carry myself as 'Lainey'. In the past years many issues have come-about me being mixed and how i carry myself. Ive been called 'Prejudice' and 'called-out' for not "actin like I'm black/ or white". Hearing this while my character is developing and figuring out my personal identity, i extremely struggled. There were the friends and piers in school who stuck up for me, and some who still 'Felt some type of way'. It also didn't help that BET's network hit show "The Game" displayed a mixed couple (like my parents) and had their relationship issues, and racial identification issues. Sometimes the 'Race-issue' would come up, but wasn't resolved. It also didn't help that the dad/character ,Jason Pitts, identified himself as primarily white. Nor were they any shows that focussed on the mixed children's racial identification or how they were viewed primarily by both race communities.

      I also understand both sides of history and sensitive aspects, and acknowledge both. I don't particularly feel awkward or misplaced when learning, talking, or going to a museum showing both history's. Due to me knowing it was not MYSELF who did such things, and knowing times have changed for the better(ect). In some-what comparison to (Its not right for anyone to blame or hate a German person or with decent(nowadays), of the Nazi's or causing the Holocaust. Because it was a terrible thing that they themselves couldn't help or were apart of it). When looking at history i feel what most everyone would feel for both races, and try to remain unbiased in certain situations.

      But it hurts when I'm not acknowledged for being both and thought of as not being both. I try and have a positive and humorous attitude to most every daily conversation and don't raise-Kane when a comment is indirectly or un knowledgable made. When a pier would count how many black or white people there were in the class or total count,i would quickly and not too-seriously say "and a half or 16.5, lets not forget about me or the Oreo's :P". And be proud to be an mixed person and joke by saying "Oreo Nation" in certain appropriate times. I do this to further the acceptance of mixed race people and gain knowledge. But i have a problem when I'm being disrespected or 'Called-out' as a mixed person, and quick to rightfully stick up for myself. But in the 'Black-community' mainly mixed people aren't quick to be accepted,( i understand not everyone is comfortable with my 'mixed-ness' and don't rub it in their faces, also that everyone has their rights and own opinions) but i also personally believe that networks and black people in hollywood/pop culture are wonderful and needed, but i personally think they aren't hleping further the acceptance with mixed people or interracial dating. And to me is a underline form of racism and is prejudice. And doesn't do a productive thing for mixed people..! Also the stereotype of a white woman clutching per purse when a black male walks by, is extremely biased and based of FACTs and instincts, colorless appearance, the way someone carries and presents them selfies and only focused on biases and unproductive views. Does it ever mention a white woman NOT clutching or clutching her purse, or her doing this to another white female or male, hispanics, Asians or other..?? Or black man or woman vs versa !?..or visibly looking sketchy or questionable.

      I try and mainly surround myself with people who like me for me,regardless of my colors. Im still PROUD to be mixed and would shout it from the rooftops ! And will better try and maintain being confident who i am and not letting ANYONE and i mean ANYONE, make me feel unworthy, unaccepted, unacknowledged, or uncomfortable being BOTH black AND white !.

    • profile image

      John4u 4 years ago

      I am German descent and my wife of Ghanian descent and we have been married for close to 40 years. we had our spats, and she was rather sensitive to what people said if there was any possible way you could read something into it. Hair trigger they call it. We lived in diverse communities event to a diverse church and so on. I see the date of many posts, but looking back, when Obama started his divisive behavior, she changed. she became irrational and very prejudiced - even our kids say she is. Today I was etching Dallas and Washington play football. I commented that I love to watch RGIII play. I admire his skills ad character going back to is Baylor days. She said that I liked white quarterbacks better and ought to appreciate lacks more! That is uts considering RGIII is black as are other QB's I admire such as Geno Sith and Seattle's Wilson. she leads a group that calls all principled people racists while NEVER criticizing the Prez despite the fact his entire background as a community organizer was to pit one group of peep le against another! It has made marriage tough, and it gets worse by the day. I have seem racism in many forms and itterations, but when a black person becomes a racist, it is one of the nastiest and sort unseemly things in the world. Probably because they deny it and accuse everyone else while like the Emperor with the New Clothes they are royally naked on the subject.

    • profile image

      Bc 4 years ago

      And so Levertis Steele assists Solon359 in proving my point. Blacks have been given special treatment and treated like royalty for almost half a century now, by force of law. What has that gotten us? Things are worse now than ever. Aside from the constant screams of racism from black race-pimps, we see generations after generation of ignorant, illiterate people who have babies out of wedlock way beyond their population share, commit crimes way beyond their population share, and don't even seem to be able to even pull up their pants. So while their pasts are in free fall, they stand there rapping about "bitches and ho's". What an accomplishment! After all those years of coddling and taxpayers money, you'd think they'd have something to show for it, other than abject failure and saying its "whitey's" fault. Well guess what? ITS NOBODY ELSE'S FAULT. Things are the way they are because of the choices people make, and if certain people are brought up to hate whites, and that those whites are "keeping them down", they just might make the wrong choices. It's easy to listen to the race-pimps and blame somebody else, but the time comes when they should be able to look around and see the truth instead. Acting on the truth is another matter because it isn't always easy. Pulling up one's pants would be a good first step.

    • Levertis Steele profile image

      Levertis Steele 4 years ago from Southern Clime

      You must be from afar, Bud Hasherdashery. Who made the "One-drop" rule? Whites have traditionally expelled their own half-white/black children by assigning them to the Black race with this rule. Blacks never rejected these children. The Black race is full of people of many shades from White to Black complexions. Obama is one of millions of mixed blood. He is not unusual nor is he the first. They are in my family and most Black families I know. Every generation produces some. So, I came into the world seeing them. That is common, and they were never rejected. Obama is not as White as the ones I see almost daily. What is this to Black people? It is common in my region of the USA. They are people like everyone else. Pure Black? That depends on which part of the world you are referring to.

      I do not know what to say about people from other countries who declare that they are glad to live elsewhere instead of USA. They say they do not have racism. That is not the truth. We all know the ugly things happening in other countries, but I do not see the point in debating common knowledge.

      One commentator from a certain country said she was embarrassed about reports of AIDS in America. I just did not know what to say about that considering that the history states that AIDS began in her part of the world. The world is like an ocean. We are all in it.

      Yes, some commentators tell fibs in order to bait. That is what cheapens these conversations and causes them to be unreliable sources of information. Some lies are so detectible.

    • Levertis Steele profile image

      Levertis Steele 4 years ago from Southern Clime

      Clarification: I was speaking of Black American history (US).

      The commentators on this page who wrote in a loving and sensible manner really make one believe that there is hope for a better tomorrow.

    • Levertis Steele profile image

      Levertis Steele 4 years ago from Southern Clime

      Some of you do not know well enough the American history regarding racism. Blacks chose to have "black this and black that" because they were excluded from the other organizations. If you knew the history, you would know that Blacks just gained freedom in the 1960's. Black History month was instituted as a result of Blacks being excluded from American history. When I was a girl in school, even high school, there was no black history in a history text book, nor did our curriculums include anything regarding such. The "black this and black that" came as a result of Blacks trying to integrate with others and were rejected. Blacks then sought to build their own because of discrimination.

      Keep in mind that Whites once did not know the difference between Black people and animals such as mules. Some still call Black people "apes." "Mulatto" is of Spanish origin and implies that a White man committed bestiality with a Black woman and produced a mule. "Mulatto" means "mule." Is this racism or what? I truly do not choose to believe that Whites were that ignorant. I believe that they said this in order to create a crooked justification to make slavery lawful. It worked! Now, that is the shame.

      We could debate this all year, but the bottom line is that Whites and Blacks are extreme racists. Maybe these two races just take turns being racist, and the winner takes the cup, do you think? Finger pointing in the game of who is the winner of the racism cup only proves ignorance of the truth. Both are sinfully and shamelessly guilty of racism. If Whites carry around 200 pounds of bm in a bag, and Blacks carry 250 pounds, they both stink the same.

    • Levertis Steele profile image

      Levertis Steele 4 years ago from Southern Clime

      How can one person be living proof that Blacks are the racists? Solon359 is speaking his mind. He did not, and could not, present himself as the Black race. He mentioned examples of White racism. Is that racist or truth? All races are full of racism. Now, if you want to know who is the racist, you will have to do more than listen to the voice of one Black man.

    • profile image

      Bc 4 years ago

      Solon359 is living proof that blacks are the racists, and have been the racists for a heck of a long time. If Solon359 trusted in the "true God" as he put it, he would not use half truths, and would not have fallen for the lie that getting an education is acting white. Solon359 is definitely not acting white, as evidenced by his use of Ebonics which sounds ridiculous. The more he posts here, the more he proves my point.

    • profile image

      equality4all 4 years ago

      i did not read anything on this page. Are black people becoming racist? Becoming? com on, they have been racists for many years. How the hell does miss black entertainment this black that not be racist? If there was a...miss white America...white entertainment network... etc. etc.... the blacks and Jessie Jackson etc. would be pounding the racist pavement. Get a clue people are now more racists than whites. period!

    • profile image

      Solon359 4 years ago

      I have a question. for you white people that cry about black named organizations and businesses. How many of you would actually go look for a job at BET, the NAACP, Ebony, Essence Magazine? Yet you complain about these organizations. If white America was fair before, doing and even today, there would be no need for the NAACP, BET, affirmative action. Like that white poster that said that his grandfather had to hire a black guy and that black guy stole 3000.00 worth of tools from him. Why did the government had to make him hire a black person in the first place? How many of the white business owners hire a black person if there were no affirmative action. Am I saying that you should hire any black person or every black person simply because he is black. A thousand times no. And you "other minorities that think we black people are so terrible. Affirmative action and other legislation do you good also because whether you believe it or not those that discriminate against black people do so against you to because there are those whites that think that if you are not white you are not right. Will someone please tell me why the KKK and other severe hate groups hate the JEWS. Contrary to popular white racist beliefs Jews are white too. And if you knew anything about your ancient heritage you would know that you Anglowhites and the Jews are actually cousins but since most white Protestants have embrace the lie that the Protestant world have fostered upon the Protestant world you don't know that. Jew is a slang form of Judah and Judah was one of the 12 sons of Israel or Jacob. So when you KKK and other white super haters hate Jews you are showing how stupid and ignorant you are not knowing who you are and where you came from. I a black man know this because I trust in the true God.

    • profile image

      Solon359 4 years ago

      I was not going t respond to this post because most of the people that responded to it have probably forgotten that they have posted it. First I want to say that when white people speak of everyone was a slave at one time or another, do they realize that these other forms of slavery especially for the white man happened 1000s of year ago and our were more recent. Some white people that are racist need to understand that you were never our slaves at least not in the last 150 years. You have NEVER been called a NIGGER. When a black people is being rude to you, that does not mean that the person is racist simply that he or she is just RUDE and mean and nasty. I have a question. If race is not a factor why do they ask you your race on a application especially when those viewing the applications for a job are basically WHITE men or women. Be honest people if you are given a pile of applications and you check the race of the person and find out that he or she is black you have a preconceived idea of how that person is or will be based solely on your upbringing. How many times I wonder have a black person not gotten a job, or a house, or whatever simply because he or she were/is black or any minority for that matter.

      Base on this definition of the word racism:Racism is the subjugation of one racial group by another on the basis of an assumed superiority of one over another, with the dominating group having the power, or access to the power, to establish and maintain the system of domination." black people can't be racist. From a black man's point of view he of she is probably hating you because some white person that had nothing to do with slavery or who family members were slave owners did something to a member of his or her ancestors. It is true that black racism is reactionary. We black people that do hate white people do so because we first think you hate us or don't like us because we are black. But basically black people that white people precieve as being racist are just rude and mean and without morals. But that form of behavior can be equally said of white people at least though that are mean and nasty and rude. Some of you people on here black or white probably are too young to be a victim of nationalized racism but I am old enough to remember and perhaps a few of us on here to remember when we had to go to the back of the store or we could only go into the store but could not sit down at the counter to eat our meals. You modern era white people wonder why we segregate ourselves and you wonder why we have BET, EBONY, NAACP, etc. It is simply because at the time these organizations and business were created they were needed and necessary. Are you that feel that these are racist endeavors that these organizations should close down and cease business simply because you find it racist? Did your mothers and fathers and grandparents, uncles, aunts, etc that are over 50 year old thought a black people was worthy enough so that we did not need a MISS BLACK AMERICA contest? You wonder why we needed this or that organization when at the time they were started most white people in America whether they want to admit it or not did not want to have anything to do with those sub-humans. We started a MISS BLACK AMERICA PAGAN because white people at least the vast majority of them did not think a black woman is lovely enough to be crown MISS AMERICA until the 80s and I wonder what were the motive behind that first African American win. We have BET because there were not that many shows about black people on before then. I could go on and on but some of you on here know what I am talking about.

      Earlier I mentioned that some of us in here are old enough to remember what I am calling nationalized racism. I remember in my home town in the first state to secede the UNION there were a white and colored fountain to drink from. Always wondered did somehow did the water taste better from the fountain marked colored. Or remember when black people had to set in the back of a bus when a white person came on and needed a seat. One of the things that burned my father up who was a WW2 veteran is that he remember being in situations where he and his black friends had to give up their seats to WHITE GERMAN/NAZIS soldiers and they were black Americans fighting against these clowns. How lame was that? Frankly white people if black people hate you it is SOME NOT ALL BUT SOME of your white ancestors faults.

      Any idiot that have a basic understanding of history knows that not all white people owned slaves and that even black people owned slaves. But I have a question for you or is it more of a statement, or both. If a black person back in those days owned a black slave was he considered as much a slave owner as the white slave owner. I bet those of you that love to state that even blacks owned slaves never ask yourselves that question. I mean if a black slave owner slave ran a way and was caught by a white slave owner could the black slave owner who slave it was get it back or did the white slave owner see the black slave owner as just another SLAVE? I am willing to bet that the latter is true and some of you that read up on such things let me know which is the truer statement.

      You white people bitch about black people on welfare as if no white people are on welfare. You white people bitch about handouts as if NONE of you have ever taken a handout before. Do you remember back in I think 2002 or so when BUSH was given out those checks did you turn yours back in since you are so against handouts. Or did ONLY black people and other minorities keep theirs? My comments are ONLY to those that think black people and other minorities are the worse form of human animals on the planet.

      So people have made great comments on here like if your were spitted upon (and yes I know that some of you white people, and Asian people, etc have been spitted upon by black people) by white people. told in the libral media day in and day out that you are inferior, that you are shown on movies and television as being something other than you actually are, wouldn't you be pissed off too. Thank God that some of us live above that and will not hate you no matter what you do to us. I really really love you that write what you do not know. For example some of you have said in other posts that a black person is more safe in an all white neighborhood that a white person in an all black neighborhood. If that is so true then why are all the white women that live black guys running into the hood and come out safe.

      Back in my party like it's 1999 days which was in the 80s this white guy dated and eventually married a black female classmate of mine. And when he came to night clubs I NEVER HEARD A BLACK PERSON CALL HIM A CRACKER, HONKY or anything like that. Now granted there was times when I did not come to the night club but back then I was there almost every Wednesday to Sunday nights, and I never heard it ONCE. He even played on an all black baseball team. They did not discriminate against him because he was white. But I remember like it was yesterday that me and my best friend took another friend of ours and his mother to see his brother in a town about 70 miles from our home and on the way back we stopped in this restaurant and we set down. When we set down we waited and waited and I looked across the way and saw a sign that said, "We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone." Guess that was a good way of saying without saying it, "we don't serve Ni**ers. But we got the message and left and this was the late 70s. How many of you white people would NOT hate a white person if they hung a black man in your yard. And I mean your yard. This happened in my hometown to a family of black people. I remember on either 60 Minutes or some other CBS news program where White people use to get all dressed up to go to a hanging, yet SOME of you think of yourselves as being the superior race simply because you are WHITE. You might be the most stupid and dumbest person around and yet simply because you are white you think you are all that.

      When some of you quote from sources to prove your superiority

    • profile image

      Bc 4 years ago

      The lions share of racism comes from minorities, not whites. It has been that way for over forty years now, and those same racist minorities get a pass from politicians and the press. Thus, they pay no price for their racism. Certain race pimps might not like this, but it is what it is.

    • profile image

      Sanxuary 4 years ago

      I have been culturally stupid at points in my life but never a racist. Yet I have been discriminated against and even turned away from black establishments. At one point I lived in a city and I am pretty certain I was the only white person living there. None the less it gave me access to a lot of different views. I do not believe that discrimination is dead by any means. People who do discriminate are now beginning to realize that it has become a legal reason to apply the seem means to discriminate against anyone. In other wards your permission slip is now being used against you. I see this occurring most in hiring practices. Its not to say it occurs but the loop holes are so large it would go unquestioned. It goes beyond race, age and most of all sex. Its simple, you place your application on line and surprise they never contact you. If you choose to not give them any information , after all the law states you do not have to, its simple and has become an incomplete application. There is no one really checking and no one to insure compliance. If you desire to check the theory, visit any store and do your own statistics. If a store has 1 male and 80 females working their you would assume that your application would be highly desired. Then again the fact that you applied every quarter for 3 years should not surprise you. The rules to be a racist can be used by anyone and against anyone. Maybe some day we might get it and finally end this insanity.

    • profile image

      David 4 years ago

      Blacks are not becoming racist! They have been some of the most racist people around! Wake up and smell the black coffee. Media won't cover black racism. Why? maybe of fear of losing ratings.

    • profile image

      Unbelievable 4 years ago

      Im glad I dont live in America, you guys are all rascist. White and Black

    • profile image

      Dean 4 years ago

      I think black people in America are the largest group of racists around and the worst part is it is sanctioned by liberal elitists because they are guilty for slavery and other past ills committed against people no longer living. Those who committed such atrocities are also no longer living.

      Need an example? Watch any black comedian and all that person will talk about is being black. I can see you're black, is this going to be your routine? Weak. Next I will hear him talk "white" and that is not considered racist? I don't talk like that but I guess I am being insensitive by pointing it out.

      To me it is just as offensive as watching comedians in the 30's and 40's in black face.

    • OtherSideOfSaturn profile image

      Curtis Jones 4 years ago from Florida

      You will not be able to open the relationship of blacks and whites by playing middle man in a post. Most of these people commenting are fake and building you up for failure. You have to understand that there is a unwritten rule among most white families in America about blacks and I'm sure it is universal. Your dream is valid but it is not our future. Even if all blacks decided to let go and just live, most whites will use it as total defeat and not total peace. We will continue being stepped on for real knowledge of blacks among these white families who are descendants of slave owners and neighboring families of slave owners. You have a lot to learn about this world besides insertions of want and hope. The agenda against us as a whole is very complex but just as simple. If you look up hate groups and their location, you will find that the numbers of surrounding areas are infected by these groups as well so I'm sure you can do the math. It's not right but that's what the reality of it is. You can be nice and somewhere down the line, the minute you identify with being totally black, if they allow you to get that far, they turn on you. Of course, they will deny this to keep you in the dark. Don't be a fool but you can still be polite. I guess.

    • profile image

      TheOtherSideOfSaturn 4 years ago

      I've seen nothing but educated dialect missing the whole point. For one, you will not write an article that's gonna change the relation between the oppressor and the oppressed. NO, not all whites have hatred for us BUT, there are more than you think. Look up hate groups and find out where they all are located and then do the math. Some of these white people on this article is patronizing you as well as using propaganda to keep blacks ignorant to what's really taking place. You will not solve that here by playing the middle man. You can take up for whites and they will still give you their butts to kiss. Look what JC did in this article 2years ago. I know his peers were saying "buddy you wasn't suppose to reveal that." Have you looked at television lately here in America... white washed with the acceptable black one if they are not some redbone with black straight hair and thick lips. What do you call that in the year of 2013? If the shoe fit wear it, but don't get on here speaking of white immigrants when everywhere on this earth, blacks are mistreated and misdirected. I understand this sister maybe just starting adulthood and want the world to change so she can make it in England but it's not happening anytime soon. Blacks need to get back to being black and leave other people's beliefs and systems and clothes and food, leave that stuff with them and get back to mother Earth, the Universe, and the Spiritual relation we have. But that would be racist right? because we can't live without the white man's approval so anything uplifting yourselves are racist acts. There are many white washing propaganda tactics they are using everyday. I suggest you start looking it up and stop playing yourself into thinking they care about your sympathy.

    • profile image

      maria 4 years ago

      Ok this is what I think and excuse my english first let me thank our Lord I was born in puerto rico and never had to deal with this horrible racism.I mean I can even believe in the 60's there was segregation in usa.I am fairly new to learning about the history of usa so bare with me. I never went through that kind of things but for some reason it anger me that theres still the institutional racism. I think that one is when you don't get hired in a job even though you have a college degree,or you get pay higher rates on loans like what happen with wells fargo.Or you get pulled over by police for just being non-white,Or they don't let you buy a house in certain areas.Those are the ones that bother me so the question is how can we change that? What do we do when that happens? I lived in denver co for 4 years even though I didnt experienced blatant racism.I could feel it when white people would stare at me. I didnt have the problem of being out of work,mainly because my position is not a professional one I am just a Massage Therapist. I think if white people start doing something against racism stand up against that.Black people that have been the ones that have suffered from that for years could start to heal. Anyway I do believe also that God can heal your heart from any spirit of anger too,but like marthin luther king said Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle. And so we must straighten our backs and work for our freedom. A man can't ride you unless your back is bent.

    • profile image

      Australian 4 years ago

      Gene, do some history research.

    • profile image

      Amanda 4 years ago

      I am SO glad that you are one of the few people that has been able to see this through an un-biased point of view. I am hispanic and have noticed this self-segregation, especially with blacks. I work in retail and I have had a few times where black people can be very rude to me, until they find out that although I have white skin, I am still a minority. Suddenly, their attitude towards me changes and they're nice to me! Granted, I am not generalizing people in any way. This has only happened a few times, but it really pulls at my heart strings. I just feel like they are not giving me a chance. I have absolutely nothing against any skin color and it is hurtful when people think otherwise just because of my white skin. I have also seen a lot of things come into my job like magazines and books that only cater to black people and nobody else. Yet, there's no magazine specifically for white people. Why can't we all just have every race in every magazine? Racism goes both ways. People don't want to admit it, but it does. I fear that if we don't ALL change our viewpoints soon (this goes for all races), then we are headed towards a race war. And there is no reason for this. We are all human. We need to step up.

    • profile image

      GENE WILLIS 4 years ago

      befor i read you'r story,is this a trick question for white people?or are you trying to impress you'r readers by simple questioning's?just wondering.answear to what i have read,only white people can be racists.only white people carry that badge of honor.only white people own slAVES FROM YEAR ONE.are blacks racist?only whites are convicted on obamas double standards for hate crimes.only whites are singled out by jew media for being the only probubly remove what i typed,but,yes blacks along with many othere people can be crule and inhumane.but thank god i am not a goverment protected lap dog and i can stand on my own.

    • profile image

      Scott 5 years ago

      There are a lot of things wrong in the minds of the people i see commenting on this.Race is and always will be an issue because white,black,asian or whatever are different and unless you grew up in the same family each race and family of even the same race has different ideas in each group.

      If you would simply read about slavery you would know that most slave holders were white and most slaves were black but there were black slave holders and white slaves.

      my mothers anchestors owned slaves and my fathers ancestors were slaves but because of either of these situations do i deserve to be treated any different because of it,do i deserve to get a job i did not earn or lose a job i worked hard for beause of this.

      All races have racist people especially black and white races. Both races are racist of bi-racial children.

      If everyone would live thier lives,work for what they want,stop expecting handouts and not worry about what everyone else is doing the world would be a lot better place and we might could fix the things our ignorance has destroyed

    • profile image

      BT 5 years ago

      "Whether it be black, white, or Chinese."

      You meant "Asian", right? Not all Asians are Chinese.

    • profile image

      jc 5 years ago

      The difference between racist white people and racist black people is only skin deep.

    • profile image

      william... 5 years ago

      hello and greetings!! very interesting reading indeed. Yes I think blacks are racist in this country. Sorry but i call it as I see it. Unfortunately, there is an environment that promotes racism in the black community, i.e. black entertainment channel, ebony magazine, n.a.a.c.p... etc... anytime you distinguish an issue based on "race" you create an environment of racism........ It all has to do with perception and the way the human mind operates...

    • profile image

      Random 5 years ago

      I don't want to hear the 400 years of slavery crap. the .Plus jews have been inslaved and otherwise persecuted for 2,000 years and they became doctors, lawyers, and other productive members of society. Without saying anyone needs to give them anything.

    • profile image

      JW 5 years ago

      If we all came from Africa, than aren't we all really black?

    • profile image

      Evan 5 years ago

      All the corporations of the world!? Some of the world's largest corporations are car and computer companies. None of those existed when slavery was around. Also, how does what the KKK did decades ago relate to black racism today? Just because some white people are racist doesn't mean black people can't be. Also, you said only whites are benefiting from "our ancestor's evil". Black people in America are 50 times richer than people in Africa. Of course slavery is wrong, but, in the long run, it helped black people. Also, how can you say black people have no power? Our president is black!!

    • profile image

      brez 5 years ago

      Black people don't have the social, political nor the economic power to even be considered a racist. black people response to the world is purely reactionary. the comments I have been reading is a perfect example of white supremacy at it finest and internalized racism. the denial of the white privilege, the notion that slavery was so long ago that it should be forgotten or the best one, it wasn't me it was my ancestors HaHA..well look who's benefiting from their ancestors evil . the question arises...would you tell the Israel Jew to for get their history...try working for free for a just few years for free while you and your family are raped,beaten and murdered. not allowed to read or have proper shelter ..blacks were not allowed to form a nuclear family always being sold or murdered blacks had to fight to prove that they are just as human as the next man or woman, fighting human and civil rights, dignity and respect. live this life and see if it does not have an affect on your generations to come. ALL the corporations of the world have been built on free labor of slave blood, over 400 years. try to live the life of the African black ancestors. now tell me Who's Racist!!

    • profile image

      Chris 5 years ago

      I believe in some of what you have said, but when you say Britian is racist, do you have any idea how multicultural our country is, let me guess you live in the USA, where black people were murdered and groups such as the KKK tortured and burnt crosses, where the police would arrest black people for no reason. The USA is the root cause of extremist people to take action without any thought.

    • Justin Daniels profile image

      Justin Daniels 5 years ago from Pasadena

      Ah, if I had time to really think about race it would drive me crazy! Anybody can be racist. Anybody can be disrespectful. I don't believe in some God in the sky that will change this so, I would say just be the change you want to be! That is it! If you observe nature you would see that nature is beautiful and very very mean! We humans are just creatures that happen to have the ability to have our own perspectives and opinions. We are going to have biases if not outwardly it will be inwardly. I always try to at least be aware of my on thoughts and make sure they are logical, instead of just pure emotion before even speaking anything about racism publicly. Where I live, I am the minority but when people bring up race issues I usually don't entertain them simply because there is nothing for me to gain out of it. I think most of the racial conflict come from culture differences, but not all. I would just like to say life is too short. I don't want to have the weight of the world on my shoulders worrying about this issue. I don't want to deny and say racism does not exist either. What I would tell people is that they just have to fight better and try harder to achieve what they want. Have some thick skin and just go for it! Nature is meannnnnn! And remember, people are people.

    • profile image

      kk 5 years ago

      Just to point it out: racism goes back way farther than that i.e. the day we stepped foot on this country. Native Americans.

    • Nick Hanlon profile image

      Nick Hanlon 5 years ago from Chiang Mai

      I feel for the young who don't live up to or abide by the stereotype that is expected of them.Just because you have a certain skin colour does not mean you have to act in a specific way or be interested in certain things.We have a saying in Australia;''Don't tell me your shit doesn't stink!!!"I recall the story of Richard Pryor when he was starting out as a comedian and how proud he was to be black.Someone told him ''You''ll get over it''.We relate to his work because his humanity was at the forefront.

    • Darkmetaly profile image

      Daníel Guðmundsson 5 years ago from Iceland Höfn í Hornafirði.

      I don,t think racism has just started to appear in black communities, white communities or any other. I think it has always been in these groups of people just in different levels either rising or falling. we as humans have always created conflict in our society's. this tension can be created because of the actions of different groups and the impact it may have had on other groups of people. this type of conflict can also be found in the animal kingdom also our society´s have gotten very complex there are many different types of religions, backgrounds and other thing the collide and create tension.very interesting hub p.s sorry if my grammar sucks English is not my primary language

    • profile image

      Seriously? 5 years ago

      Also, with all due respect to the author, you need to reconsider being "black and proud." Race is not something you can be proud of. You did not choose your race. Therefore, being proud of your race is about as rational as being proud of the fact that its a Tuesday. Your pride is therefore illegitimate. Be proud of things like doing well on a test, helping someone out, or working hard and getting promoted at your job. You can be proud because YOU made it happen. You had nothing to do with your race, and therefore the suggestion that you even have the right to be proud of it is ludicrous and assinine. I don't have the right to be proud of Einstein discovering the theory of relativity. Why? BECAUSE I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. Likewise, you had nothing to do with what race you are. This is merely the start - race is an incredibly dumb concept anyway.

      Also, we will always have racism and the absurd problems associated with it as long as people think race is a valid concept. I've got news for you - black only means something because our society is rife with irrational stupidity. I am a "white" person of European origin. If we were to meet in real life, that should be absolutely irrelevant to any sort of thing we might be doing. What should be important is what we think of one another's ideas, actions and conduct. Appearance might be important, but if it is, it is not in the racial sense - examples of good looking and ugly, professional and sloppy come from all "racial" backgrounds.

      Also, I think its hilarious that some people voted for Obama because of his race - the man is intelligent enough that I can assure you he has almost nothing in common with anyone who thinks along those lines. Trust me, despite the fact that I am white, if you voted for the President because he is black (whatever that means - one of his parents is white after all), the President has a lot more in common with me than he does you.

      Race is a dumbass concept. We have real problems in this world, such as managing global resources and economics. Its time we grow up as a species and stop giving a crap about irrelevant, arbitrary bs like race. It doesn't make sense to think of things in terms of race. Period. There isn't a valid counterargument (as in one that makes any sense at all), so don't bother arguing race should be important. Focus on something that actually matters - unlike race. My sense of identity is based on things I CHOOSE to be a part of - not things I merely happen to be by random chance.

      So...are black people "becoming" racist? Many black people - like all sorts of other people - have been racist for a long time. If you think race should be an important thing - i.e. if you aren't wondering why we even have "race" - then you might just be racist yourself.

    • profile image

      Seriously? 5 years ago

      There seems to be a misunderstanding about what racism is. Racism is simply believing that race is important. In any regard. I'd go as far as to suggest that people who think race is even a valid intellectual concept are racist. Racism is the hallmark of an idiot. Note that I'm not talking about bigotry, insensitivity, or opportunity. People that think something like race is important are the sorts of low-mental-capacity jackasses who arbitrarily break life into categories, because their fragile little minds can't deal with the idea that there is no "black and white" - almost everything is shades of gray. Race should be a meaningless and irrelevant concept - the only reason it matters is because people are dumb.

    • profile image

      Kindoalkun 5 years ago

      This is a generalization, but Black people seem to be much more obsessed with race than any other group, for whatever reason. Let's put it this way: not being able to speak English probably has a more deleterious effect than the lingering socioeconomic effects of slavery. But who whines the loudest, Hispanic immigrants or Blacks? Blacks today are paranoid about "looks" people give them, or how close they hold their purses when around them. Really?!?? Blacks are victims of a culture t hat has institutionalized paranoia. NOBODY frets more about race than them. Is that racism? Maybe, maybe not. But no group of people is more obsessed with race issues than Blacks.

    • profile image

      Eric 5 years ago

      Lawretta- this is an exceptional article! I really enjoyed reading it, you are right on about everything you said. I look forward to reading more from you.

    • profile image

      xXx 5 years ago

      Dont be naive. If you pay attention to statistics you will see what a bad position blacks have been in for the last few decades. Even with slow progression we have still be the object of racist attacks. I wont even go down listing all the black people that have been murdered BY police and other figures and have gotten away with it. To list one that a lot of people know about, Troy Davis. Executed, but was not proven guilty beyond doubt. Another WHITE man pleaded guilty and was set to be executed after davis. The court changed their minds about that one though and he got to serve life in jail.

      If anything, blacks are doing something called "Self Preservation". Why would a sheep keep going/trusting wolves when they constantly devour them? That is stupidity at its peak.

      We need to get a clue.

    • Slaveryisnotover1 profile image

      Slaveryisnotover1 5 years ago

      @ immy jones

      "Northen Africa which is Egypt,Libya,Tunisia,Morroco,Northen Sudan and they are all Arabs not blacks." I really think you should learn true history. All the places you mentioned were in fact inhabited by black Africans. The modern Egyptians are not the Ancient Egyptians.. The moses story in the bible is nothing but a myth. The Ancient Egyptians were masters in art. If Pharoahs army was swallowed by the sea, it would have been recorded on the walls in the tombs. I'm am totally against Lawretta, she's a Europeanized African that has been brainwashed. She believes that slavery is long gone, and should be forgotten. The Europeans just celebrated the forth of July yesterday. Should they forget about their independence from Great Britain? Why should Africans forget about their history? The history that left them without a language, culture, or religion. The Black lawyer is the white mans greatest defense. Thanks Lawretta.

    • profile image

      jimmyte 5 years ago

      Black people are not becoming racist. Stop watching stupid shows like Tyra, orthe ophra Winfry show and become part of the solutions. Support our community, through participation on legitimate political forums, and real issues. Focus on the positive. You mean to tell me the only topic about black people you find worthy of discussions is that we are racist...? Sister please! Be part of the solution. Don't try to bring us down. Starting this blog you you can impress your white co-workers. At the end of the day, you are pobably the one who is becoming racist, you just uses Tyra, and Ophra to say things you have always wanted to say.

    • profile image

      immy jones 5 years ago

      Black people are not racist...

      Lets go back to history

      Africa is divided into two parts Northen Africa which is Egypt,Libya,Tunisia,Morroco,Northen Sudan and they are all Arabs not blacks,,,,,while Sub sahara Africa is orginal of black people all over the black africans have nothing to do with jewish being slaves under pharaoh and spanish being brown,,,,real reason behind the abolish of slave trade are as follows according to history books

      1..It was expensive to transport slaves over seas while they can exploit them in their own continet

      2...The introduction of colonialism to Africa

      3...French domination in sugar market in Europe

      4..In US blacks were already over populated...and hostile...

      5...scramble and partion of Africa and Berlin conference


      Africans/africans,Americans,Europeans,Latinos,brazilians etc...have been victims of whiteman dominance in every angle...from slave trade,colonialism and neo colonialism...where by African countries have '''flag independence''''while here in states we are f@## up by the system..but its time to move on..lets change the world by changing our souls

    • profile image

      Anna Crumpton 5 years ago

      I am no longer concerned about the colour of my skin. I wish I could say the same about that when I was a child, teenager or a young adult. My memory was really jogged in regard to the shopping story. Also shopping in Central London (Victoria to be precise) I waited by the till and the shop assistant blanked me. She continued to play about with her till. Three customers later I finally found the courage to say something. Instead of confronting her or asking for the manager I said something to the white customer so blatantly aware that I was being pushed aside by this assistant. In fact they were aware and just joined in. The response from the customer was "I don't care that you were first". This triggered some sniggering from the other customers and a smug shop assistant. I was 19 years old and I am a 50 year old woman now. I think I know what I would do now. I would ask for the manager and ensure that she would never do it again. I wonder where she is now that young woman? Probably half a dozen kids on a council estate and on benefits.

    • profile image

      dwight 5 years ago

      i'm white..have nothing against fact ,they're great with a dash of a salt and pepper

    • profile image

      Proximis 5 years ago

      Lawretta, Thank You for your hub. I would like to add that anyone who has read the Bible inevitably found numerous references to slaves within. The Jews themselves were slaves in Egypt (an African country) for a staggering 400 years, and then turned around and owned their own slaves after they escaped from Egypt (go figure.) Early Biblical (Old Testament) accounts are dated from 3,000 years ago. I would like to know where people are getting this idea that the white man 'invented' slavery. Was it the white man running the slave trade in Egypt in 1,200 BC? No. Let's be serious for a moment. We've all seen the Egyptian artwork depicting the building of the pyramids- no white people appear anywhere. Is this where the idea that 'the Jews were black' came from? (they've certainly changed, if that's the case.) Is it to distort the truth that slavery is actually older than white European society as we know it? (because it is, no way around it.) The popular theory now is that the pyramids were NOT built by 100,000 slaves, but that Pharoah, an African man who wanted to be worshipped as a god, was kind enough to instead employ the men in a sensitive, cooperative, well-paying effort to build his tomb-afterlife boat for him, the nice guy that he was...highly unlikely. Egyptians owned slaves, Jews owned slaves, Romans had slaves, Chinese owned slaves, and yes, hundreds of years ago blacks were brought here as slaves. But it's over now. At least here it is. Richo Aus' post is very telling: there are quite a few 'nations' that don't appear on that list (Pakistan, other Arab nations...). I'm really surprised that so much talk is made about hundreds year old slavery in America at the hands of long dead white people, most of whom us European-descent-immigrant-family-white Americans of today share no relation, and yet NOTHING is said about the CURRENT situation involving blacks and slavery IN Africa. Does slavery only matter if it was hundreds of years ago, outside of Africa, and managed by whites? Is slavery OK if it's in Africa and managed by Arabs, instead of whites? That seems illogical, doesn't it? The paltry excuse that, 'well, they must have learned it from watching whites' is ludicrous, and speaks only to the more recent familiarity of blacks with whites as slaveowners in America. It's sort of a tunnel vision, and it's difficult to see how American slavery was just an extension of what was already out there. I would think that black people would have moved on from that by now, that their logic would be "Thank God we are no longer slaves in the US and most whites are just normal people who mostly think about their own lives and not about hating blacks. Now the issue we have to care about is where slavery still exists, and where it is being revived with a horrendous new vengeance.) What's most interesting to me about this hub is that not a single person mentioned Darfur...I urge you to read up on what is and has been going on there if you haven't already, it's incredibly grisly. Khartoum is a nasty government, period. Slavery and racism is about treating people badly, harshly, unfairly, violently. Everyone, please pay attention to 'peaceful' religions that enshrine slavery as a keynote of the program. Slavery and treating people like chattel has no place in our modern world. Instead of focusing on long gone criminal acts that have long since been outlawed and no one is trying to revive, why aren't more people who claim to be concerned about this issue taking a lead role in exposing and rallying against what IS going on today?

    • profile image

      Britney 5 years ago

      I'm black and received racism from some black people for "acting white"(what does that mean anyway). My parents believe in education and hard work. My parents enforced grammar and being respectful.I've also received racism from some whites too because they saw stereotypes not a person. One girl some money and blamed me for stealing it and said I had to because I was black and black people are bad. She later found out she misplaced it in her book bag! She could have at least apologized. Then I had comments of asking if I lived in the ghetto and which projects did I live in. Hello, I live in the same suburbs as you! My parents are lawyers and live in a nice house with one kid and pay their taxes and are just normal Americans like everyone else who just so happen to be black. Racism is tough but personally I find it more hurtful coming from blacks,its sad and I know racism can be in any group and I try to treat people with respect everyday and as an individual. I wish racism and stereotypes would just go away.

    • profile image

      Maryland 5 years ago

      I agree with your blog!

    • profile image

      foodforthough 5 years ago

      Kay, I'm sorry this happened to you, it's not your fault and its not okay.

      Here is something to think about- remember that guy Jeremiah Wright? The things he was saying were incredibly racist, so much so that he has the capacity to tell his congregation that they won't be free unless they kill white babies. Wtf?

      Well, enough white people went out and voted for one of those congregates who is now the POTUS. How?

      When a person looks at another person and only thinks of the group that the other person is associated with, person A will tend to have a negative attitude toward person B. So, unless you want to be a racist and a bigot, strive to see people as individuals. This way, people are able to see the good in on another, and that is so crucial. Just look at all the black people who are willing to stick up for the white people when they encounter other blacks who are racist. The same thing goes for whites, as well. Racist people suck!

      People who think that one race is not capable of being racist are definitely racists themselves. They might argue that the context of their hatred is different, but they are still racist. Shame on them!

    • profile image

      Kay 5 years ago

      I am a mixed girl who grew up in the south. (My great grandfather was black.) When I was little, I went to a school that was mostly black and Hispanic. Since I look white, I was bullied all the time by the black girls who hated me. I didn't understand, I was shy and I hadn't done anything to them. I've met many nice black people since then that are my friends, but there's still one that will be rude to you because you're white every now and then. Anyone can be racist, no matter what their race is. That includes black people too. If everyone could let go of their hate and stop living in the past, the world would be a much better place.

    • Levertis Steele profile image

      Levertis Steele 5 years ago from Southern Clime

      Will from Britain:

      You said, "I just dont believe black people can be equal with white people until black people hold powerful positions in this country's government, and I dont just mean one or two seats. This is a multicultural country so why should us white people have all the say?"

      If people were generally fair, it would not matter which races held political seats. We know that that is not the case. so people of races try to hold seats in order to represent fairness for their people. It is a great man who represents fairness for all people. If you think that a race is great because it holds many offices, you have a distorted view of greatness. Haven't you read enough of Shakespeare who was an authority on the fate of crooked greatness?

      "Then fall, Caesar!" Great Caesar fell because of a character flaw: overly ambitious.

      How recognized Macbeth was! "No man born of woman shall harm Macbeth!" But, great Macbeth fell because of greed. He was beheaded by a man born by caesarean birth.

      HAMLET is another tragedy about greatness.

      It does not matter how great men think they are; if they do not represent fairness for all involved, their greatness will come to nought, regardless of their race.

      The greatest man who ever lived did not own a seat in anyone's government. He did not own a car, yacht, invention, fine wardrobe, riches, or any of the things the world considers to be evidence of greatness. He was penniless, yet, he earned the greatest fame than any man could ever dream of. He did not get that fame by using the methods of the world. He was great because He loved.

      MLK was a great Black man. How many government seats did he hold? Love was the prime motive for his mission. He was determined not to hurt anyone who opposed him.

      Mother Teresa was great because she loved! Period.

      Love is the key to greatness. Few have it. Now, what does that have to do with being black or white or having political seats?

    • Levertis Steele profile image

      Levertis Steele 5 years ago from Southern Clime


      When writers cite statistics comparing Black and White crimes, for example, they often report using numbers or percentages, whichever one makes Blacks look worse. If Blacks committed a million crimes and Whites committed the same, the stats would highlight the report in percentages, so, the percentage of Blacks would be greater than Whites.

      For years Blacks were reported as being the greater percentage of welfare recipients when the number of Whites were greater. When someone said that the number of Blacks became greater, all of a sudden, numbers are used.

      You should be glad that you are a White male as anyone should be glad that God made them whatever race they are. All people are individuals. Regardless of your race, it is up to you to be what you should be regardless of your race. Being White does not rescue you. "Every tub must sit on its own bottom."

    • Levertis Steele profile image

      Levertis Steele 5 years ago from Southern Clime


      The only time most people are bothered by racism is when they are the objects. All races are racists. Some are just more severe than others. Racism is wrong, but each race happily points guilty fingers at racists in other races.

      How can it be easy to discourage a race from practicing racism? World history shows nothing that shows me that racism is an easy monster to kill. Are Blacks supposed to be the first race in history to tame it? I would not mind holding that distinction, but which race on this Earth could serve as a model example? This sounds like a case of the black pot and the black kettle. It would be smart if all races would act a little more maturely and move on in decency. "The defense rests."

    • profile image

      Richo_Aus 5 years ago

      Talking to an elderlty mid eastern refugee today and I asked him about his life before he came to Australia, he said the following;

      "I do not think or talk about the past. It was bad but thinking about it makes me weak. I am lucky, Australia has accepted me and I only think about the future now and how good it will be"

      Even I would whinge about something like that from my past, you should hear me when my ex missus name pops up. Im not going to whinge about her anymore because these words of wisdom really mean so much when you think about them.

    • profile image

      Hal 5 years ago

      I am glad I am a white male! It seems like the majority of the black race see themselves as a victim. When much is given with nothing in return, you become weaker! I see our leaders, black and white, making blacks victims instead of part of the human race. If I were black, I would probably expect more too and see myself as a victim. I hope one day blacks in this country will be part of the human race instead of the black race. They will have more respect and have more successes than they currently have. Percentage of blacks verses white on welfare is a lot like black verses white in our prison system. I think it's more about economics than race, or maybe it's because blacks see themselves as victims that these percentages are the way they are!? Just my opinion, again thankful I'm not a victim and live a wonderful life that I appreciate. I'm thankful for my friends of many nationalities that don't see themselves as victims and are law abiding citizens who take nothing from our government. Love one another and live in peace and you will have a grand life, no matter who you are. Get that chip off your shoulder and you will see how great life is by giving than receiving, loving instead of hating, accepting laws and staying out of jail, take care of your own life instead of every story out their making you a victim. If you think you are a victim because you are black, you have made yourself a victim because you are black. I hope you can get passed that so you can have a better life full of love and giving!

    • lawretta profile image

      Lawretta Ikenga 5 years ago from England

      Thanks Richo_Aus for shedding more light on the subject, although i don't know if webster's dictionary is an authority to go by. All the same Richo_Aus, you are an intelligent force to be reckoned with. Humans "of all race" are really the issue, not the colour of the human". Thank you

    • profile image

      Richo_Aus 5 years ago

      What we often believe to be ?scientific fact? is no more than a strongly held, unsubstantiated belief. Hence not all that is written in a book or touted to be science can be accepted as truth.

      The following definitions are taken from Webster?s Dictionary:

      Opinion: 1. A belief or judgment based on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty. 2. a personal view, attitude or appraisal.

      Belief: 1. Something believed; opinion; conviction. 2. Confidence in the truth or existence of something not immediately susceptible to rigorous proof.

      Fact: 1. Something that actually exists. 2. Something known to exist or to have happened. 3. A truth known by actual experience or observation; something known to be true.

      Truth: 1. The true or actual state of a matter. 3. A verified or indisputable fact, proposition, principle or the like.

      Science: 1. A branch of knowledge or study dealing with a body of facts or truths about the physical or material world gained through observation and experimentation.

      Theory: A proposed explanation whose status is still conjectural.

      So an opinion is basically a thought about the world and a belief is an opinion about the world that we have confidence in and/or hold with strong conviction. We all have opinions and beliefs. We have opinions and beliefs about politics, entertainment, sports, and the people in our families.

      It is important to note that neither opinions nor beliefs necessarily have a basis in fact or truth.

      Believing something to be true has no impact on its veracity.

      Facts are pieces of information about something that actually happened and/or actually exists.

      Things Fall Apart is a fictional novel written in 1958. No critiscism intended just stating a fact.

      Here is a list of the last countries to abolish slavery, in chronological order:

      1902: Ethiopian Empire abolishes slavery (though it was not legally and officially abolished by Emperor Haile Selassie in 1942)

      1906: China formally abolishes slavery effective 31 January 1910, when all adult slaves were converted into hired labourers and the young were freed upon reaching age 25.[13]

      1912: Siam (Thailand), formally abolishes all slavery. The act of selling a person into slavery was abolished in 1897 but slavery itself was not outlawed at that time.[50]

      1921: Nepal abolishes slavery[51][52]

      1923: Afghanistan abolishes slavery[53]

      1922: Morocco abolishes slavery [54]

      1924: Iraq abolishes slavery

      1924: League of Nations Temporary Slavery Commission

      1926, 25 September: Convention to Suppress the Slave Trade and Slaverybound all signatories to end slavery.

      1928: Iran abolishes slavery[55]

      1928: Domestic slavery practised by local African elites abolished in Sierra Leone[56] Though established as a place for freed slaves, a study found practices of domestic slavery still widespread in rural areas in the 1970s.

      1935: Italian General Emilio De Bono proclaims slavery to be abolished in the Ethiopian Empire[57]

      1936: Britain abolishes slavery in Northern Nigeria[58]

      1945: In the subsequent defeat of Nazi Germany and Japan, workcamps for slave labor (primarily Jewish encampments in Nazi Germany and colonists in Japanese-dominated lands) were gradually closed by the liberators.

      1946: Fritz Sauckel, procurer of slave labor for Nazi Germany, convicted at the Nuremberg trials and executed as war criminal.

      1948: UN Article 4 of the Declaration of Human Rights bans slavery globally[59]

      1952: Qatar abolishes slavery

      1959: Slavery in Tibet is abolished by China after the Dalai Lama flees.

      1960: Niger abolishes slavery (though it was not made illegal until 2003)[60]

      1962: Saudi Arabia abolishes slavery

      1962: Yemen abolishes slavery

      1963: United Arab Emirates abolishes slavery

      1970: Oman abolishes slavery

      1981: Mauritania abolishes slavery

      Please dont take offence as none is intended. No one denies Europeans traded in slaves, as you can see though slavery has continued in Arab and African countries past its end in European Countries. As it began in these countries before it did in Europe.

      Without the pressure applied by USA and European countries it could well be a thriving commodity still.

      Please look at the current state of resource plundering in Australia by international companies and you will see its not just Africa.

      Australia just has mechanisms which allow better sharing of the income generated than maybe some African countries do.

      England used Australia as a nuclear testing site while we were still developing. France uses our area of the world as a nuclear testing site. Last test was 1996.

      Until countries develop the ability to have fair political systems, the ability to defend themselves and a communal sense of compassion in regards to their fellow man, they will always be open to exploitation by their leaders and other powers.

      As I have stated before, and these are facts, White Europeans have only dominated the world for a short period. We learnt from those who came before us. Just as those who come after will have learnt from us.

      Humans are the issue, not the colour of the human.

    • lawretta profile image

      Lawretta Ikenga 5 years ago from England

      Hi Dan, although blacks were sold to whites by blacks, but this act only started when the whites came to Africa promising our bad leaders all sorts in exchange for slaves. (read *THINGS FALL APART* by Chinua Achebe)

      Its just like we have today, lots of white companies like Total, Shell, Chevoron etc, are presently in Nigeria and other oil producing countries, exploiting crude oil, gold, diamonds etc, giving promises and aids to our bad leaders in exchange for their exploits.

      However, i don't see those white exploiters as "Whites" in the real sense, i see them as politicians. To them its politics not color(its about the money or profits).

    • profile image

      Dan 5 years ago

      In order to be honest about history, you might want to make a correction. White men didn't just show up and take blacks from Africa. White men were sold black slaves by BLACK slaveowners in Africa. That is, blacks were sold by their own people (blacks).

    • lawretta profile image

      Lawretta Ikenga 6 years ago from England

      @Wyrm, you cannot define a word without referencing your source, it makes your definition lack authority. Besides it could be your personal opinion of the word "Racism".

      @Rich_Aus, don't try to force your opinion on others. I understand your stand point and in many ways respect it, while Will is also entitled to his Opinion and argument.

      If you call him a "do gooder" because he refuses to take your ideology on the subject what will my own race call me for putting up this article.

      Its not always about winning or losing. Its about airing our views and trying to make people realize that racism (white or Black)is bad for us all!

    • profile image

      Rich_Aus 6 years ago

      Yes Will a lot of unpleasant things happenned in the past. Depending how far back you go you can read of many stories of similiar type, and not all them perpetrated by white people.

      Have you read about the mongols or the Huns Will? They are of asian origin and they raped and pillaged their way across asia and Europe. Hence the country Hungary.

      Have you ever wondered why the Spanish have darker complexions than say the French? Its because the Moors of African origin raped and pillaged Spain.

      Both these great empires were reliant on slavery.

      If you do any research you will find that this great tradition of slavery and enforcing values and cultures originated in North Africa/Middle East/Asia.

      The great civilisations of early man were not "white" civilisations. They were Eurasion/ Arabic and African.

      The white people were barbarians who learnt from these organised civilisations and over time came to dominate them.

      If the human race has no more genetic variances between different colours of people than between an ethnic group living in a small village then we are all capable of the same thoughts, passions and crimes.

      If you are truly white then you belong to a sub group of white people that we in Australia call "do gooders". They are generally over educated, wealthy people who dont live in reality and for some reason, despite their avowed best intentions, allways create more issues than they solve.

      You are trying to change the definition of rascism to achieve some result you have in your mind. Wyrm has given the accepted definition of rascism and there is no mention of having power over those to whom you hold rascist beliefs against.

      As to who holds power Will. Do you tell me that a poor white Australian holds power over anyone other than his children? Yet I will say I know rascist poor white Australians. Please tell me they are not rascist while having never met them, simply because they have power over no one.

      Early Australia, or should we call it early colonial British Australia permitted and encouraged many massacres of Indengenous Australian's. I was born and bred in Tasmania where we actually have pieces of landscape named after the atrocities committed, ie Suicide Bluff - where the last full blood Tasmanian Aboriginees were herded to a cliff where the only escape was to jump a few hundred meters into the rough Pacific Ocean. Murder rock - where a group of Aboriginals were shot for taking a sheep. We white people remind ourselves of the recent dark past regularly in particular our own dark deeds.

      Yet for some reason we dont focus on the injustices done to us prior to that? Explain this my friend?

      My standpoint is this - I see with my own eyes white people behaving in rascist ways, I also see black people behaving exactly the same. So how can anyone convince me that a certain skin colour prevents those identical actions being rascist for one party and not the other.

      I found this two year old site about a year ago by googling terms such as "Why do black people blame white people for their problems" and "why do black people cry rascism as soon as they dont get what they want". How did you find it?

      I have answered those questions myself with some reflection, and the answer is "Because they can" and it assists them get what they want or absolves them of any blame. Just as many Australian criminals cry "My father molested me and my mum didnt love me" when they are in court and having to face what they did. Its an easy way to obtain sympathy and avoid the truth.

      I am "white" (a combination of Irish,English,Spanish and Australian Aboriginal). I am accepted as white even though you can see with Aboriginal(my Great Grandmother was nearly full Aboriginal) and Spanish in me I must have a decent amount of African genes. No African or Aboriginal would view me as anything but white and never accept me one of them, yet white people dont seem to care what heritage I claim and dont interfere with me as I dont interfere with them.

    • profile image

      Wyrm 6 years ago

      I believe many blacks are racist. Though it depends on where they live. Ghetto rats will believe 'white man is putting us down' because the society there leaves room for such thoughts, due to not having much communication with whites. Whereas, if a black were in a predominantly white neighborhood, they are accepting of whites. Why? Because blacks in white neighborhoods tend to NOT be poor, and do NOT have a reason to hate whites.

      Another thing. Will from Britain says that blacks should hate whites, right? That, in and of itself, is racism. He, along with the black panthers, black Israelites, and other such groups, are encouraging the hate of the white race.

      Racism: hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.

      source: the dictionary.

    • lawretta profile image

      Lawretta Ikenga 6 years ago from England

      lol, u have no idea. Take your time, read through all the comments, am sure you may find some very useful for your writing.

    • profile image

      Will from Britain 6 years ago

      Oh dear, just shows that some people would rather argue 'reverse racism' before exploring their own feelings towards 'black' people and why they have these prejudices.

      I've been to many different countries, and last year whilst in Africa I felt what I thought was 'racism' towards myself being white. I was in a market and one guy got aggressive saying "you s*#t people, go back to your own country!" That really made me feel not welcome.

      When I got home it made me think about black people in Britain who face this every day. Governmeents and institutions fundamentally enforce that Britain is a 'white' country, with 'British' values and a 'British' culture.

      Richo_Aus have you ever seen the film 'Rabbit-Proof Fence'? It was set in western Australia in 1931, it shows how white westerners enforce values and cultures in society by presuming we as white people are the superior race.

      Any links, racist comments or cheap compiled videos wont be from me. The only links I would post would be speaches from people like 'Angela Davis' or 'Stokely Carmichael', but for the white community I reccomend 'Tim Wise'.

      Then come back and give me an opinion on Black People being racist.

      I realise this post started two years ago, you must be bored of it by now Lawretta :) I just happend to come across it whilst doing some research for a peice I was writing, I've found some of the peoples views interesting but I havnt read it all.

    • lawretta profile image

      Lawretta Ikenga 6 years ago from England

      ok, good we cleared that up because i received a horrible comment few days ago with your name on it, and links to self made and compiled videos. It was awful so i deleted it.

    • profile image

      Will from Britain 6 years ago

      Sorry lawretta, what links are you talking about?

      Every comment I have made is still up and I havn't attached any links, nor changed my argument in any way.

      Sorry I'm confused.. There's no self imposed guilty conscience, I just dont believe black people can be equal with white people until black people hold powerful positions in this country's government, and I dont just mean one or two seats. This is a multicultural country so why should us white people have all the say?

      Seriously I have never posted any links nor changed my views in any way and all 4 posts I have made before this are still up??

    • profile image

      Richo_Aus 6 years ago

      Will, I dont understand you Im sorry.

      From what I have seen, police focus their attentions on areas that have higher crime rates.

      I just wish that people could forget yesterday and focus on today.

      The world is what we make it and hating anyone cant make you personally happy.

      God bless us all and help us to come together as one race, the human race.

    • lawretta profile image

      Lawretta Ikenga 6 years ago from England

      @ Will from is ok to change sides on your argument based on "self imposed Guilty conscience", but if you want to do so, it must be constructive and tasteful. I had to delete your previous comment because it was cheap and could raise dust with the black community.

      FYI; those links you sent weren't cool.

    • profile image

      Will from Britain 6 years ago

      Prison is an interesting concept, black and white people locked up in prison hold no power over one another. All the power is held within the people who run the institution. Looking at america, 13 percent of the population are black, yet they make up 50 percent of the prison population. This is a great example of institutional racism within the police force.

      This inforces the idea upon the uneducated that black people are dangerous. How many police patrols are in the lower class areas compared to middle class areas? How many black people are kept living in lower class areas due to institutional racism?

      Pejudice + Power = Racism

      This is the social definition, which makes me think can prison detainees be racist against one another? Verbal racism yes, but can black people be verbally racist against whites. Black people could say they hate us but thats not racism, white people dont have derogatory terms which have come from years of oppression in relation to the way black people do.

    • lawretta profile image

      Lawretta Ikenga 6 years ago from England

      Well, i don't think all blacks idolize pimps. Maybe just a few, and the ones in prison and that's because of their shallow mindset. However,a lot of us are very well educated and have better and bigger priorities in life.

      On Jerry Springer's Show i have seen some white pimps have encounters with their women. So i really don't think idolizing pimps relates to the black race only. I think it relates to all shallow minded individuals irrespective of their race.

      Thanks all the same for your comment. It is good to hear from different people with different life experience. I just pray racism will be a thing of the past someday!

    • profile image

      Tony 6 years ago

      Hey......I spent 15 straight years in prison and there were a lot of both races there. You ask ME if blacks are racist...good have no earthly idea. Racist is about as near a term as you could get if you mean the actual hatred of a complete race. Not prejudiced wherein one dislikes just certain members of a particular race. The blacks in prison echoed the pathos of blacks out of prison in that they would kill ALL whites, babies to grandparent if it were possible. There are segments of the white prison population who would do the same to all blacks but that sentiment among whites is far less popular. Whereas, it is almost wholly universal among the blacks. Whites and blacks will never ever truly integrate for the simple fact that there are far too many differences b/t the two races. Cultural, priorities, educational pursuits and just about every type of personal choice. Great number idolize pimps and that, my dear is the very definition of slavery yet they scream, holler and moan about the slavery by whites decades ago. Why is it alright for the blacks to idolize pimps and the slavery that pathetic segment of society specializes in yet will shoot a white person over something that is totally in the past?

    • lawretta profile image

      Lawretta Ikenga 6 years ago from England

      Well I think you are trying too hard. No one wants you to do things for them or ignore your race for them, that is simply too much. The way I see it, and from ongoing research, there is always going to be "racist believe" and "finger pointing", so just forget about pleasing any race and just do what you think is right.

    • profile image

      Lynn 6 years ago

      I am a white woman living a a predominately African American area (south side of Atlanta). My grandparents had nothing to do with slavery. In fact they came to the US to escape WWI. I go out of my way to have African Americans as my closest friends, invite them into my home for dinner, mow their yards, reach out to them in church and in the community. Honestly, I love people and see them as God sees them—created in His image. Then why am I continually accused of being racist? If I'm standing in line at a grocery store my back is to somebody. I try to stand against a wall to make sure I'm not accused of "turning my back" to an African American (several accusations of this). Why are my words twisted and false statements made about me in my work? I try to always put my "jobs" for African Americans ahead of the white clients. Yet, I still get false accusations. I've cried and prayed and wished that I wasn't blond and blue-eyed. I just want people to be people and not obsessed with skin color. Please help me understand.

    • profile image

      bob winland 6 years ago

      congratulations my fellow brother, you ARE a racist!

    • profile image

      Will from Britain 6 years ago

      "Racism is the subjugation of one racial group by another on the basis of an assumed superiority of one over another, with the dominating group having the power, or access to the power, to establish and maintain the system of domination. Within Britain then,white people and white institutions have the power, actual or potential, to discriminate over black people" - Vipin Chauhan, Beyond Steel Bands 'n' Samosas

    • profile image

      Jerr 6 years ago

      It's not that black people are becoming racist; it's that they are racist & have been racist all along. Trying to put out that racism & slavery only started with America is a lie! What most blacks don't want to admit to is that slavery started well before Europe & blacks are just as guilty of enslaving people. To anybody that actually know history this "let's make white people out to be the ONLY people to enslave" is a joke! Also, this lame attempt to create a fake definition of what "Racism" means to try to dismiss black racism is complete BS. If you hate a race of people or think your raceis superior, you're a racist . . . That's it!

    • profile image

      Human Being 6 years ago

      killthegirls is honestly saying that black people are incapable of being racist?

      batshit insane

    • profile image

      Will from Britain 6 years ago

      White people will always continue to 'feed' black people small amounts of power to stop black people making a stand.

      When the upper class used to enslave black AND white people there was no such thing as race.

      It wasnt until the black and white slaves realised that they could have power over their masters and when thier masters realised this, they started giving the white slaves small amounts of land and put them in control of small amounts of black slaves, hence 'feeding' the lower class white people small amounts of power. Now why are children only shown black slaves in schools?

      Race is only there to hide the issue of 'class'. Hierarchys have always used examples like Pseudoscientific theorys to make lower class white people feel superior and believe they have nothing in common with lower class black people. This leads white people to have the belief in the innate superiority of one’s own race.

      I have bought up the issue with white people that black people cant be rasist and they have all been quick to get defensive and tell me I'm wrong. Now when I bring this up with a black person they are either confused or agree if they have a good knowledge of history. I dont blame black people for hating white people, they should hate the white race, and talking about Africa, especially South Africa you just need to read some of Steve Biko's writings.

      I don't mean to be argumentative either, its just nice to hear different views.

    • lawretta profile image

      Lawretta Ikenga 6 years ago from England

      @ Rich_Aus; lol, you just so funny. you dont quit do u? nice comment by the way,u make a very good Lawyer. lol. cheers!

    • profile image

      Rich_Aus 6 years ago

      Hi Lawretta, thanks for the comments.

      But your statements sort of back my view, I think :)

      I was responding to Wills comments and what he was saying. Quote "but defines that a group with power discriminates a group with no power".

      Then he states that Black people have no power. Hence my examples of Africa.

      I dont mean to be argumentative and apologise if I am seen that way.

      In my opinion many different members of the Worlds races discriminate against other races.

      Looking at your definition, again maybe black people cant be rascist - if they dont feel they are superior. Then what does that make them if they still hate white people? Race Haters?

    • lawretta profile image

      Lawretta Ikenga 6 years ago from England

      Hi Richo_Aus,

      I did enjoy reading your comments but I would like us to get something straight. Discrimination (tribal or cultural) in definition and usage is different from Racism.

      According to Collins English Dictionary, 2011 edition; Racism is... hostile attitude or behaviour to members of other races, based on a belief in the innate superiority of one’s own race... on the other hand, Discrimination is ... to single out (a particular person or group) for worse or better treatment than others...

      The differences occurring in Africa amongst Africans is not racism, but rather discrimination based on tribal or cultural differences. It’s totally different from racism. When an African succeeds in any international event, we all celebrate as one, but when it comes to doing or sharing something within us, then we discriminate. I think it’s just natural, it’s nothing compared to racism.

    • profile image

      Richo_Aus 6 years ago

      Also have you ever actually got to know a black African African? Not an American or British or French African but a genuine African African?

      They are extremely rascist between their African countries, also individually against different ethnic black people within their own country.

      Go to an African country, with Black people in power, and then tell me that Black people do not do these types of things to their own race. They are extremely discramatory against other ethnic communities or tribes.

      Rascism is basically discrimination against a race is it not? If so what is the difference between that and discrimination against another ethnic community of the same race?

      If you can discriminate against your own race, why is it impossible to discriminate against another race?

      You align the asking of this question with being rascist, yet the author of the question is black herself, then you also state she cannot be rascist as she is black? Interesting paradox

    • profile image

      Richo_AUS 6 years ago

      @Will - So the majority of black people being bigger, stronger, faster, etc does not give them power over anyone?? Where in any definition of Rascism does it say one must have power over another to be rascist? The world power structure is rapidly changing. So why whilst being currently all powerful, is the white race allowing these changes, which will dramatically change our status in the world? People can empower themselves, it doesnt require white people to empower others.

    • lawretta profile image

      Lawretta Ikenga 6 years ago from England

      Hi Will, Nice words. Now am Confuse. lol

    • profile image

      Will from Britain 6 years ago

      Black people can't be racist, to be be racist you must be able to discriminate, to have power over a group of people. As white people own all the companies, institutions, TV stations ect they have the power to decide which black people they employ, black people dont decide. Adopting black children does nothing for racism, all your doing is bringing a black person into a white culture. Brad and Angelina dont hang around with groups of black friends, they'd have to make an efffort and move out of their rich white privilaged suburb to do that. Their are lots of white overweight singers in the UK far more succesful than most, its just nowdays the white people who own the records lables accept that black people can also sing. Who cares if Obama is intelligent, the fact is yes a black man is president of the united states in the hope that he would actually make a stand for black people. All this shows is that a qualified black man can make it to the highest office. How much power does he have as a black man if every single one of his associates is white? How much has he done for the black people of america? He's living a white lifestyle by a western white culture. Many black people have money and are richer than most white folk, but compared to rich white folk it really is a minority. Take music artists, Kanye West ect, earn millions through record lables controlled by white people, they accept the western 'white' way of life, live the western culture and do absolutely nothing for the majority of black people. And comedians being "racist" towards whites?! Verbal Racism is just empty words. You can call someone a name but words by themselves carry no weight. I could call women bitches when they're not bitches, it's just words. Its the history and association behind the words that carry the weight, depending on the receiver's understanding. That history and association comes from a place of power to instil that derogatory and belittling meaning to the receiver or minority or people in a group that hold no power making them feel inferior. If black people have no power, how on earth can they be racist?! Racism and the words associated with it are all words invented by white people, its a social construct and because of this has no clear cut definition, but defines that a group with power discriminates a group with no power, basically meaning white people discriminate black people. To even try to turn this around is racist within itself. So no, unless black people control and have power over another race, and become richer than white people as a whole, they can not discriminate, there fore they can not be Racists.

      I'm white by the way in case your wondering.

    • lawretta profile image

      Lawretta Ikenga 6 years ago from England

      lol. Thanks Mate!

    • accofranco profile image

      accofranco 6 years ago from L Island

      hahaha.....Lawry....nice one, haven't taking notice of it....happy new year and val ahead...thumbs up!

    • lawretta profile image

      Lawretta Ikenga 6 years ago from England

      Thanks for reminding me about Britain, lol. Nice Comment.

    • profile image

      Anonymouse 6 years ago

      Becoming? I'd say quite a few have been, for quite awhile now. Not all obviously, you have the author here, and others, plenty more I know personally. But it is becoming a rising problem and it is not good. When Europeans('whites') come under attack they seek solace and protection among each other. This in turn forms entire groups of people harmed by this racism, which then begin to retaliate in kind.

      I imagine this is why there's been a recent surge in members of racist groups across the country. In short, the rise of black on white racism, is leading to a resurgence of the acceptance of white on black racism, threatening to undo decades of positive change and spitting on everything those people fought for.

      This has to be stopped now while it still can be, but it will take a combined and equal effort among all races.

      I'm also getting tired of the 'white man deserves it' bullshit. It is insulting. All Europeans are not responsible for the plight of the /African American/ slaves. You have the British and Spanish to thank for that. Quit lumping us all together, we are not the same.

      I am /Polish/. My ancestors Never owned slaves. It was not practiced in the home country, it was frowned upon, Poland has always been tolerant and accepting of peaceful peoples. When the rest of Europe stood against the Jews Poland welcomed them with open arms. Today, Poland is still one of the most peaceful and tolerant countries on this Earth.

      Indeed, my people were oppressed and enslaved themselves, by many peoples. But we neither seek revenge, nor handouts.

    • profile image

      Wyssa 6 years ago

      So, it took me a while, but I read all the comments. Very thought provoking, and a really good article. Thank You. :) I will now add my two cents. I live in a farming community, and we have a TON of immigrants. A lot of these immigrants think they are "gangsta" and "black". Though really, the african-american percentage is not very high at all where I live. So I'm not sure if it would be considered the same, but they seem to have the same mind set.

      Now for me, going to school was very hard. I am very pale, with platinum blonde hair and light blue eyes. Everyday, people would ask me if I was Albino, they would call me a ghost, cracker, white girl, ugly etc. They would spit on me, and try to instigate fights as well. History was the hardest subject for me. When we talked about slavery, and especially WWII I became this... demon to them. I really don't want to talk much about it.

      Otherwise I was often left alone and told I couldn't understand anything because I was a "gringo". Also the only caucasian people at my school tried to be "black", they would tan their skin and dye their hair, and talk "ghetto". Only girls with dark skin, and dark hair were considered beautiful or even attractive and "normal" there.

      It was really hard for me, because I had a crush on a boy with dark skin for years. I accidentily talked about him with a close friend, and coincidentily the whole school bullied me after that saying "You can't like him! Your a pasty white $%&@*!" and spit on me, tore up my stuff, and basically malicious acts of well not very nice things.

      Now, I've also had lots of good experiences with them too. Over time I made lots of friends, and asked about the double standard once. Apparently, they don't really understand it either but they continue to call themselves the N word and the B word as a friendly greeting, and call me the "albino chick".

      But this is not as bad as what happened to my good friend. She has shocking red hair, and was the only caucasian girl at an all african-american school. She got beaten half to death and raped in the 3rd grade just because she was "white", and not just by those older than her too.

      For years, I wanted to dye my hair and tan my skin, but not anymore. I'm happy now, just the way I am, and I found people who are great friends to me, of all different "races". :)

    • profile image

      Mateo 6 years ago

      I've read every comment. Considered the points made by all. I find one truly dangerous; the idea that racism goes in one direction, white to black; some on this board see racism as a genetic phenomena inherent only to caucasians (although too ignorant to realize). Any person or group that hates another because they believe they are genetically superior (even if that superiority comes in the form of an incapability to hate or be racist)... shame.

    • profile image

      Michael 6 years ago

      I appreciate the original article and all the comments here. I moved from rural Kansas to DC a few years ago, and I'm still adjusting to the racial tensions. Honestly, it's helpful just to have a forum to hear what different sectors of the black community think and how they see things (along with the social factors that influenced their perceptions). Whether or not some comments are "accusatory", it's helpful to know where different people are coming from. It informs future interactions.

      I'll admit that I'm guilty of the "sidewalk suspicion" in certain neighborhoods. I know that's profiling, but most of the hostility I've encountered in such situations is from black people. As a mostly white guy, it's an awkward and genuinely unwanted feeling to have. I live next to black people, I work with (and for) black people. But in a lot of cases, I also feel they always maintain a social distance because I'm not black. But maybe that's just me being guilty of the same sort of false assumptions as the black guy who thinks the store security guard is always watching him. I don't know. Part of what makes it difficult is the fear of bringing it up and just talking about it.

      I can also understand the point of view from those that grew up with open, tolerated racism. My grandfather was a legit, embarrassing racist (born entirely of ignorance and social environment; I doubt that he ever knew and rarely actually encountered a black person). If a black person my father's age only knew my grandfather, I could entirely understand why he would be suspicious of me the first time we met.

    • profile image

      Johnny 6 years ago

      wonderful hub full of thoughts! I am a white male. I often look at the perceived beginning of slave trade.African slave trade was actually built on the system used for white slaves. You can do a little history digging and find out how black slaves treated white slaves. I'm not talking about indentured servants, i am talking about life long white slaves. The true bottom of the barrel. why not mentions the free black men who also owned black slaves? Somehow it's always about the white men enslaving the black man. Anyway, i saw some of the earlier comments more or less saying that it's the white mans fault. I'm not gonna refute this statement. I will however ask this, Even if it is the white mans fault, How can two wrongs make a right? I put this as a test for any of your readers on the double standard you talk about. Go to any major website on the internet like espn or fox and type the "N" word. see if that is filtered. After you do that try typing in some of these words. Cracker honky redneck hillbilly white trash. Unfortunately it's one sided. i saw a comment saying that blacks don't have the power or the money to be racists that they cannot oppress the white man. I say look at our professional sports leagues as an example. The white athlete is being phased out. The black mans reasoning is we are superior. That sounds pretty empowering to me. Unfortunately until we can find a balance in our everyday lives, which may not happen in our lifetime the problem will exist on both sides of the coin. Those who have power do not give it up easily. Those who do not have power seek it. What we are is in the middle of something that will be in history books hundreds of years from now as the great struggle to find ourselves.

    • profile image

      amhealy 6 years ago

      yes, blacks are racist. Not all of them, but I am noticing an increase in behavior that indicates racism. Three times since Obama was elected I have heard rants in or outside of grocery stores by Black people about how much they hate White people, and how now it's the Black people's turn to show what it's like. (That's the gist of what I heard.)

      I have a Black friend who says that I must be a racist because I don't like how Obama is doing his job. He says he only voted for Obama because Obama is White.

      I don't hear any White people being racist against Blacks, but I hear on the news and in articles how Black people are accusing the Tea Party and Republicans of being racist. No examples are given.

      If I was given three wishes, one of those wishes would be that there had never been slavery in the first place. I used to not care about race, but now, especially since Obama was elected, I am very aware of race, because I am now aware just how much Black people hate White people.

    • profile image

      gen willis 6 years ago

      what?!black people becoming racist?are you kidding us?why would you ask such a rediculas question?moron,only white people can only be racists.minorities are totaly absloved from that catigory.are black people becoming racists.what do you think?

    • profile image

      Richo_AUS 6 years ago

      Hi Again,

      Im not being antagonistic, just stating my view.

      First Im from Australia, not USA.

      Stanley - Youre blaming the white people. Its their fault black people hate them?

      My world is very different to yours but I have found, if I try, I can always trace fault back to myself, the majority of time.

      I cant watch your media, but please tell me, are only black peoples crimes shown on the news, or does it show both, or all, ethnicities crimes? Obviously the "worst" crimes get the most coverage?

      I have found that I am more aware of things I dont like than things I do.

      Take an independant look at the media. We get the worst of what happens from America on our media and I cant say that its mainly of black people. Its more so white people in my opinion.

      I look at the sporting world and see it full of black people from all over the world. A lot of our basketball clubs import black americans to play - because individually they are better than the available talent.

      In our unique National Sport AFL, the clubs look for the most gifted athletes, and quite often that means "not white" - because they are individually better.

      I now work in the power industry, it is full of black people at the engineering levels - because they are individually better. The lower levels arent because not many black people live in my state. Its a small island.

      I wrote a post a while back, it is above somewhere. Read it and you will see my experience with a black person. He caused all his own problems. He has this desire to see everyone who isnt black as a rascist.

      Im not saying you or any other black person is the same as him. Im just giving my view from my world so maybe you can see what I see and understand its not the fault of every white man and stop doing what we are all ways accused of.

      Rascism is the stero typing of a race. I mean honestly look at it this way, your post indicates that the majority of white people, enforce, support, etc rascism in USA. Thats stero typing, thats rascism.

      Its not a good feeling to be accused of rascism when you arent a rascist.

    • profile image

      Stanley 6 years ago

      Lawretta black people are not becoming more racist. What is going on is a backlash at the treatment that goes on day after day. Think about it for a second if you grew up in a community where everyday you go out to shop or eat people fearfully stare at you for no apparent reason would you like that? If you lived in a place where the media night after night demonized your race as criminals would that not affect you? If you had to go above and beyond in showing your intelligence to not be stereotyped by white people that wouldnt bother you? Lastly if you had to worry about being pulled over and harassed while abiding by the law that wouldnt take a toll? Its not white people's burden to change these things and Im sure they won't they look at a couple bad apples and try to stereotype the bunch while we have to deal with institutional racism in law and media. So I believe blacks still have a valid argument in this country things havent changed much and for the most part the so called "black racism" is there because of injustice. Ask yourself this if things were actually fair for black people would they really waste time hating another race? I think not.

    • profile image

      alisha 6 years ago

      lawretta it is easy for you to forget slave trade you are in africa we live in america and we all know it was different for us here. it is comments like stephanies that burn like fuel to a fire. she is scared of her black neighbors therfore she has differnt views on blacks as a whole. bottom line it just pure ingnorence.