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Are chemtrails real or just another conspiracy?

Updated on November 21, 2010

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Chemtrail conspiracy theories are highly controversial and widely misunderstood. One problem causing widespread misunderstanding is there are many different theories about "chemtrails".

Another issue is a large number of mainstream meteorologists and other professionals flat out deny the theory and claim it is not happening.

The basic premise of the chemtrail theories is that there are secret military operations being conducted worldwide to spray various chemicals into the atmosphere for various reasons. These theories have derived directly from citizens witnessing persistent contrails that would last all day long in some instances, even spreading out and eventually covering the sky in clouds.

These "chemtrail sightings" have been documented with thousands of videotapes and witness testimony, and this has caused meteorologists to debate that it is regular contrails from jet engine exhaust and that it is highly misunderstood by the public.

This has not convinced large proportions of many believers, and they continue to document suspicious contrail activity.

Several patents and declassified documents from decades ago indicate that such a program is definitely possible and has even been considered by the militaries of the world.

Many nations have had weather modification programs, such as cloud seeding, for long periods. These efforts are often an attempt to prevent famine and drought, or even to change the direction a hurricane is traveling.

One patent that is often passed around, indicates that the Air Force at one point considered spraying metal particles into the atmosphere to reflect sunlight back into space to lower the temperature of the Earth.

This was considered a way to combat global warming, but little to no evidence has been found that proves this particular patent works.

In some cases, metal particles have been recovered from areas supposedly covered by "chemtrails", and this has led to a growing number of experts supporting the theory. In other cases, there have been bizarre contaminants being discovered leading to even wilder theories and speculations. In some cases, virus and even human blood cells have been discovered in the material that would cover trees and houses in affected areas.

These discoveries have led many to believe that part of the aerial spraying program is intended to spread disease and illness. After events like this have occurred, many locals have reportedly become ill.

Whether the persistent clouds left in the sky by jets are indeed just regular contrails is incredibly difficult to determine. If they are indeed spraying some form of chemical over vast areas of land, the potential purposes behind that are being kept secret.

Is the military simply modifying the weather to improve our lives? Are they truly making a covert and highly secret attempt to rebuild the ozone and stop global warming? Or are they spreading toxins and viral agents everywhere in an attempt to harm the people?

Researchers behind the chemtrail theory claim to have a vast amount of evidence that suggests something is going on. They have many images of planes, both civilian and military that appear to have dispersal tanks fitted and they have a selection samples which contain large unnatural amounts of materials such as, Aluminum, Barium, Cadmium, Chromium, Copper, Manganese, and Zinc, to name a few.

However to this day, I haven't heard of anyone coming forward claiming to have been made to spray unusual materials into the atmosphere for whatever reason. This fact does seem strange if it is indeed a worldwide project but even so, it still doesn't prove the conspiracy wrong.

Chemtrails or Contrails? You decide

Key Points of the theory:

  • The theory has a lot of photographic evidence
  • The theory has a large number of believers
  • Supporters believe unknown materials are being sprayed on the population worldwide
  • Labs have proved excessive amounts of natural & UNnatural materials in our atmosphere
  • Some contrails appear to last for many hours and even spread in size
  • Supporters believe the motives for chemtrails are either : Weather modification, Combat Climate change/Global warming, Poisoning/drugging the population
  • No satisfying explanation has been presented for the massive increase in contrails

Opposing arguments of the theory:

  • Contrail science is highly complex and could be misunderstood by the public
  • Differing temperature or wind conditions can cause contrails to spread or stay longer
  • Who would want to poison the population with a chemtrail program and why?
  • Lack of pilot whistleblowers is very odd if chemtrail spraying is a global mission
  • Many meteorologists and other professionals deny the theory
  • All Governments deny they have a chemtrail program in operation
  • The media support the official explanation

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